The Quarry: All Collectibles Locations In The Prologue

by Vlad
June 10, 2022

The Quarry Prologue collectibles are divided into categories and are pretty hard to find unless you follow specific paths while playing the video game developed by Supermassive Games.

Furthermore, The Quarry collectibles in the Prologue are required to unlock a series of achievements and trophies at the end of the game.

Since the Prologue is the introductory part of the video game, it features only five collectibles:

  • 1 Tarot Card
  • 4 Clues

To help you find them, throughout the following Quarry Prologue collectibles locations guide, we’ll tell you where to find them and the exact steps you have to follow to reach these items.

Where To Find The Prologue Collectibles In The Quarry

Before starting, it is worth outlining that some Quarry collectibles are tied to your decisions or choices while playing the game.

As such, we strongly recommend you follow our Quarry Prologue walkthrough, the same path, and make the same decisions.

Furthermore, you should know that if you start a new game, all collectibles reset, and the Chapter Select option becomes available after you finish the story the first time.

Last but not least, since several collectibles are tied to your choices, you’ll need multiple playthroughs to get all Clues, Tarot Cards, and pieces of Evidence.

Now, let’s see how to get all The Quarry Prologue collectibles.

Collectible #1 – The Fool Tarot Card

The first batch of Quarry collectibles in the Prologue is found when you reach the woods.

Eventually, Max and Laura get lost while driving toward Hackett’s Quarry Summer Camp.

Regardless of the decisions you make during the drive and the dialogue choices, their car breaks, and while Max tries to fix it, Laura starts exploring the forest nearby.

While doing this, you must collect 4 Quarry Prologue collectibles, and the first one is The Fool Tarot Card.

So, when you gain control over Laura, head left (away from your starting point), following the path on the small hill’s left side.

As you pass through the next area, you’ll see the Prologue Tarot card in the foreground.

The Quarry Prologue Collectibles Locations Guide

Collectible #2 – Harum Scarum Poster Clue (Freakshow Fire Set)

After you get the Tarot Card above, you’ll want to keep following the linear path ahead toward the forest in the distance.

Only several steps away, you’ll find the next collectible near a tree (marked by the arrow below).

Approach the tree and interact with the clue, which is the Harum Scarum Poster (part of the Freakshow Fire Set).

The Quarry Prologue Clues Locations Guide

Collectible #3 – Escapology Trunk Clue (Freakshow Fire Set)

Upon inspecting the poster, follow the same path and go right around the tree trunk.

Walk slowly, and you’ll reach a small crossroad. It is mandatory to go left here not to miss the next collectible inside a chest.

You’ll find it at the end of the road, and it’s the Escapology Trunk Clue or the second Freakshow Fire Set collectible.

The Quarry All Prologue Collectibles Locations Guide

Collectible #4 – Broken Cage Clue (Freakshow Fire Set)

After the previous collectible, retrace your steps to the previous area and head right.

When you enter the next section, hug the right side and follow the path on the right to get to another dead end.

If you follow the path on the left, you’ll progress through the story, so be very careful. As you move right, you’ll see a rather large broken cage. Inspect it because it is the third Freakshow Fire Set Clue.

The Quarry Prologue Collectibles Where To Find

Collectible #5 – Bloodied Collar Clue (Camp History Set)

For the last of the five Quarry Prologue collectibles, you’ll have to reach Hackett’s Quarry summer camp by progressing through the game. Don’t worry about its location, because it is automatically unlocked when you reach the said camp.

This collectible is also a clue (the first one in the Camp History Set), and it’s the Bloodied Collar Laura picks up from the ground when investigating the basement of the Camp Lodge.

The Quarry Prologue Collectibles Guide

And that’s it! You have found all The Quarry Prologue collectibles, so now focus on Max, and don’t forget to check our Chapter 1 collectibles guide here.

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