Saints Row Smelterville East: All 3 Hidden Collectibles Locations Guide

by Vlad
September 6, 2022

After finding all Smelterville West objects listed in this guide, it’s time to deal with the 3 Saints Row Smelterville East Collectibles or items you have to photograph so you can use them to customize your HQ.

The Saints Row Reboot Smelterville East Collectibles are more accessible to find than those in the previous areas, but since they are mandatory for 100% game completion, we’ll cover them in the following guide.

If Smelterville East is the first area you want to explore looking for Collectibles, it’s worth outlining that all objects you have to photograph become available after the 10th mission in the video game developed by Deep Silver Volition.

Or, simply put, the Saints Row 5 Collectibles unlock once you finish the Office Décor mission, thus gaining access to the Collectibles App on your in-game smartphone.

In Smelterville East, you’ll have to find three collectibles:

  • 1 Small Collectible
  • 2 Medium Collectibles

So, let’s see what exactly you are looking for.

Saints Row 5 Smelterville East Collectibles Locations Map

For our locations guide to be as helpful as possible, we’ll start with the Smelterville East map, which pinpoints the locations of the three Collectibles available in this region.

Saints Row Smelterville East Collectibles Locations Guide

Assuming you need additional help with them, here is what you must photograph at each location on the map above.

1. Ramparts Plush Toy Small Collectible

The Saints Rows Ramparts Plush Toy is a Small Collectible that is found on the western side of the region.

If you check the collectible’s description in your app, you’ll learn that it’s in front of Ramparts BBQ. Between the umbrellas.

The Ramparts BBQ is a Clothing Store you’ll have to discover at the 1st location on the map above.

Once you get close to it while facing the vendor, on the right side, you’ll see a glowing teddy bear.

Pull out your camera and take a picture of it.

Saints Row Smelterville East Ramparts Plush Toy Collectible Location

2. Mechaburger Stand Medium Collectible

The next Saints Rows 5 Smelterville East Collectible is a medium one that can be found close to the northern border.

According to its description, the Mechaburger Stand is at a scenic overlook with a view of the highway. By the vending machines.

Upon reaching the location, I have marked above, you’ll see a small hill and, on top of it, a picnic area.

On the right side of the vending machines sits the object you need to photograph.

Saints Row-5 Smelterville East Mechaburger Stand Collectible Location

3. Train Signal Medium Collectible

Last but not least, in Smelterville East, you also need to photograph the Train Signal found behind International Sail Storage. Where the tracks are split by a train yard.

The location of the Train Signal is at the southeastern border between Smelterville East and Rojas Desert South.

As you can see below, the Signal is sitting several steps away from the Smelterville East Weather Station, one of the 12 Discoveries we discussed here.

Once you find it, all you need to do is to take a photo of it.

Saints Row Reboot Smelterville East Train Signal Collectible Location

And that’s about it! You have found the three Smelterville East Collectibles.

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