The Quarry Chapter 2 Walkthrough: How To Complete & Best Choices

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June 12, 2022

The Quarry Chapter 2, Truth Or Dare, focuses on gathering the supplies for the upcoming party at Hackett’s Quarry Summer Camp, while the following walkthrough continues to outline the best choices and decisions you can make to keep all characters alive at the end of the game.

As you know from the previous Quarry walkthroughs (you can check the Prologue here and Chapter 1 here), your goal during the first playthrough is to keep everyone alive to unlock the corresponding achievement/trophy.

On the other hand, during the subsequent playthroughs, you’ll need to kill everyone or keep only specific characters alive.

As such, below, you’ll also find the best decisions to accomplish these tasks and other choices that will help you get the most out of the video game developed by Supermassive Games.

The Quarry Walkthrough – Chapter 2 Choices & Decisions

The Quarry Chapter 2 is named Truth Or Dare, and it features three sections where you’ll be able to free-roam. During these breaks, you’ll want to find all Chapter 2 collectibles we already revealed in this guide.

The first section focuses on Emma and Jacob and their task to find some alcohol.

When Chapter 2 starts, while Emma is recording, Jacob tries to picklock the storage room door. Here, you’ll want to speed up the process by choosing Kick Door.

Once the couple gets inside, there are no major dialogue choices, and while Jacob plays around with some melons, Emma discovers a safe.

Chapter 2 Safe Code Location

If you wonder how to open the Safe found by Emma in The Quarry Chapter 2, you should know that it is automatically opened by finding the code later in the Storage.

The Safe Code is 7739, and it is attached to a shotgun found in the locked room on the other side of the Storage. Simply follow this walkthrough, and you’ll open the said safe.

Now, back to Emma, your next goal is to access the door on the other side of the Camp Storage. For now, however, start exploring the first room of the Camp Store because the first two Quarry Chapter 2 collectibles are found inside (check this guide if you need help).

After you get the said collectibles, you can interact with various objects, including a clown mask that Emma can use to scare Jacob.

None of the objects you interact with nor the choice to scare Jacob affect the story, so take your time inside the first room.

When ready to progress, head to the other side and look for the locked door mentioned above. It should be on the right side.

The Quarry Chapter 2 Walkthrough Guide

When interacting with the door, you’ll be given a choice to Call Jacob. Make sure you do this, and he will help
Emma get inside.

The room you access has one additional collectible (Torn Bags), as outlined here. Furthermore, you’ll want to inspect the shotgun on the floor (right side as you enter) to obtain The Quarry Safe Code mentioned above.

Now that you have the shotgun talk to Jacob, then head back to the entrance.

On your way out, Emma will open the safe and find some fireworks. For your first playthrough, play safe and pick Leave Fireworks; then, when Jacob finds the Peanut Butter Butterpops go with Affectionate What are butterpops?

After this dialogue choice, the action moves to Dylan and Ryan, who just entered Mr. Hackett’s office.

Mr. Hackett’s Office Dylan And Ryan Dialogue Choices

Inside Mr. Hackett’s Office, you’ll be playing as Dylan. As you enter the office, go with Friendly What are you listening to now? to play it cool.

Now it is mandatory to get both Clues we have outlined in our Chapter 2 collectibles guide.

Keep in mind that one of them must be unlocked automatically by Dylan by providing specific dialogue choices. So, check our guide first, then return to exploring the office.

Here you’ll want to perform the following actions:

  • Interact with the phone on the desk and pick Sarcastic Nice for somebody to call you
  • Interact with the shotgun on the wall and choose Serious – What if we need it?
  • Now try to open the door near the shotgun and complete the QTE by catching the keys Ryan throws at you (push the right thumbstick away from you)

Great, so now that you opened the next room, first you’ll want to check the wardrobe in front of you.

The Quarry Chapter 2 Walkthrough

Behind the wardrobe marked above, you’ll find a hidden room filled with monitors. It’s obvious that Mr. Hackett kept an eye on the teenagers in the camp, even though Ryan defends him. So during the following dialogue pick, MischievousSo he was looking for bigfoot.

Great, so now, you should have one last dialogue choice at the end of this section, but before leaving the office, you may want to check the following items:

  • Monitors – Inside the secret room
  • Letter for Max Brinly – On the boxes on the right side in the secret room
  • Maps – On the wall on the left side of the hidden room
  • Mirror – Inside the bathroom (right side as you exit)
  • Guitar – In the bedroom (left side as you exit)

Once you check these items, head outside, turn left, and interact with the smartphone near Ryan. Now, it’s time to move to the next section so pick Head To Party.

Rocky Road Or Shady Glade Choice

The following section, which is also the last one featuring collectibles, is focused on Nick and Abigail, who are looking for wood.

The moment you start, you’ll be facing a critical Quarry Chapter 2 decision. Basically, you’ll have to pick between following the Rocky Road or the Shady Glade path.

As explained in the Chapter 2 collectibles guide, the choice affects the number of collectibles you’ll end up with. Or simply put, if you follow the Rocky Road, you’ll find a Tarot Card, whereas if you head to Shady Glade, you’ll find 2 Clues.

During your first playthrough, it is best to follow Rocky Road, as you’ll be able to unlock the trophy/achievement for finding all Quarry Tarot Cards.

The Quarry Chapter 2 Choices Walkthrough

Once you finish the game, you’ll be able to start over and pick Shady Glade, thus unlocking the trophy/achievement for all Clues.

There are also minor changes in the events that occur, but nothing to affect the ending. So pick Rocky Road and find the Tarot Card explained here.

After getting the Tarot Card, follow the left path through the forest and make sure you go with the following dialogue choice: Uncertain I’m not sure we’re supposed to know.

Upon reaching the stairs, head down and then turn left. Eventually, the two will take a small break, so you should pick Sincere You’re really good.

When the small hog appears from the bushes, his mother will soon follow, so it is mandatory to pick Save Abi.

This will trigger a QTE, during which you’ll have to hold your breath. Press the corresponding button until the red shades on the screen disappear.

Chapter 2 The Quarry Walkthrough

After you save Abi, you have one last dialogue choice, and it’s Cheerful Imagine the story…

Now, the story moves to Kaitlyn, who is waiting for everyone at the lake.

Kaitlyn Camp Fire Pit Dialogue Choices

At Hackett’s Quarry Camp Fire Pit, Kaitlyn is busy taking some pictures, so the first thing you’ll need to do is take a picture of the building in the distance. Simply move the camera and press A (Xbox) or X (PlayStation).

When the rest of the counselors return, if you managed to catch the building in your picture, tell Ryan about it by choosing HonestWeird light in the treehouse.

Soon, Abi and Nick will join, and the choices you’ll have to make are the following:

  • Serious You both okay?
  • Stern Not leaving you with a gun

These two choices lead to a duel between Nick and Jacob, assisted by Kaitlyn. Before the contest, Jacob asks Nick about Abi and you should choose Hopeful It was okay.

Now, it’s time to shoot some melons and beat Jacob. Before doing this, you should know that no matter how many you hit, Jacob gets disqualified by Kaitlyn (who is also quite awesome with the shotgun).

So, all you need to do is shoot as many melons as you can (or none of them), then when Jacob is disqualified, pick Gloating Butterpops theme.

Truth Or Dare Dialogue Choice

The final section of the chapter and the last one in our The Quarry Chapter 2 walkthrough refers to the answers you’ll provide while playing Truth or Dare.

The game starts after the previous contest, and you’ll have to do whatever you can to keep the group in a friendly mood. Emma will eventually ruin your plan, but playing safe is better.

Without spoiling the outcome, here are the best choices here:

  • As Ryan Interrupt Dylan when he asks Abigail about her sexual life
  • As Ryan pick Truth
  • Answer with Mischievous The Hag of Hackett’s Quarry
  • Pick Kaitlyn next
  • Choose Mischievous Ever hook up with Jacob?

The rest of the events will unfold without any other choices, but you may want to pay attention to Emma. Now The Quarry Chapter 2 ends, and the old woman will tell you more about the Tarot Card you just found before starting Chapter 3 covered here.

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