The Quarry Chapter 7 Walkthrough: How To Complete & Best Choices

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June 20, 2022

The Quarry Chapter 7, The Past Behind Us, revolves around Laura and Max and the events that occurred since you last met them in the Prologue we have covered here.

As you may remember, Max was attacked while investigating the basement of Hackett’s Quarry Summer Camp lodge alongside Laura.

At the end of the Prologue, we see the attacker’s face, and you may remember that it was Travis, the police officer.

In Chapter 7 of The Quarry, Laura joins the group of teenagers inside Hackett’s Quarry Camp Poolhouse, and to gain their trust, she shares her story with them.

During this story, you’ll play only as Laura and get the chance to explore the Police Station.

It’s worth knowing that while doing this, besides the fact that you’ll need to get one of the trickiest collectibles in the game (check our guide here if you need help), you’ll also have to make some choices.

To help you with them, in our The Quarry Chapter 7 walkthrough, we’ll outline the best choices and answers you can give, the main goal being to keep everyone alive at the end of the game.

The Quarry Walkthrough – Chapter 7 Choices & Decisions

As you already know by now, in the latest video game developed by Supermassive Games, you’ll need multiple playthroughs to unlock all trophies or achievements.

As such, alongside the choices listed below, we’ll also go over other options you should consider during the subsequent playthroughs.

So, Chapter 6, explained here, ended when Laura entered the Poolhouse. When she’s asked what happened to her and Max in the last two months, the game sends you to the Police Station where Travis has carried the two characters.

The first choice here is Not to Call Out when prompted to do so.

Laura’s Interrogation Choices

Immediately after the previous cutscene, Laura gets interrogated by Travis. The interrogation’s answers are important, and you’ll want to play cool so Travis won’t get mad.

As such, here is what you want to say:

  • Compliant Laura Kearny
  • Compliant Fine
  • IntriguedOkay Sheriff
  • Pleading Please stop trying to intimidate me

After the first part of the interrogation ends, Travis carries Laura back to her cell. Here is very important Not to Lash Out.

Keep in mind that you don’t want to get Travis angry. We’ll deal with him later.

So, wait for the events to unfold, and now you’ll get the chance to talk to Max. This section is a bit longer, so here are the answers you should consider:

  • Concerned Are you okay?
  • Disappointed I was hoping you might know
  • Compliant Sorry, sir
  • WorriedLeave him alone

How To Escape The Prison Cell

The next section of The Quarry Chapter 7 walkthrough covers the actions you must complete after gaining control over Laura inside the Police Station prison cell.

Although you won’t escape the cell right now, knowing what you must do to progress the story is mandatory.

So while inside the cell, first make sure you get the first two Chapter 7 collectibles outlined in our guide.

Then, you’ll want to check two important objects. The first one is a brick on the wall on the left side while facing the bed (marked below). Interact with it, and Laura tells you that she needs a lever.

The said lever is a spoon you can find on the window (also marked below).

The Quarry Chapter 7 Walkthrough Guide

Interact with it, then head back to the brick to find a secret area. You’ll use this later.

Max And Laura’s Dialogue Choices

When the next dialogue starts, remember that you want to keep Travis on your side, so don’t get him angry. Go with FearfulWe’ll answer your questions, and he’ll leave.

Now, Laura can talk to Max, and you’ll want them to support each other. As such, pick the following choices:

  • Serious Are you okay?
  • Reflective He’s not acting like a kidnapper
  • EncouragingThis isn’t forever
  • Empathetic I’m sorry, Max – Available if you found the rejection letter in the Prologue, as explained here

After this dialogue, the action moves to the Poolhouse, where Laura shares her story.

Pick Calm – You want answers? when talking to Ryan and Dylan, then you’ll get back to the North Kill Police Department, where Max and Laura’s dialogue continues.

For this section, you’ll want to use the following Quarry Chapter 7 choices:

  • CuriousWhat if we get on his good side?
  • Optimistic I think we should try

When Travis returns, Max and Laura try to use their plan, so pick SkepticalReally?

As you can guess, you won’t be able to fool Travis, but the following events outline his true intentions. Without spoiling the story, make sure you Don’t Call For Help when Travis is using his station.

Now watch the cutscene, and go with Compassionate I am here when Max starts turning.

How To Escape The Prison

After the dramatic events that occur at the North Kill Police Department, you’ll get to explore the station. How you approach this section depends on what you want to achieve.

Here you’ll have two options, both being required if you wish to unlock all trophies and achievements in The Quarry.

The first option recommended for your first playthrough is to fully explore the police station and get the remaining Chapter 7 collectibles listed in our guide here.

This will also help you unlock the Bizzare Yet Bonafide achievement/trophy. Upon doing this, you’ll want to get ready for Travis. Assuming you don’t care about collectibles, exit the cell, take a right turn, and you’ll enter the main room.

Here you’ll want to use the stairs to get to the second floor. Now, check the third office on the left side.

Once inside the office, turn right and check the locker at the end of the room to find a syringe.

The Quarry Chapter 7 Walkthrough

With the syringe in your inventory, head back to the cell (after you get all collectibles), then hide it in the hole by the bed (where you removed the brick). Now go to sleep by interacting with the bed.

When Travis arrives, you’ll start another conversation. Here you’ll want to pick the following:

  • HonestI won’t leave Max
  • Confident Let’s end it

Take Gun Or Not Choice

The next Quarry Chapter 7 choice is essential for the events that occur in the following chapters. That’s because, for the first playthrough, you’ll want to keep Travis alive.

Since you have the syringe, make sure you don’t take his gun when you are asked to do so. You’ll be forced to take the gun if you do not find the syringe.

Now, after this decision, you want to stick to these answers:

  • ConfusedWhy didn’t you kill it?
  • EncouragingSo what’s the plan?

When talking to Max, pick the following answers:

  • ResignedI believe him
  • EmpatheticThat wasn’t you

Now get ready for some quick events while Travis is talking to Chris Hackett. Here you’ll have multiple choices, and the first one is to complete the QTE where Laura catches the metal cup.

Push the thumbstick up, and you’ll hear what Travis and Chris discuss in the next room.

Eventually, Laura fakes being sick, and Travis checks on her. What you do next is extremely important:

  • If you have the syringe (recommended path for the first playthrough), complete the QTE (push thumbstick to the left), and Travis gets neutralized, but he’ll survive
  • If you don’t have the syringe, then you have his gun, and you’ll want to complete the QTE but choose Not to Shoot Travis because you need him alive
  • Finally, if you choose not to pick up the syringe and go to sleep the moment you start the last section, you can take Travis’s gun and shoot him by choosing Shoot Travis, then completing the two QTEs (Right, Right). Then, you’ll want to go with Demanding and Shoot Travis. The consequence of this action is very important because Travis kills both Laura and Ryan in Chapter 9.

All the options listed above are valid because they allow you to unlock new achievements and trophies, but since the goal of our Quarry Chapter 7 walkthrough is to keep everyone alive, make sure that you use the syringe.

The Quarry Chapter 7 Choices Walkthrough

Upon dealing with Travis, you’ll have one last dialogue choice with Max: Anxious Not until Chris is dead.

Now, The Quarry Chapter 7 is almost complete, and you’ll get back to the Poolhouse to talk to Ryan and Dylan. Here pick the following:

  • ReassuringThey’re probably fine
  • Show Bite

The last section in the seventh chapter shows Jacob, who has been captured by the hunters. Although you can pick PleadingPlease let me go, the events won’t change, and the chapter ends, bringing you to The Quarry Chapter 8, covered in-depth here.

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