The Quarry: All Collectibles Locations In Chapter 2 Truth Or Dare

by Vlad
June 12, 2022

Wondering where to find all of The Quarry Chapter 2 collectibles or how to get all Clues, the Tarot Card, and the Evidence while playing Truth Or Dare Chapter in the latest video game developed by Supermassive Games?

Then I got you covered, and throughout the following The Quarry Chapter 2 collectibles locations guide, we’ll go over the items you have to find to unlock the corresponding achievements/trophies.

Unlike the collectibles, we have found in the Prologue (explained here) or Chapter 1 (covered here), the Chapter 2 Truth Or Dare collectibles are harder to get.

That’s because one of them requires a specific action you have to complete. Furthermore, for two of them, you need to start another playthrough. Nevertheless, this guide covers every collectible in The Quarry Chapter 2 and explains what you must do to get them.

The complete list of collectibles in Quarry Chapter 2 includes:

  • 1 Tarot Card
  • 1 Evidence
  • 6 Clues

Where To Find The Chapter 2 Truth Or Dare Collectibles In The Quarry

As you remember from our previous The Quarry guides, the items that count as collectibles can be found only in specific areas while free-roaming.

In Chapter 2 of the video game, there are three such areas, and all of them include collectibles; however, one of them comes with a choice you have to make that will lock out two Clues or 1 Tarot Card (depending on what you pick).

Because of this, it is recommended to follow our Quarry Chapter 2 walkthrough so you don’t miss anything.

So let’s see how to get all eight collectibles in Chapter 2 of The Quarry.

Collectible #1 – Damaged Memorabilia Clue (Freakshow Fire Set)

The first batch of Quarry Chapter 2 collectibles are found while playing as Emma, who tries to break into the storage room, helped by Jacob.

As they are looking for party supplies, you’ll gain control over Emma, who gets to inspect the Hackett’s Quarry Summer Camp storage room. Or the Camp Store.

Immediately after you gain control over Emma, head left and look behind the first shelf. You should see the Clue collectible on the ground (pictured).

The Quarry Chapter 2 Collectibles Locations Guide

Collectible #2 – Lodge Renovation Plans Clue (Camp History Set)

The second collectible is also one of The Quarry Chapter 2 clues, and it’s found on the other side of the storage room.

As Emma, cross the room, and on the right side, you’ll see a large wooden table. Behind it is a locked door, which you’ll need to open with Jacob’s help.

Before interacting with the said door, while facing the table, look on the right side to spot a shelf. As you can see in my screenshot, the collectible’s location is highlighted by the sun.

Make sure you pick up the Lodge Renovations Plans.

The Quarry Chapter 2 Collectibles Guide

Collectible #3 – Torn Bags Evidence

The next collectible is one of The Quarry’s pieces of Evidence and can be found after Emma and Jacob break into the room in the Camp Storage.

So, after finding the previous Clue, approach the door nearby and call Jacob. After he opens the door and gets the beer for the party, you’ll be able to explore the room as Emma.

On the right side, as you enter, you’ll see some Torn Bags on the ground (pictured). They are on the right side of the ice machine.

The Quarry Chapter 2 Clues Locations Guide

Collectible #4 – Family Photo Clue (Hackett History Set)

After you find the previous Clue, focus on the story until you enter Chris Hackett’s Office as Dylan and Ryan.

The two will break into his office, and once more, you get the chance to free roam, but this time you’ll be playing as Dylan. Inside Hackett’s Office, you can get two Chapter 2 collectibles.

The first one is relatively easy to spot because it sits on Mr. H’s desk and is a family photo.

The Quarry Chapter 2 All Collectibles Locations Guide

Collectible #5 – Counselor’s Ledger (Camp History Set)

Unlike the previous Clue, the next one is extremely easy to miss as Dylan automatically retrieves it after choosing the correct dialogue choices.

To get it, first head behind Hackett’s desk and interact with the trap door (pictured above). Now you’ll start a dialogue between Ryan and Dylan. Pick the following choices:

  • Suspicious Guess it goes to the basement
  • Climb Down
  • Playful Ring ring!

These choices are mandatory for finding the next Quarry Chapter 2 collectible, and they’ll lead to Dylan opening Hackett’s desk drawer.

Chapter 2 All Collectibles Locations The Quarry Guide

Collectible #6 – The Hanged Man Tarot Card

The last batch of Chapter 2 Quarry collectibles is also quite tricky because they cancel each other. They can be found while playing as Abigail and Nick, who are looking for wood in the forest.

As you walk through the forest, you’ll be asked to choose between two paths you can follow:

  • Shady Glade – Includes 2 Clues
  • Rocky Road – Includes 1 Tarot Card

The path you choose is up to you, but you should know that you will miss the other collectibles. This means that you’ll have to choose the other path during the second playthrough.

Using Chapter Select after you beat the story won’t work because the collectibles you have found so far reset. So, if you wish to save time, following the Rocky Road during the first playthrough is recommended to unlock the achievement/trophy for finding all Tarot Cards in the game.

After you beat the game once, you’ll have to start from the beginning, and you’ll want to follow the Shady Glade path in this Chapter and collect the 2 Clues, thus unlocking the corresponding achievement/trophy for finding all Clues in The Quarry.

So, assuming you stick to this guide, pick Rocky Road first, then you’ll want to follow the path ahead until you get to a danger sign.

When this happens, follow the path on the left, and as you enter the next section, you’ll see the Tarot Card.

Chapter 2 Collectibles Locations The Quarry

Collectible #7 – Trail Camera Clue (Hackett History Set)

For the last two Chapter 2 collectibles, as mentioned above, you’ll want to start a new playthrough, and when you play as Abigail and Nick, you’ll have to pick Shady Glade.

Immediately after you gain control over Nick, follow the path on the right through the forest, and as you walk, pay close attention to your right side to spot a small camera in a tree (pictured below). Interact with it.

All Chapter 2 Collectibles The Quarry

Collectible #8 – Ranger Box Clue (Hackett History Set)

Immediately after the previous Clue, return to the main path and keep moving forward. Do not change your direction, and after several steps, you should be able to spot a box (crate) on the right side of the dirt path.

Inspect it, as this is the final Clue you must find in the second Chapter.

All Chapter 2 Collectibles In The Quarry

And that’s about it, friends! These are all The Quarry Chapter 2 collectibles you must retrieve while getting ready for the party at Hackett’s Quarry Summer Camp; then, you’ll want to focus on the Chapter 3 collectibles listed here.

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