Saints Row East Providencia: All 4 Hidden Collectibles Locations Guide

by Vlad
September 7, 2022

The Saints Row East Providencia Collectibles, or the objects you need to photograph, are also mandatory, assuming you wish to achieve 100% completion in the latest video game developed by Deep Silver Volition.

The Saints Row 2022 East Providencia Collectibles can be used to customize the HQ of your Saints, but to unlock them, you have to know where they are.

As such, following the West Providencia guide here, below, we’ll discuss the locations of the 4 Collectibles in the East Providencia region, which, as you may remember from our Discoveries guide, is a Los Panteros Territory.

In East Providencia, you’ll need to look for the following types of collectibles:

  • 1 Small Collectible
  • 2 Medium Collectibles
  • 1 Wall Collectible

Saints Row 5 East Providencia Collectibles Locations Map

To better help you in your quest to get all Collectibles in East Providencia, we’ve created the following custom map, which pinpoints the locations where you’ll find the objects you must photograph.

Saints Row East Providencia Collectibles Locations Guide

As you can see, there are four of them, and by visiting the areas marked above, you’ll easily find the 4 Collectibles.

However, assuming you need additional help, here is what you are looking for.

1. Golden Shitter Small Collectible

The Golden Shitter is the first Saints Row East Providencia Collectible we’ll find because it’s located near one of the Discoveries. Specifically, it is across the street from the Hidden History we covered here.

If you check your Collectibles App after the Office Décor mission, you’ll find out that this Small Collectible is in the trash pile behind Gimnasio. Near the train car.

The exact location can be seen on the map above, and when you get close to the marked area, you’ll need to look around for a small courtyard behind a train car.

Here you’ll see the Golden Shitter or the glowing toilet you need to photograph.

Saints Row East Providencia Golden Shitter Collectible Location

2. El Bar Visual Sign Wall Collectible

Only several steps southwest of the previous Collectible, you can find the El Bar Visual Sign Wall Collectible.

This East Providencia object is south of St. Thomas Corvacho. Near the water tower.

Start by checking the map above, and upon getting to the location I have marked, look for a yellow water tower.

Across the street from it is an orange building with a large skull above the entrance. Make sure you photograph it.

Saints Row 2022 East Providencia El Bar Visual Sign Collectible Location

3. Horse Sculpture Medium Collectible

The next Collectible you have to find is the Horse Sculpture, which, as you can see, is found on the eastern side of East Providencia.

This is a bit trickier to locate because if you check its description on your in-game smartphone app, the only tip you’ll get is: Get your ass in some chaps.

As such, to find it, head east to the spot marked on our map and look for a rodeo bar named El Salvamento.

Inside the courtyard, you should see two rusted buses and a large horse statue behind them. Take a photo of it.

Saints Row 5 East Providencia Horse Sculpture Collectible Location

4. Cemetery Angel Medium Collectible

The last of the four East Providencia Collectibles in Saints Row Reboot is the Cemetery Angel found in front of the cemetery building. South of the memorial wall.

To find it, you’ll first need to locate the Providencia Cemetery on the region’s northern side.

Head to the location marked on the map above and look for a rather large building by the road.

In front of it (the southern side), you’ll see a large statue depicting an angel. You can also see it below, and it’s the last Collectible in East Providencia.

Saints Row Reboot East Providencia Cemetery Angel Collectible Location

After you take a photo of the Cemetery Angel, feel free to leave East Providencia.

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