The Quarry Chapter 1 Walkthrough: How To Complete & Best Choices

by Vlad
June 11, 2022

The Quarry Chapter 1 Hackett’s Quarry Forever starts immediately after the Prologue (refer to this walkthrough if you need help with it) and features more choices, along with the first Chapter collectibles we already discovered.

As such, throughout the following The Quarry Chapter 1 walkthrough, we’ll outline the best choices you have to make in the video game, so everyone survives at the end.

While this is the preferred method when playing the video game developed by Supermassive Games the first time, there are other choices you can make if you wish to kill everyone for the associated trophies/achievements.

To help you with them, we’ll outline the critical steps as well, but keep in mind that your objective during the first playthrough is to keep everyone alive and get as many collectibles as possible.

After you beat the game once, you can mop up the remaining collectibles and kill specific characters or all characters via Chapter Select.

For now, however, you’ll want to progress through the game and beat the story.

The Quarry Walkthrough – Chapter 1 Choices & Decisions

The Quarry Chapter 1 is named Hackett’s Quarry Forever and introduces new characters. This Chapter is divided into two parts that allow you to free roam, and during these breaks, you’ll want to find all collectibles we have listed here.

When Chapter 1 in The Quarry starts, you’ll meet Jacob and Kaitlyn, who say farewell to the last visitors leaving Hackett’s Quarry Summer Camp.

Their dialogue is quite simple as they focus on the relationships born during the summer, so there is no need to play rough.

Instead, pick Reflective, You never know, and you’ll move to the next topic, which is Jacob and Kaitlyn’s bags.

Obviously, to progress, you’ll need to find the bags; however, before doing this, you’ll want to grab the first set of collectibles outside.

Make sure you refer to this guide to get all of them.

Where To Find The Bags In Chapter 1

Upon retrieving all collectibles, you should be inside the lodge. Assuming you are lost, to get inside the cabin, from the starting point near the car, follow the front stairs.

While facing the main door, head left on the porch, and at the end of the balcony on the right side, you’ll find a window you can open to jump inside.

Now, cross the first room (there is a book here), and you’ll enter the cantina. You’ll find Jacob’s friends on the other side of the room. You can talk to them if you want, but there are no notable dialogues.

So, for now, if you found all collectibles, look for Jacob and Kaitlyn’s bags in front of the stairs leading to the first floor (marked below).

The Quarry Chapter 1 Walkthrough

Once you pick up the bags, you’ll automatically return to the car and start an interesting discussion with Kaitlyn.

Jacob And Kaitlyn’s Dialogue Choices

To progress in Quarry Chapter 1, there are several dialogue choices you need to pick, as well as a crucial action you have to perform.

Although the dialogue between the two focuses on Jacob’s relationship, it’s best to play cool. Therefore go with the following options:

  • Playful – What about you?
  • Mischievous – Sexy?
  • Brave It’s just a fling

As the dialogue unfolds, you’ll discover that Jacob is heartbroken, and he’ll do whatever it takes to spend one more night at the camp with Emma.

Therefore he’ll decide to sabotage the car, but how you decide to do it is pretty important.

Break Fuel Line Or Steal Rotor Arm Choice

After the first part of the dialogue, you’ll have to decide for Jacob how to sabotage the car. Although both options are valid, you’ll want to pick the Steal Rotor Arm.

If you do this, you’ll be able to use the Rotor Arm in Chapter 3 to get one of the collectibles (as outlined in the Chapter 3 collectibles guide here). If you go with the Fuel Line, the Chapter 3 Evidence remains locked, and you’ll need another playthrough.

So make sure you pick the correct option.

The Quarry Chapter 1 Choices Walkthrough

After Jacob sabotages the car, more teenagers will join, and things get pretty straightforward. When Nick gets ready to throw the smartphone, stay alert and push the right thumbstick away from you to complete the QTE.

Next, Jacob gets taunted, and again, play cool and go with Friendly At least I got some choice.

Moving on to the next section in The Quarry Chapter 1, you’ll meet Abigail, your playing character, and her friend Emma.

Similar to the previous section, there is an important event here. So start by completing the QTE (high-five) when Emma arrives.

Now, the two girls will realize that their bags are inside Cabin 10, which is locked.

Leave Bags Or Break In Choice

Again, leaving the bags inside the cabin is a valid option, but it’s not the smart choice because inside, there is a collectible and a very important item. For this reason, pick Break In.

The moment you enter the cabin, you’ll gain control over Abigail, and the next thing you’ll want to do after Emma gets the bags is to check the room’s left side.

The Quarry Chapter 1 Walkthrough Guide

Near the window, you’ll find a teddy bear, and while this toy may not seem important, it’s essential later in the game.

Keep Or Leave Teddy Bear Choice

Keeping the teddy bear inside The Quarry Room 10 or Cabin 10 is mandatory for the subsequent playthroughs.

Specifically, the toy you found is used to save Kaitlyn’s life in Chapter 10, thus unlocking The Final Girl trophy.

As such, when Abigail finds the toy, pick Keep.

Once you get the plush toy, you’ll want to focus on finding the last batch of collectibles available in this section, so check our guide here to get all of them.

After you find them, cross the large courtyard outside and find Emma. Interact with her and choose Enthusiastic Let’s do it to progress and leave the area.

While driving, Abigail and Emma have a girl talk about the boys in the camp.

Similar toJacob’ss choices, you’ll want to play safe and cool immediately after you avoid the rocks on the road. Push the right thumbstick to the right to complete the QTE.

Back To Lodge Or Scenic Route Choice

Soon after the previous event, you’ll be asked to make another choice. Here you’ll have to decide if you want to take the Scenic Route or head Back To Lodge.

The correct Quarry Chapter 1 choice is to take the Scenic Route because the two girls have the chance to observe a fire in the distance.

Finally, you’ll have one last dialogue choice as Abigail, and you’ll want to pick Supportive I believe you, regardless of what you feel about Emma’s subscribers.

As the girls find the secluded place, the action moves back to the camp, where they appear shortly.

Their conversation is a bit awkward because of their relationships, so keep it cool and pick the following immediately after the Nudge option you should also choose.

  • Friendly – Is it about me?
  • Supportive – You should’ve seen the kids

Once Ryan finishes his story about the Hag of Hackett’s Quarry, you’ll get to meet Chris Hackett or Mr. H.

Choose Understanding No worries when Dylan asks to charge his phone, then you’ll move to his office with Ryan.

Ryan And Chris Hackett Dialogue Choices

The chat Ryan has with Chris Hackett is eventually interrupted by a phone call. Mr. H sends Ryan outside, and here things become serious.

The first essential choice you have to make is to Eavesdrop on ChrisHackett’ss discussion. Once this ends, he’ll invite you back to his office.

Pick the following choices while playing as Ryan:

  • Concerned – Is everything okay?
  • Apologetic – I didn’t realize
  • Inquisitive – Why?

The final choices you’ll have to make in Quarry Chapter 1 are outside, where the group and Chris Hackett have an intense discussion.

Since the car was sabotaged, the teenagers can’t leave the camp, which leads to Chris Hackett becoming unusually nervous.

After he tries to start the car, you’ll have another QTE, and Ryan must catch the keys. Push the right thumbstick up.

Chapter 1 The Quarry Walkthrough

Before leaving, Hackett calls for Ryan, asking him to keep everyone inside. Choose Compliant Yeah, sure, then when you return to the group, go with the following choices:

  • Insistent – We follow Chris’s instructions
  • Supportive – He was just concerned for us
  • Reluctant – Fine

Chapter 1 in The Quarry ends with the group getting ready for a party while being spied on by some new characters.

To start the next chapter, pick Move On when the old lady finishes her story about the Tarot Card you just found, and don’t forget to check our Chapter 2 walkthrough here.

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