Saints Row Reboot Smelterville West: All 7 Discoveries Locations

Written by Vlad Susanu
August 24, 2022

Upon finding all Smelterville East Discoveries in the new Saints Row video game, it’s worth traveling west and entering Smelterville West, where seven additional Discoveries await.

A bit smaller than Smelterville East, Saints Row Smelterville West features only 7 Discovery Collectibles you’ll want to find as quickly as possible for an extra boost of XP and cash.

Saints Row 5 Smelterville West is a Los Panteros Territory, but they won’t bother you too much while looking for all Discoveries.

To find them, though, you’ll need to know their locations, and the following guide covers all of them.

As such, in this area, you’ll need to find:

  • 3 Pallet Pickups
  • 2 Photo Hunts
  • 1 Dumpster Diving
  • 1 Hidden Story

So without further ado, let’s see where these collectibles are.

Saints Row 5 Smelterville West Discoveries Map

To help you get started, the following Saints Row Smelterville West Discoveries map shows all the locations you’ll need to visit to fill the Discoveries bar in this region.

Saints Row Smelterville West Discoveries Locations

Following the same order as the one on the map above, here is where to find the Discoveries in the game.

Where To Find All Smelterville West Drug Pallet Pickups

The first type of collectibles we’ll cover is the Smelterville West Drug Pallet Pickups since they are the most accessible.

In Smelterville West, you need to find 3 of them.

Discoveries 1-3 (Drug Pallets): At The Edge Of The Water

The Saints Row Reboot Drug Pallets in Smelterville West are fairly easy to find and collect.

Head to the southeastern side of the territory, following the map above, and they should appear on your minimap.

As you can see below, one Durg Pallet is found on the roof of a small building, and all you need to do to get it is to climb while standing near the wall.

The second Pallet (also pictured below) is behind some large concrete pipes.

The third and final Smelterville West Drug Pallet Pickup is on top of a green container you can also climb by jumping while next to it.

Saints Row Smelterville West Drug Pallet Pickups Locations

How To Complete All Smelterville West Photo Hunts

Upon finding the Drug Pallets, it’s time to deal with the 2 Photo Hunts in Smelterville West.

Discovery 4 (Photo Hunt): Western Side Of The Region

The first one is found on the western side of the map, and it requires you to photograph a Joe Cola Bottle Cap.

The Saints Row Joe Cola Bottle Cap Photo Hunt is found on the roof of the Joe Cola Corporation main entrance (pictured below). Pull out your phone and activate your camera, then take a picture.

Saints Row Smelterville West Photo Hunt Locations

Discovery 5 (Photo Hunt): Inside A Milk Factory

The second Smelterville West Photo Hunt requires you to photograph a Milk Carton.

The Milk Carton in Saints Row 2022 is inside a Milk Factory in the center of Smeterville West.

Head to the location marked above, get inside the factory, and look on the roof to spot it. Take a picture of the blue milk box, and the hunt is complete.

Saints Row 2022 Smelterville West Photo Hunt Locations

How To Get The Smelterville West Dumpster Diving

The 6th Saints Row 2022 Smelterville West Discovery on the locations map above is the Dumpster Diving.

As you may remember, for this type of collectible, you need to find a golden dumpster and search inside it.

In this area, the Dumpster is found in a small factory courtyard near a yellow tank, as you can see below.

Saints Row Smelterville West Dumpster Diving Location

How To Complete The Smelterville West Hidden Story

The last Discovery in this region (7th) is the Smelterville West Hidden Story which is also the trickiest.

To finish Frank’s 80/20 Brewery Hidden Story, you must find and interact with five presentation tablets within a search area.

So, head to the marker on the map above, then find the welcome sign pictured below. Interact with it to start the Hidden Story.

Saints Row Smelterville West Hidden Story Location

Now from your current location, head right, and near some tanks, you can see the next presentation tablet (pictured below).

Interact with it, then turn around to see the parking lot and, in the background, the third Hidden Story clue (also pictured below).

Saints Row 2022 Smelterville West Hidden Stories Locations

The last two Saints Row Frank’s 80/20 Brewery Hidden Story clues or plates, if you want, are found in the back of the brewery.

One of them is near the bar, while the other one is found near some beer kegs, close to the factory’s walls. Both of them are pictured below.

Saints Row Reboot Smelterville West Hidden Stories Locations

Upon interacting with the last plate, head back to the welcome sign to claim your rewards. Now, all Saints Row Smelterville West Discoveries are complete, so you can move to the next area or start looking for the Smelterville West Collectibles we covered in this guide.

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