The Quarry Chapter 6 Walkthrough: How To Complete & Best Choices

by Vlad
June 19, 2022

The Quarry Chapter 6, Prayers By Night, continues the events at Hackett’s Quarry Summer Camp, where Nick got bitten by the monster and Dylan lost his arm, as you can remember from the previous walkthrough.

Chapter 6 of The Quarry features several critical choices you need to make if you wish to keep everyone alive at the end of the game.

Furthermore, there are six collectibles you don’t want to miss (refer to this guide for their locations) and a small event where you can decide Abigail’s fate.

To help you get the most in the latest video game developed by Supermassive Games, throughout the following Quarry Chapter 6 walkthrough, we’ll outline the choices that are mandatory for your characters’ survival.

On top of this, we’ll also outline the decisions you should make if you want to kill some or all characters to unlock other achievements and trophies.

The Quarry Walkthrough – Chapter 6 Choices & Decisions

The Quarry Chapter 6 starts with Jacob, who is searching for Emma, and there are no choices to make in the first section; however, you’ll want to find the first 2 Collectibles in the sixth chapter (check our guide here).

After crossing the wooden platform, don’t miss the Tarot Card, then follow the linear path ahead as it will bring you to Emma.

Jacob And Emma’s Dialogue Choices

Once Emma and Jacob reunite, you’ll need to pick several answers:

  • Delighted Am I glad to see you!
  • Apologetic  Sh-t, sorry!

Eventually, their conversation gets interrupted, and both start running through the woods. Get ready because there is a QTE you’ll need to complete to avoid an incoming attack from the monster.

Push the thumbstick to the right, and Emma will fall from the wooden platform, leaving Jacob alone with the monster.

After descending the platform, you’ll get another choice: Hide or Run. The best option here is to Run.

The Quarry Chapter 6 Walkthrough Guide

Immediately after you resume running, mash the A/X button on your Xbox/PlayStation controller, then you’ll get to a small clearing filled with bear traps.

After Jacob steps on one of them, you’ll be asked how to deal with the bear trap: Pull Free or Pry Open. Go with Pry Open.

Now, sit back and watch the next cutscene, which introduces a new character, then the game automatically moves you to Hackett’s Quarry Camp Cabins.

Hackett’s Quarry Camp Cabins Kaitlyn Choices

The second section of The Quarry Chapter 6 walkthrough focuses on the events at Hackett’s Quarry Camp Cabins. First, you’ll play as Kaitlyn, who talks to Ryan about the corpse they found in the pool.

Pick Compassionate You okay? then when Nick starts to act weird, make sure you Intervene.

Help Nick Or Comfort Abi Choice

If you followed our previous Quarry walkthroughs, then there is little you can do for Nick; however, your goal is to keep him alive, regardless of his state.

Since he is infected, he can’t survive the water in the pool, so when you are asked if you should Help Nick or Comfort Abi, make sure that you Help Nick. This is the better choice here.

The Quarry Chapter 6 Choices Walkthrough

The group will eventually pull him out of the water and take him inside the Poolhouse.

Hackett’s Quarry Camp Poolhouse Abigail Choices

Once inside the Poolhouse, watch the first cutscene. There are no dialogue choices, so don’t worry about that.

Next, you’ll be able to explore the area and get the next set of collectibles, as outlined in our guide here.

After finding them, head back to Nick but be ready for an important event. Approach Nick, and go with the following:

  • Calm  I’ve really enjoyed spending time with you
  • CompassionateI do like you

The event that occurs next can’t be avoided because no matter what you do, Nick transforms into a werewolf. So, you’ll be given an important choice.

Shoot Nick Or Not

After Nick attacks Aby, it’s up to you to decide how you approach the situation. If this is your first playthrough, it’s best to fire at Nick or what’s left of him.

You won’t kill him, so don’t worry about it because you’ll still unlock the corresponding achievement/trophy.

The Quarry Chapter 6 Walkthrough

Assuming you already finished the game once, this is the section where Abigail dies, and you’ll want to fail the event (don’t fire at all), so Nick can take care of the rest. Remember that you also have a trophy/achievement that requires you to kill everyone.

For the sake of this guide, however, we’ll shoot Nick and save Abi.

Hackett’s Quarry Camp Firepit Emma Choices

Immediately after the previous section, you’ll play as Emma, who finally reaches the firepit. So, as part of The Quarry Chapter 6 walkthrough, we’ll go over the best choices you should consider.

The moment you gain control over Emma, get the last Chapter 6 collectible explained in our guide here.

Now, you’ll have to progress through a linear area, and there are two paths you can follow. So that you know, both of them take you to the same place, but the right one is a bit longer.

What you choose here is not essential. After reaching the end of the path, however, you’ll see two hunters who captured one of the werewolves. Make sure that you Run when prompted to do so.

Chapter 6 The Quarry Walkthrough Guide

Emma gets bitten at this point, and this step is required to unlock the Nobody’s Fool trophy/achievement in Chapter 10.

After escaping the creature, she’ll reach the lodge and get inside a car. Now, the action moves for one last time to the Poolhouse.

Hackett’s Quarry Camp Poolhouse Choices

Inside the Poolhouse, Abigail is devastated about shooting Nick, and you’ll want to play safe and try comforting her before someone knocks at the door.

The recommended choices here are:

  • Reassuring You did what you had to
  • SuspiciousWho is it?
  • Interested I’m gonna open the door

As you open the door to the Poolhouse, you’ll see a familiar face. The Quarry Chapter 6 ends when Laura steps inside the Poolhouse, and now you’ll want to move to our Chapter 7 walkthrough.

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