The Quarry Chapter 4 Walkthrough: How To Complete & Best Choices

June 16, 2022

The Quarry Chapter 4, Don’t Panic, features more choices you’ll have to make to ensure that all teenagers at Hackett’s Quarry Summer Camp survive the night; therefore, throughout the following guide, we’ll outline these decisions.

Following the previous chapter (you can check the complete guide here), The Quarry Chapter 4 revolves around a naked Jacob, who barely escaped a trap in the forest, and Emma, who Jacob abandoned on the Island of Lake Septimus.

Now, Emma must find a way to escape the creature hunting the group, and to do so, there are specific actions you have to complete.

Before starting The Quarry, Chapter 4 walkthrough is worth outlining that in your first playthrough, you’ll want to make sure that all teenagers survive to unlock the corresponding achievements/trophies.

However, our Quarry Chapter 4 guide below also outlines the actions and dialogue choices you’ll want to pick during the subsequent playthroughs so you can unlock other trophies and achievements.

The Quarry Walkthrough – Chapter 4 Choices & Decisions

Chapter 4 in the video game developed by Supermassive Games is relatively short but intense, with quick events that occur in quick succession. If you follow our walkthrough is best to pause the game and learn about the choices you should make.

Furthermore, the fourth Quarry Chapter includes five collectibles you don’t want to miss, so make sure that you also follow our collectibles guide here along with our walkthrough. The collectibles in Chapter 4 of The Quarry are extremely easy to miss.

Don’t Panic or Chapter 4 starts at the firepit where Nick and Abigail try to recover after the recent attack. Nick barely escaped, but it has an ugly wound, so you’ll want to make sure he survives.

Wounded Nick Dialogue Choices

After arriving at the firepit with Abi, Nick must be saved at all costs; therefore, you’ll want to Apply Pressure when asked to do so.

Next, keep mashing X/A on PlayStation/ Xbox. When Dylan says that they should amputate Nick’s leg, as Ryan, pick Dismissive Why?

Now, things get an interesting turn because while the group argues about Nick’s leg, the nearby bushes start moving.

Ryan picks up his shotgun, and you’ll be asked if he should Call Out. What you choose here is not essential because nobody answers if you Call Out.

Fire At The Bushes Choice

While the previous choice is not essential, you’ll be given the option to fire at the moving bushes shortly after.

Here, you’ll have to be extra careful because even though the game somehow insists on shooting, you should keep your fingers away from the trigger.

The Quarry Chapter 4 Walkthrough Guide

Simply put, if you want to keep all characters alive, don’t fire. Wait for the bar at the bottom of the screen to deplete because in the bushes is Jacob.

During your subsequent Quarry Chapter 4 playthrough, on the other hand, you’ll want to fire twice, and you’ll eventually kill Jacob, which is mandatory for the Hackett’s Quarry Massacre trophy/achievement.

Assuming you do not kill Jacob, he’ll start arguing with Ryan, who doesn’t want to hand over the shotgun. When this happens, go with the following:

  • Questioning What happened to you?
  • Let Go – Press X/A on PlayStation/Xbox
  • Complete the QTE by pushing the thumbstick to the right

Hackett’s Quarry Island Emma Choices

After Jacob leaves the firepit, the action moves to Emma, who is alone on the island. There are only a few choices to be made here, but there are four collectibles you need to find.

At this point, you’ll want to follow the exact steps outlined in our Quarry Chapter 4 collectibles guide here.

After you collect the last Evidence, which involves taking a picture of the monster that attacks you, you’ll have to complete a series of actions so Emma can escape.

  • Pull the thumbstick down for the first QTE
  • Mash A/X to use the zipline
  • Pick Spray
  • Complete both QTEs by pushing the thumbstick up
  • Choose Block Door
  • Choose Use Trapdoor
The Quarry Chapter 4 Walkthrough Guide
  • Complete the next QTEs: Down, Down, Right
  • Mash A/X to block the monster
  • Push the thumbstick up for the last QTE

Similar to the previous event where you decide on Jacob’s after, in this section, you can decide if Emma survives or not. While this should be done only after you save everyone, the choices you make while trying to escape the monster can take different turns.

As such, if the moment you enter the cabin, you Open Trapdoor first, the monster drops on Emma and instantly kills her.

On the other hand, if you follow the steps above up to the point where you Use Trapdoor but then fail specific QTEs, the monster bites her, and she gets infected, which is a requirement for the Nobody’s Fool trophy/achievement. This can save you a lot of time. In case you opt for the latter, follow the steps outlined above until you get to Use Trapdoor, then:

  • Complete thumbstick QTE: Down
  • Fail thumbstick QTE: Down
  • Complete thumbstick QTE: Right
  • Fail mashing QTE: A/X

These are the steps required to get Emma infected.

Hackett’s Quarry Lodge Dylan Dialogue Choices

After Emma escapes the monster, you’ll head back to Hackett’s Quarry Lodge, where the group carried Nick inside.

During the first section, make sure you don’t miss the last collectible outlined in our guide; then, you’ll get to play as Dylan. Alongside Ryan, Dylan is looking for a way to get some help from outside.

The best Quarry Chapter 4 dialogue choices in this section are:

  • Optimistic I hope they’re gonna be okay
  • Hopeful That’s good news!
  • Determined Call the cops
  • Suspicious That’s weird
  • Calm Only temporary
  • Defensive Does she need it?
  • Give Gun when Kaitlyn asks

Reel Slowly Or Reel Quickly Choice

Upon the strange events that occur in Mr. Hackett’s office, you’ll have one last choice you have to make when you get back to Emma.

This choice involves the zipline Emma uses to escape, which she must pull up.

The Quarry Chapter 4 Choices Walkthrough

When asked if you should reel slowly or reel quickly, go with Slowly, then DO NOT Speed Up (wait for the bar to deplete) because you’ll alert the monster.

Now, escape the island, and Quarry Chapter 4 ends once the old lady tells you more about the Tarot Cards you have found, so get ready to follow our Chapter 5 walkthrough here.

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