Saints Row Reboot Smelterville East: All 12 Discoveries Locations

by Vlad
August 23, 2022

Saints Row 2022 Smelterville East includes 12 Discoveries Collectibles you’ll need to find to achieve 100% control over the Los Panteros Territory you’ll visit early in the game.

The Saints Row Reboot Smelterville East Discoveries allow you to earn additional cash, but they do not appear on your map unless you get close to them.

This means that knowing where to look for each Smelterville East Discovery is quite important if you wish to get 100% district completion.

As with all other territories available in the video game developed by Deep Silver Volition, the Smelterville East Discoveries are divided into several categories as follows:

  • 7 Pallet Pickups
  • 2 Photo Hunts
  • 1 Dumpster Diving
  • 2 Weather Stations

In the new Saints Row video game, all Smelterville East Discoveries can be completed the moment you finish Mission 3, named Making Rent.

However, to find them, you’ll need to know where they are hidden, and our guide and map below have been created to help you with this task.

Saints Row 5 Smelterville East Discoveries Map

As you can see, on the following map, we have marked the locations of all 12 Discoveries in the Smelterville East region.

Saints Row Smelterville East Discoveries Locations

This means you’ll need to visit every spot marked on the map to find them.

Following the same order as the one on the map, here is how to get every Smelterville East Discovery in Saints Row 2022 Reboot.

Where To Find All Smelterville East Drug Pallet Pickups

The first Discoveries we’ll cover are the 7 Drug Pallet Pickups in the Smelterville East area.

Discoveries 1-4 (Drug Pallets): On Top Of Some Containers

Head west to the location marked on the map above, and you’ll find yourself in the courtyard of a large power plant.

Here you’ll want to identify the first 4 Drug Pallets Pickups.

Start by interacting with the one on the green container and then climb on the blue container to secure the second one.

Now, climb the green container (highest one) for the third Pallet. Finally, cross the concrete ramp to secure the last Drug Pallet.

Saints Row Smelterville East Drug Pallet Pickups Locations

Discoveries 5-7 (Drug Pallets): In A Parking Lot

The next 3 Drug Pallets are in the northeastern area, as you can see above.

Once you arrive at the location on my map, you’ll find a parking lot.

One Pallet is on the ground, while the remaining two are on the rooftops.

So, start with the one behind the ramp marked below, then move towards the second one, located on top of the smaller building. Approach the wall to climb it while staying close to it.

Finally, drop to the ground and go around the larger building looking for a green dumpster. Jump on it, then hop on the roof to spot the last Pallet.

Saints Row 2022 Smelterville East Drug Pallet Pickups Locations

Where To Find The Smelterville East Weather Stations

Now that you found all Drug Pallets, it’s time to discover the 2 Smelterville East Weather Stations.

Discovery 8 (Weather Station): On A Hill

On the map above, you can see that the first Saints Row Weather Station is found close to the border with East Providencia.

You’ll find the Station on a hill behind a concrete building (pictured below).

Saints Row Smelterville East Weather Stations Locations

Get close to it, then interact with the lever to launch yourself into the air. While flying, mark the next Weather Station and fly towards it.

Discovery 9 (Weather Station): Behind A Silo

The second Saints Row 5 Weather Station in this region is southwest of the previous one.

Look for it at the location marked above behind a silo and a concrete wall.

All you need to do is get close to it, then interact with the lever to launch yourself into the air.

Saints Row Reboot Smelterville East Weather Stations Locations

How To Complete All Smelterville East Photo Hunts

The Smelterville Photo Hunts also count as Discoveries, and to reach 100% completion, you need to find both of them.

Discovery 10 (Photo Hunt): North Of The Weather Station

The first SR Reboot Photo Hunt is just north of the second Weather Station.

When you get to the location marked on my map, you’ll see it marked on your map, and your goal is to photograph a Flaming Hot billboard.

The said billboard is sitting on top of a rather large building (pictured below).

Saints Row Smelterville East Photo Hunt Locations

To take a photo, pull out your phone, select camera, and zoom in/out until you get a clear shot.

Discovery 11 (Photo Hunt): In The Central Area

The second Photo Hunt in Smelterville East is found in the center of the region. To complete the Photo Hunt, you need to find a sign for Boomers Short-Fuse Firework.

Saints Row Boomers Short-Fuse Firework is a factory found at the location marked on the map above.

While standing in front of the large building, take a photo to complete the hunt.

Saints Row 2022 Smelterville East Photo Hunt Locations

How To Complete Smelterville East Dumpster Diving

The last Discovery in this region (12th on the map) is the Dumpster Diving. To complete it, all you need to do is find and inspect a glowing Dumpster.

The Smelterville Dumpster is found southwest of the second Photo Hunt. You should be able to spot it at the location marked on the Smelterville Discoveries map above.

Just look for it behind a small building by the road.

Saints Row Smelterville East Dumpster Diving Location

After you find the hidden Dumpster, all Smelterville East Discoveries are complete; but if you need help with the Smelterville East Collectibles, follow this guide.

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