The Quarry: All Collectibles Locations In Chapter 3 Trouble In Paradise

Written by Vlad Susanu
June 13, 2022

The Quarry Chapter 3 collectibles are extremely easy to miss if you don’t know where to look for them, even though the third Chapter in the video game developed by Supermassive Games is relatively short compared to the previous one.

Furthermore, one of The Quarry Chapter 3 Trouble In Paradise collectibles can only be acquired if you made the right choice in Chapter 1 and picked the Rotor Arm while playing as Jacob.

This means that if you followed our The Quarry Chapter 1 walkthrough here, you’d be able to get it, but if by any chance you decided to break the Fuel Line, the Chapter 3 Evidence listed below remains locked.

Additionally, some of the collectibles in The Quarry Chapter 3 require specific actions you need to complete and specific dialogue choices.

As such, to help you get all of them, throughout the following Quarry Chapter 3 collectibles locations guide, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about the items you need to find.

In Chapter 3 of The Quarry, you’ll have to find the following collectibles:

  • 2 Tarot Cards
  • 1 Evidence
  • 3 Clues

Where To Find The Chapter 3 Trouble In Paradise Collectibles In The Quarry

Chapter 3, Trouble In Paradise, features two free-roaming sections during which you’ll find 5 out of 6 collectibles, so it is worth mentioning that you’ll want to follow the same order as the one below.

As you remember from the previous Chapter, the party was ruined by Emma, and now the characters are scattered around the camp.

To make the most out of your first playthrough, we recommend you follow our Quarry Chapter 3 walkthrough here so that you can also unlock additional trophies/achievements.

Collectible #1 – The Tower Tarot Card

The first of the 6 Quarry Chapter 3 collectibles you can find is The Tower Tarot Card. When the Chapter starts, you’ll be playing as Abigail, who searches the forest for Nick.

Immediately after you gain control over Abi, look around, and you’ll see a path in the forest. In the distance, you should also spot a fence.

Here you’ll want to hug the left side and follow the first path on the left (don’t move toward the fence). Simply stick to the left side through the forest, then take another sharp turn to the left.

Eventually, you’ll see a small clearing. Here you’ll want to push the left thumbstick away from you slowly, and you’ll be able to collect the Tarot Card sitting up in a tree.

The Quarry Chapter 3 Collectibles Locations Guide

Collectible #2 – The Star Tarot Card

For the second Quarry Chapter 3 collectible, you’ll need to progress the story to the point where Emma finds Jacob on the docks.

Eventually, Emma will convince Jacob to spend one more night together, and she’ll send him to find some towels. While exploring the docks, you’ll find the next batch of collectibles in Chapter 3, and the first one is another Tarot Card.

To get it, upon gaining control over Jacob, slowly move away from the dock where Emma is waiting, and you’ll see the Tarot Card on a wooden pole while transitioning to the next area.

The Quarry Chapter 3 Collectibles Guide

Collectible #3 – No Swimming Sign Clue (Hackett History Set)

After getting the previous collectible, while on the dock, turn left while facing the stairs.

If you look around, you’ll see a wooden railing and a glowing spot on the ground (pictured).

Interact with it so Jacob can investigate the danger sign, which is one of The Quarry Chapter 3 clues.

The Quarry Chapter 3 Clues Locations Guide

Collectible #4 – North Kill Gazette Clue (Freakshow Fire Set)

Great, now, once you grab the previous clue, turn around at 180 degrees, and opposed to the railing above is a table.

On it, you’ll find a newspaper or the North Kill Gazette, which also counts as one of the collectibles in Chapter 3. Make sure you interact with it.

The Quarry Chapter 3 All Collectibles Locations Guide

Collectible #5 – Old Camp Photo Clue (Hackett History Set)

The last collectible in this section is very close to the previous one. To get it, you’ll have to turn left while facing the table above and walk all the way to the end of the dock.

Once you reach the other side, you’ll find a photo (interacting spot) on the ground near the railing. Make sure you look for it behind the wooden tables on the dock.

Chapter 3 Collectibles Locations The Quarry Guide

Collectible #6 – Bloated Corpse Evidence

The final collectible is also the trickiest so far because it’s unlocked by one of the decisions you have made in the past. Specifically, The Quarry Evidence 3 is found if you have picked the Rotor Arm while sabotaging the car in Chapter 1.

Assuming you followed our Chapter 1 walkthrough, the third Evidence in The Quarry and the last collectible in Chapter 3 is obtained when Emma and Jacob take a swim.

Eventually, you’ll be forced to make a choice: Help Abi or Dive In. When this happens, you’ll want to Dive In, then pick Grab.

Finally, complete the next QTE by pushing the thumbstick away from you to grab the Rotor Arm. Now, Jacob spots the Bloated Corpse pictured below, which is also the Evidence you are looking for.

All Chapter 3 Collectibles The Quarry

And that’s about it, friends. These are all 6 The Quarry Chapter 3 collectibles you must find, so make sure you don’t miss them, then move to our Chapter 4 collectibles guide here.

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