The Quarry: All Collectibles Locations In Chapter 4 Don’t Panic

by Vlad
June 13, 2022

The Quarry Chapter 4 collectibles are incredibly easy to miss because two of them are tied to the dialogue choices you have while playing the fourth chapter in the video game developed by Supermassive Games.

As the events start to take a dramatic turn, besides the fact that you’ll have to make sure you pick the correct choices so that everyone survives the monster’s attack, you also need to be careful when searching for The Quarry collectibles in Chapter 4 named Don’t Panic.

To help you with the latter task, throughout the following The Quarry Chapter 4 collectibles locations guide, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about the Tarot Cards, Clues, and Evidence you should find.

The complete list of collectibles featured in Chapter 4 includes:

  • 2 Tarot Cards
  • 1 Evidence
  • 2 Clues

Where To Find The Chapter 4 Don’t Panic Collectibles In The Quarry

The Quarry Collectibles in Chapter 4 can be found in two sections, but this time, you’ll be able to free-roam only in one of them.

Since some of them are unlocked by picking specific answers and actions, it is strongly recommended to follow our Quarry Chapter 4 walkthrough so you reach the same areas.

Furthermore, for these collectibles, there are some actions you should NOT perform, so be extra careful and follow the same order as the one below.

Great, so here is where to find all Chapter 4 collectibles in The Quarry.

Collectible #1 – The Magician Tarot Card

The first set of collectibles is found while playing as Emma. As you may remember from our previous walkthroughs, Emma was left in the lake while Jacob was trying to recover the Rotor Arm.

You’ll play as her on the Island of Lake Septimus after you save Nick at the Firepit.

When you gain control over Emma, turn around at 180 degrees and walk down the dock in the distance. After a short cutscene showing someone scouting the island, you’ll be able to find The Magician Tarot Card pinned on a wooden pole at the end of the dock.

The Quarry Chapter 4 Collectibles Locations Guide

Collectible #2 – Box Of Matches Clue (Hackett History Set)

Once you pick up the previous collectible, return to the starting area but do not interact with anything. Advance towards the next set of stairs in the distance but do not go up.

Instead, follow the path on the right side of the stairs. If you follow the stairs up, you’ll miss the next collectible.

So, keep following the linear path, and eventually, you’ll have to choose: Aggressive or Reflective. Pick Reflective and keep following the path until you see a ladder.

Again, do not go up; instead, turn left to see a campfire. On the ground is a box of matches you need to collect.

The Quarry Chapter 4 Collectibles Guide

Collectible #3 – Police Car Keys Clue (Hackett History Set)

Great, so now, for the next Quarry Chapter 4 collectible, you’ll want to forget about the ladder nearby and retrace your steps back to the starting area.

This time, however, you’ll want to follow the stairs near the path you took earlier and go all the way up to a large wooden platform.

Don’t be scared because you are alone. Cross the platform, and you’ll see a tree house on the other side. While walking towards it, you’ll have to choose between Compassionate and Annoyed. Go with Compassionate.

When near the hut, do not interact with the door just yet.

First, check the window on the left side while facing the door, and grab the police car keys, which count as one of The Quarry clues.

The Quarry Chapter 4 Clues Locations Guide

Collectible #4 – Attack Photo Evidence

The next Chapter 4 Quarry collectible is probably the trickiest so far because it is unlocked by taking a photo of the monster that attacks Emma. Once you’re done with the clue above, enter the hut through the front door.

Get ready, though, because there are some quick events you’ll need to complete. As such, the choices you need to make are the following:

  • Search Bag
  • Use Taser
  • Press X (PlayStation) or A (Xbox) to Take Photo

After taking a photo of the creature, focus on escaping the hut.

The Quarry Chapter 4 All Collectibles Locations Guide

Collectible #5 – Strength Tarot Card

The final of the five Quarry Chapter 4 collectibles is a Tarot Card that is pretty easy to miss because it can’t be found in free-roam.

This Tarot Card is obtained when you get back to the group after the previous section. Eventually, they’ll decide to carry Nick inside the Camp Lodge. As they enter, during the transition, you should be able to spot the collectible.

To make sure you don’t miss it, keep mashing A on Xbox or X on PlayStation.

Chapter 4 Collectibles Locations The Quarry Guide

These are all The Quarry 4 Chapter Clues, Tarot Cards, and pieces of Evidence you need to find, so make sure you get them if you want to unlock the corresponding achievement/trophies, then follow our Chapter 5 guide here.

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