The Quarry Chapter 9 Walkthrough: How To Complete & Best Choices

by Vlad
June 22, 2022

The Quarry Chapter 9 or The Matriarch features a lot of choices you’ll have to make, eventually shaping the ending that’s only one chapter away; therefore, it’s good to know how to approach every situation and the consequences of your actions.

As such, throughout the following The Quarry Chapter 9 walkthrough, we continue to pursue our main objective, which focuses on keeping everyone alive at the end of the game and finding all collectibles.

Chapter 9 The Matriarch is the longest in the video game developed by Supermassive Games, and some of the choices you’ve made in the past determine the events that are about to unfold.

Assuming you followed all of our The Quarry guides, now is the time to deal with the Hacketts.

The Quarry Walkthrough – Chapter 9 Choices & Decisions

As you may remember from the Chapter 8 Quarry walkthrough, Laura and Ryan released Jacob.

However, Chapter 9 in The Quarry starts with Dylan and Kaitlyn, who are looking for a way to fix the van where they found Emma.

As they walk through the woods, pick the following choices:

  • Positive I guess it is kinda unique
  • Curious Think we missed our shot?

As they head toward the Scrapyard, the action moves to another area which depends on what happened to Emma.

If she got infected in Chapter 4, you move to Laura and Ryan; but if she got infected in Chapter 6, Emma did not turn yet, so she’ll be in the basement with Abi.

If that’s the case for you, then the two have a short dialogue, and you’ll want to pick:

  • Curious Why are you so positive?
  • Friendly Oh, please

Regardless of the previous section, the next one is at the Hackett Family House, where you’ll play as Laura.

Hackett Family House Laura Choices

During the introductory cutscene, pay attention to how the events unfold, but get ready to act quickly because the first important Quarry Chapter 9 choice is about to happen.

As such, when the old woman (Constance Hackett) attacks Laura, mash the X/A button on your Playstation/Xbox controller to shoot her.

Killing Constance Hackett is a requirement for the Family Matters achievement/trophy.

While Laura is running, complete the next QTE (Thumbstick: Right) to avoid the bullet. Now the action quickly switches to Ryan, who gets stabbed.

The Quarry Chapter 9 Walkthrough Guide

Pull Knife Or Not Choice

The next choice is also essential, and it involves Ryan and the knife he gets stabbed with. The best choice for our current objective is to Not Pull Knife or wait for the event to pass without touching any button on your controller.

If you follow this path, Ryan will eventually use the knife to kill one of the Hackett family members, and he will be saved by Laura a bit later.

So, don’t pull the knife; then, when you gain control over Ryan, focus on finding the first two collectibles in the bedroom (refer to this guide to get them).

Once you get the collectibles, there are two mandatory steps you must complete:

  • Step 1: Inspect the large cabinet on the right side of the bedroom (you’ll use it later)
  • Step 2: Inspect the large bed

Now, interact with the door on the left side of the room and get ready for a quick succession of events.

After approaching the door, you’ll get two choices:

  • Pick Hide
  • When asked if Ryan should hide In Cabinet or Under Bed, pick In Cabinet, but this is available only if you inspect it beforehand
  • Now, pick Hold Breath, then push and hold the X/A button on your Playstation/Xbox controller until the red color disappears from your screen
The Quarry Chapter 9 Walkthrough

The last important action you need to complete here is when Ryan reaches the end of the hallway. Mash the X/A button to block the door.

Now, you’ll move to Laura, who is also chased. Choose the following actions:

  • Hide
  • Hold Breath (Hold the X/A button on your Playstation/Xbox controller until the red color disappears)

After escaping the bathroom, Laura ends up in a lobby, and here you’ll want to focus on finding the next set of collectibles explained here.

Upon getting them, head to the second floor and open the door in the last room, but be prepared to engage Jediah Hackett.

  • First, complete the 3 QTEs (Thumbstick: Left, Left, Left)
  • Now, choose Attack
  • Mash the X/A button to kill Jediah Hackett (also required for the Family Matters achievement/trophy)

Great job, so now that there is one Hackett less, let’s continue our Quarry Chapter 9 walkthrough and move back to Ryan, who continues to be chased by Bobby Hackett.

When the action moves back to him, complete both QTEs (Thumbstick: Left, Right).

Next, you’ll want to Hold Breath and hold the X/A button on your Playstation/Xbox controller until the red glowing disappears the first time (as pictured below).

The Quarry Chapter 9 Choices Walkthrough

If you wait longer, Bobby returns.

Finally, pick Stab, and using the knife inside him, Ryan stabs Bobby Hackett. Although Bobby Hackett won’t die now, he’ll die at the end of the chapter. Killing Bobby Hackett is also mandatory for the Family Matters achievement/trophy.

Accept Or Decline Laura’s Bite Choice

After dealing with Bobby Hackett, Ryan and Laura reunite, and there are several dialogue choices you should consider, as well as an important decision you have to make:

  • First, pick SympatheticIt’s not your fault
  • When Laura asks if she should bite Ryan to save his life, select Accept; otherwise, Ryan dies
  • While Laura bites Ryan, don’t interrupt the event or Don’t Pull

Following these choices in Chapter 9 will unlock the Phlebotomy achievement/trophy and save Ryan’s life.

Hackett Scrapyard Dylan & Kaitlyn Choices

Now that you saved Ryan’s life, the Quarry Chapter 9 and our walkthrough continues in the Scrapyard, where you’ll play as Dylan.

If you are interested in getting three additional collectibles, follow our guide here. If not, progress through the first section, then enter the garage on the right side.

Press the green button on the wooden table to open the gates, then enter the next section of the Scrapyard, moving towards the yellow crane in the distance.

As you approach the crane, go with the following options:

  • EncouragingWatch my back
  • When asked if you should Warn Kaitlyn or Lift Car, choose to Warn Kaitlyn
  • Complete the QTE (Thumbstick: Up)
  • When asked if you should Sound Horn or Slam Car, choose Sound Horn
  • Mash the X/A button on your Playstation/Xbox controller to light the torch. If you fail this event, Dylan dies; however, you must fail it during the subsequent playthroughs to unlock the corresponding achievements/trophies
  • Complete the QTE (Thumbstick: Left)
  • Mash the X/A button on your Playstation/Xbox controller to drop the car on the monster

By finishing these actions successfully, both Dylan and Kaitlyn survive, so let’s see what happens to Abi.

Hackett Quarry Lodge Stormshelter Abigail Choices

Inside the Hackett Quarry Lodge Stormshelter, there are two possible scenarios. In the first scenario, Abigail is alone because Emma got infected in Chapter 4.

If, on the other hand, Emma got infected in Chapter 6, now she is starting to turn into a werewolf. Regardless, the steps you’ll need to follow are pretty similar.

Assuming Emma is with Abigail, they have a small discussion; then you are free to get the last Chapter 9 collectible outlined here.

Now, you’ll want to check the fusebox (marked below) near Emma (if she’s with you). Inside you’ll find some silver shells you’ll need later in Chapter 10.

Chapter 9 The Quarry Walkthrough Guide

Upon finding the shells, assuming Abi is alone, follow the metal ladder (not the stairs) to go up and finish this section.

However, if Emma is with you, things get pretty messy, so go with the following:

  • ConcernedWhat’s gotten into you?
  • When asked if you should use the Stairs or Ladder, choose the Ladder
  • Mash the X/A button on your Playstation/Xbox controller to escape Emma

Upon reaching the trapdoor, Abi is safe, while Emma is locked in the basement.

Hackett Family House Laura Choices

The final Quarry Chapter 9 section takes you inside the Hackett Family House, where Laura and Ryan finally find Chris Hackett.

When you reach this point in the game, you’ll also see some effects of your past choices. To progress, head toward the monster chained to the wooden pole.

During the next cutscene, Bobby Hackett dies, killed by the werewolf, then Ryan gets the shotgun. Now you’ll want to shoot and don’t miss the monster because it’s Chris Hackett, and you need to kill him for the Family Matters trophy/achievement.

Although Laura turned into a monster, if you kill Chris, she’ll recover, and what happens next depends on what you did in Chapter 7:

  • If you decided to shoot Travis in Chapter 7, now he will stab Laura, and you’ll have to replay the game starting with the seventh chapter
  • On the other hand, if you followed our Chapter7 walkthrough here and used the syringe, Travis won’t attack Laura. In this case, during the following dialogue, pick SuspiciousWhy should I trust you? and you’ll unlock the Above the Law trophy/achievement
Chapter 9 The Quarry Walkthrough

While this is the recommended path to keep everyone alive, you’ll want to kill both Ryan and Laura during the subsequent playthroughs.

For this, start with Chapter 7, and shoot Travis. When you find Chris Hackett, you’ll still have to kill him to cure Max; however, this time, Travis stabs Laura to death, then he’ll turn on Ryan.

Make sure that while they’re fighting, you pick Aggressive, then Fail the QTE so Travis can kill Ryan.

Now that you lifted the curse on Max, you are ready to start the last chapter in The Quarry, but if you found The Hierophant Tarot Card (location explained in this guide), you have one additional scene featuring Eliza. Don’t forget to complete the QTE (Thumbstick: Left) to avoid the metal bar.

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