The Quarry: All Collectibles Locations In Chapter 7 The Past Behind Us

by Vlad
June 18, 2022

Upon finding all Clues, Tarot Cards, and Evidence in Chapter 6, it’s time to focus on The Quarry Chapter 7 collectibles, which are trickier to get, especially because one of them is connected to a small puzzle you have to solve.

The Quarry Chapter 7 is named The Past Behind Us and is notably longer than all other chapters in the video game developed by Supermassive Games.

The events in Chapter 7 occur inside the Police Station where both Laura and Max are held captive by Travis Hackett.

While exploring the Police Station as Laura, you’ll need to find a total of 6 collectibles, the last being almost impossible to spot unless you know what you have to do.

Therefore, our The Quarry Chapter 7 collectibles locations guide explains in-depth where to find all Clues and other items of interest in The Past Behind Us.

The list of collectibles available in Chapter 7 includes:

  • 2 Tarot Cards
  • 1 Evidence
  • 3 Clues

Where To Find The Chapter 7 The Past Behind Us Collectibles In The Quarry

Before going over all 6 The Quarry collectibles locations in Chapter 7, it is worth outlining that inside the Police Station, you’ll have to make some critical choices that will drastically affect the story and the events that occur later.

As such, it is best to use the following guide alongside our Chapter 7 Walkthrough so you don’t miss anything.

Last but not least, keep in mind that there are two sections where you get the chance to free roam. Both of them are explored while playing as Laura.

So, here is where to find the collectibles in Chapter 7.

Collectible #1 – The World Tarot Card

The first of the 6 Chapter 7 collectibles in The Quarry is a Tarot Card. You can get it while Laura shares her story with the teenagers at Hackett’s Summer Camp.

In her story, she’ll end up in a cell at the Police Station. When you gain control over her, walk towards the bed in the cell, then back to the door. During the camera transition, you’ll spot the first collectible.

The Quarry Chapter 7 Collectibles Locations Guide

Collectible #2 – Scrawled Limerick Clue (Hackett History Set)

The second collectible in this section is relatively easy to find. It is one of The Quarry Clues in Chapter 7, and it is also inside the cell.

After obtaining the Tarot Card above, approach the wall on the right side (when facing the bed).

Next, inspect the writing on the wall.

The Quarry Chapter 7 Collectibles Guide

Collectible #3 – The Chariot Tarot Card

Once you find the previous collectibles, progress through the game (continue Laura’s story), and eventually, you’ll end up back in the cell.

But this time, the door is wide open, and you can explore the Police Station while Travis is away.

Exit the cell and take a right turn to reach the central room inside the station. Here you should see a lot of desks with chairs on them.

Walk through the desks (center of the room) to spot the second Tarot Card in Chapter 7.

The Quarry Chapter 7 Clues Evidence Tarot Cards Locations

Collectible #4 – Cease & Desist Letter Evidence

Immediately after the previous collectible, look around while remaining in the central room, and you’ll notice an upper level (intermediate) at the end of several stairs.

Head up, and in the corner of the lobby sits a desk, and on it is a fax.

Check the letter on the fax as it’s the next Clue you need to find inside the Police Station.

The Quarry Chapter 7 All Collectibles Locations Guide

Collectible #5 – Charred Sheriff’s Badge Clue (Freakshow Fire Set)

Moving on from the previous Evidence, retrace your steps to the main room with the desks and follow the wooden stairs to the second floor.

Here you’ll want to cross the balcony and enter the second office on the left.

Once inside, turn right, and you’ll see a cardboard box. On it is a Sheriff Badge or one of The Quarry Chapter 7 Clues.

Collectibles Locations In The Quarry Chapter 7

Collectible #6 – Bizzare Yet Bonafide Podcast Clue (Hackett History Set)

Unlike all other Quarry Chapter 7 collectibles listed above, the last Clue is also the trickiest because it features several mandatory steps.

Basically, for this Clue, you’ll need to hack Travis’s computer by finding his password. Therefore after you get the previous Clue, head outside the office, turn right and enter the next one (first as you ascend the stair).

Once inside, turn right and notice the board marked in my screenshot below. On it is a greeting card, which you’ll have to inspect to obtain the first part of the password.

Chapter 7 Collectibles Locations The Quarry Guide

Now, exit the current office and turn left, then go around the corner and enter the last office on the left side (third as you ascend the stairs).

Here you’ll want to look on the left side as you enter and notice the calendar on the wall near the window (marked below).

Chapter 7 Clues Locations The Quarry Guide

Inspect it to get the second part of the password, which is Tavis’s birthday date. With these two pieces of information, head back down to the first floor and retrace your steps to the area where you found the Evidence above.

Opposed to the fax machine is Travis’s office. Make sure you get inside and access his computer. Laura will automatically use the dates she found to hack the computer, and you’ll unlock the last Clue.

These are all The Quarry Chapter 7 collectibles you must find in the Police Station, so make sure you don’t miss any of them, then switch to our Chapter 8 collectibles guide here.

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