The Quarry: All Collectibles Locations In Chapter 5 White Noise

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June 17, 2022

The Quarry Chapter 5 collectibles are easier to find than those from the previous Chapter we have fully covered in this guide, but only if you fully explore every inch of the lodges area while playing as Dylan.

In the video game developed by Supermassive Games, Chapter 5 is named White Noise, and even though it’s pretty short, it comes with many important decisions you must make.

One of them, for example, can force you to miss a collectible in Chapter 10.

Therefore alongside The Quarry Chapter 5 collectibles locations guide below, as usual, it is recommended to check our Chapter 5 Walkthrough, so you can pick the best choices that will help you later in the game.

In Chapter 5 of The Quarry, you’ll need to retrieve the following collectibles:

  • 2 Tarot Cards
  • 1 Evidence
  • 2 Clues

So let’s see where they have been hidden.

Where To Find The Chapter 5 White Noise Collectibles In The Quarry

Unlike all other Chapters in The Quarry, Chapter 5 features a single section where free-roaming is possible.

This section is available while playing as Dylan & Ryan, immediately after an unusual discussion between Abi and Nick.

At this point, Dylan & Ryan try to reach the Radio Tower to get help. So, you’ll be back in the forest for a short period of time.

All collectibles in Chapter 5 are found in the next area, but you’ll want to follow the same order as the one below.

Collectible #1 – Triggered Bear Trap Clue (Hackett History Set)

After entering the forest, Dylan and Ryan have a lot to talk about, but there won’t be any dialogue choices, so focus on exploring the area.

The path ahead is linear, and to get the first of the 5 Quarry Chapter 5 collectibles, you’ll need to get to the lodges area.

Simply follow the path in the forest, and you’ll get to a small wooden bridge. Behind it is a clearing, and you’ll see a rather large cabin in the distance.

On the left side of the cabin, which is opposed to the wooden bridge, is a bear trap you need to investigate.

The Quarry Chapter 5 Collectibles Locations Guide

Collectible #2 – Letter To Camp Nurse Clue (Camp History Set)

The second Quarry Chapter 5 collectible is also a Clue, and you’ll find it after the previous one.

Turn around at 180 degrees and explore the lodges area looking for Room 03. You may remember it from the previous chapters.

Room 03 is on the other side of the clearing and is opposed to the location of the bear trap above.

On the right side of the cabin, you’ll see a small note on the ground. Read it as it’s one of The Quarry Clues.

The Quarry Chapter 5 Collectibles Guide

Collectible #3 – The Devil Tarot Card

Now, the moment you get the previous clue in The Quarry Chapter 5, you’ll want to turn around and face the large tree in the middle of the clearing.

While looking at it, you’ll see a swing between two wooden tables.

Slowly head to the swing and walk between the tables to spot The Devil Tarot Card.

The Quarry Chapter 5 All Collectibles Locations Guide

Collectible #4 – Claw Marks Evidence

Great job! Now it’s time to look for one of The Quarry Evidence collectibles. After collecting the Tarot Card, stay close to Ryan, who will take you to the cabin where the radio station is found.

Do not get inside, and do not talk to Ryan. Instead, check the area in front of the ventilation system (left side of the entrance).

Here you’ll find some Claw Marks on the cabin’s exterior wall.

Chapter 5 Collectibles Locations The Quarry Guide

Collectible #5 – The Hermit Tarot Card

The last of the five Quarry collectibles in Chapter 5 is another Tarot Card. This one is close to the previous Evidence, so do not get inside the radio tower after you find the Claw Marks.

Instead, head left around the corner and walk between the large stone block and the cabin’s exterior wall.

Collectibles Locations In The Quarry Chapter 5

Upon getting the last Tarot Card, feel free to enter the cabin with the radio station because these are all The Quarry Chapter 5 collectibles available; but remember to also check our Chapter 6 collectibles guide here.

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