The Quarry Chapter 10 Walkthrough: How To Complete & Best Choices

Written by Vlad Susanu
June 23, 2022

The Quarry Chapter 10, also known as Bricks & Mortar, is the final chapter in the video game developed by  Supermassive Games, and the walkthrough below covers the best choices you can make so that everyone survives the night at Hackett’s Quarry Summer Camp.

If you followed all our previous The Quarry guides and the events of Chapter 9, at this point, all your characters should be alive.

Additionally, two of the Hackett family members should still be alive, these characters being Caleb Hackett and Travis Hackett.

As such, throughout the following The Quarry Chapter 10 walkthrough, we’ll have to deal with them and take care of Silas while keeping everyone alive.

The Quarry Walkthrough – Chapter 10 Choices & Decisions

As you remember from the previous Quarry walkthrough, our main objective is to save everyone and get all collectibles in the video game.

At the end of Chapter 9, we’ve dealt with Chris, so now Laura was cured, as well as Max.

When Chapter 10 in The Quarry starts, you’ll be on Hackett’s Quarry Island, playing as Max, who fully recovered.

During this section, there are no dialogue choices and no collectibles, as explained here.

Therefore feel free to explore the area if you want, but your objective is to find Laura.

Obviously, Laura is not on the island, so follow the path ahead until you get to the docks. You can interact with several items on your way, but they are not essential for the game’s story.

As such, simply stick to the linear path and get to the docks.

Stay Or Swim To Shore Choice

After Max gets to the docks, you’ll trigger a cutscene, and then you’ll have to make the first significant Quarry Chapter 10 choice, which refers to what Max should do.

The Quarry Chapter 10 Walkthrough Guide

When asked if Max would Stay or Swim To Shore, pick Stay; otherwise, Max dies.

Obviously, this choice is valid only if you want to keep everyone alive, but during the subsequent playthroughs, if you wish to unlock Hackett’s Quarry Massacre achievement/trophy, you’ll want to kill Max.

In this case, pick Swim To Shore.

Upon the first section, you’ll head back to Hackett’s Quarry Lodge and get to play as Kaitlyn and Dylan.

Again, you won’t have any dialogue choices, but you have seven collectibles waiting for you (all of them revealed in this guide).

If you are not interested in collectibles, head to the second floor and inspect the large portrait on the chimney (pictured below).

the quarry chapter 10 collectables locations guide - GameClubz

After inspecting the portrait, pick Prepare For Attack to progress the story.

Jacob & Emma Dialogue Choices (Nobody’s Fool Achievement/Trophy)

When the next section starts, you’ll see Jacob and Emma, but only if Emma was infected in Chapter 4 and Jacob survived and wasn’t infected.

If these two conditions are not met, you’ll only see Jacob while Emma is missing. In this case, you won’t be able to unlock the Nobody’s Fool trophy/achievement.

Assuming that they are together, for the said trophy/achievement, pick the following options:

  • Honest Yeah
  • RemorseIt’s my fault we’re here
  • ApologeticI’m sorry

Hackett’s Quarry Lodge Kaitlyn Choices

The Quarry Chapter 10 and our walkthrough continue with the events that occur back at Hackett’s Quarry Lodge, where Kaitlyn and Dylan have to face Caleb Hackett.

After the first cutscene, you’ll have to choose between Run and Wait. During your first playthrough, select Run.

Now a series of events starts, and you’ll want to stick to the following:

  • When asked to choose between Beam and Window, pick Beam
  • While crossing the Beam, mash the X/A button on your PlayStation/Xbox controller
  • Next, you’ll be asked to choose between Run and Hide. Here you’ll want to go with Run
  • The next choice occurs only if you found the Silver Bullets in Chapter 9 as Abigail. If you did, then choose Investigate. Otherwise, you’ll be forced to Run
  • When Caleb Hackett catches up with you, shoot him down
The Quarry Chapter 10 Walkthrough

The last step is mandatory for unlocking the Family Matters trophy/achievement.

During your subsequent playthroughs, you can kill Kaitlyn simply by choosing Wait instead of Run and failing to shoot the monster.

Route 919 Laura Choices

After dealing with Caleb, the last Hackett left alive is Travis, and now the game takes you to Route 919. Inside the car are Travis, Ryan, and Laura.

During the ride, you’ll want to go with the following options:

  • Inquisitive What exactly happened 6 years ago?
  • During the attack, complete the QTE (Thumbstick: Right)
  • When asked to choose if Laura should Grab Gun or Take Wheel, pick Grab Gun
  • When asked to select if Laura should Grab Gun or Take Cover, go with Take Cover
  • Finally, complete the last QTE (Thumbstick: Down)

After this quick succession of events, Laura, Travis, and Ryan get out of the car, and now you’ll have to play smart to achieve your last goal, which is dealing with Travis and Silas.

How To Kill Travis Hackett In Chapter 10

The first choice you’ll have to make while talking to Travis is Determined Let’s fucking do this.

As the three head towards the forest looking for Silas, prepare for another succession of events.

  • While talking to Travis, choose Probing Who was she?
  • Next, pick Reflective That’s why you’ve been hunting him

After finding Silas, it is essential Not to Raise Gun. Simply put, you’ll want to fail this event, and don’t touch any of the buttons.

The Quarry Chapter 10 Choices Walkthrough

By doing this, Travis will get angry and fight Laura for the shotgun. Now, it is also essential to Fail the QTE (Thumbstick: Right).

Again don’t touch anything, and Laura will accidentally kill Travis or the last Hackett you need for the Family Matters trophy/achievement.

For the last part, as you can guess, you’ll need to deal with Silas, so kill him, and you’ll unlock The White Wolf achievement/trophy completing the story. At this point, all teenagers should be alive, which was the main goal of our The Quarry walkthrough.

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