The Quarry Chapter 8 Walkthrough: How To Complete & Best Choices

by Vlad
June 21, 2022

The Quarry Chapter 8, named The Belly Of The Beast, continues the events that occur after Laura reaches the group of survivors at Hackett’s Quarry Summer Camp, and the following walkthrough provides the best choices and decisions you can make to keep everyone alive.

Similar to our previous guides, our The Quarry Chapter 8 walkthrough’s main objective is to ensure that nobody dies at the end of the game.

However, throughout the guide below, you’ll also learn about other paths you can follow during the subsequent playthroughs in case you want to kill all or only specific characters.

These actions are needed if you wish to unlock all The Quarry achievements/trophies.

So, let’s see how you should approach the events in Chapter 8 of the video game developed by Supermassive Games.

The Quarry Walkthrough – Chapter 8 Choices & Decisions

Chapter 8 in The Quarry starts with Laura asking about Chris Hackett at Hackett’s Quarry Summer Camp Poolhouse.

Ryan has a hard time trusting Laura, especially since he saw her killing Kaylee Hackett; however, you’ll want to play safe as Laura is a partner you’ll need.

As such, go with the following:

  • UncertainKaitlyn, what do I do?
  • CuriousYou said you heard a woman?
  • SuspiciousWhat are you doing?
  • Guarded What makes you think I know?
  • CompassionateMaybe there’s another way
  • Friendly Chris has nothing to do with this

After the first dialogue, Laura and Ryan leave the Poolhouse and enter Hackett Woods. Their conversation continues as you progress, and the best choices here are:

  • InquisitiveHave you been there?
  • Reflective No one knows anybody
  • Compassionate I get it, he’s your friend

Once you complete this section in Quarry Chapter 8, you’ll end up in a mine. This is the actual quarry you’ll have to explore.

The path ahead is linear, meaning you can’t get lost since all you need to do is follow the stairs and the tunnels ahead.

However, in this section, there is a total of 5 collectibles (the first batch outlined in this guide). Make sure you get all of them.

Furthermore, there is a QTE (thumbstick right) you’ll need to complete when the stairs fall. Make sure you help Laura.

Now keep progressing through the quarry, and when you reach the top, Ryan and Laura have one last chat before you move back to the Lodge.

The Quarry Chapter 8 Walkthrough Guide

Pick Patient You know that’s not what I meant; then mash the X/A button on your PlayStation/Xbox controller to remove the planks blocking the tunnel ahead.

Now, head through the tunnel, and you’ll be moved to Hackett’s Quarry Lodge.

Hackett’s Quarry Lodge Kaitlyn Dialogue Choices

The second section of our Quarry Chapter 8 walkthrough focuses on the events at Hackett’s Quarry Lodge, where Dylan Abi and Kaitlyn try to fix the car.

Before moving forward with the best choices here, you should be aware that what happens next depends on the actions of Chapter 4.

As such, when Dylan sees the mess in the lobby, pick Honest My bad

Now the group heads outside to inspect the van. If you followed our walkthrough, inside the van is Emma, who wasn’t infected at all. This, however, is the best possible scenario, and the next dialogue choice is Encouraging I need you.

The Quarry Chapter 8 Walkthrough

This option is available only if Emma wasn’t bitten in Chapter 4 (covered here); hence, she was not infected. If you did not follow our walkthrough and she was infected, inside the van is a werewolf, and things can take a dramatic turn.

Specifically, you’ll have to complete a tricky event, and if you miss it, Abigail dies. On the other hand, if you complete it correctly, you can still save both Emma and Abi.

So, before approaching the van, you should consider activating the auto-aim because when you open the door, if Emma has turned into a werewolf, you’ll have a second to shoot her. You won’t kill her, but you have to hit the werewolf, which can be pretty tricky because of the creature’s speed.

Following this scenario, after you shoot the werewolf once, you’ll want to shoot the monster on the car roof again; then, when you can choose the ammo, pick Regular Shot, not Silver Shells. If you go with the latter, you’ll miss the Nobody’s Fool trophy/achievement in Chapter 10.

So the idea here is to make sure that both Emma and Abi survive. It is also worth mentioning that Emma turns into a monster only if she was bitten in Chapter 4, not Chapter 6.

Assuming you followed all our Quarry walkthroughs up to this point, Emma should be fine, and after a new cutscene, you’ll get back to Laura and Ryan.

During the next section, you’ll be in a distillery which is also quite linear. Here you’ll want to find the last 3 Chapter 8 Collectibles (refer to this guide to get them).

Next, head through the red door, but be careful not to miss the next QTE (thumbstick down).

Great, now you have reached the cellar where Jacob is being held captive. Let’s see what choices you have.

Open Cage Breakers Or Not Choice & Puzzle Solution

The first thing you want to do when you enter the prison or the red room is to Not Open Cage because there is an electric fence that protects it.

So wait for the event to pass, and don’t press anything.

Now, watch the cutscene showing Travis and his mother, then interrupt the next event. Or Stop Laura because otherwise, she’ll shoot the monster in the cage, which happens to be Nick.

Obviously, you’ll want to let Laura kill Nick during the subsequent walkthroughs to unlock the corresponding achievements/trophies. But for now, stop her.

The Quarry Chapter 8 Choice Walkthrough

The last choice you have to make is about Jacob, and since we want him to survive, it’s mandatory to help him. On the other hand, if you don’t help him now, he’ll die in Chapter 9. Keep this in mind for when you restart the game.

Since helping Jacob is mandatory, this action brings us to the last part of our The Quarry Chapter 8 walkthrough.

How To Open Jacob’s Cage

To open Jacob’s cage in The Quarry Chapter 8, you have to solve a small puzzle that involves some breakers.

This puzzle has two phases, and during each stage, you’ll need to pull two breakers in the correct order:

  • Step 1: Pull Breaker 1 (move the thumbstick towards the upper left corner), then Pull Breaker 2 (move the thumbstick towards the upper right corner)
  • Step 2: Pick Continue
  • Step 3: Pull Breaker 2 (move the thumbstick towards the upper right corner), then Pull Breaker 3 (move the thumbstick towards the lower-left corner)

Now, Jacob is free, and after a rather long cutscene showing Travis and his mother, The Quarry Chapter 8 ends, bringing us to the Chapter 9 walkthrough here.

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