Saints Row Reboot El Dorado: All 16 Discoveries Locations

by Vlad
September 1, 2022

El Dorado is a Saints Row 2022 Marshall Territory, which includes 16 Discoveries you’ll need to complete to fill the yellow bar on your in-game phone.

Saints Row El Dorado Discoveries are mandatory if you wish to get 100% completion in each area of the video game developed by Deep Silver Volition, alongside 3 Stores, 5 Threats, and 4 Side Hustles.

As such, throughout the following Saints Row Reboot guide, we’ll discuss the locations of all El Dorado Discoveries and the activities you need to complete.

El Dorado is the southern region that connects Smelterville West to the western side of Santo Ileso.

In this area, you need to locate the following Discoveries:

  • 10 Pallet Pickups
  • 2 Photo Hunts
  • 1 Hidden History
  • 1 Dumpster Diving
  • 1 Weather Station
  • 1 Fast Travel Photo

Saints Row 5 El Dorado Discoveries Map

Again, as with all guides we’ve covered so far, let’s start with a custom map for all El Dorado Discoveries.

Saints Row El Dorado Discoveries Locations

As you can see, they are scattered all around this region, so you’ll need to do a bit of exploration. Let’s see where to find them in the game’s world.

Where To Find All El Dorado Drug Pallet Pickups

The first Discoveries we’ll cover in our guide are the Drug Pallets because they award both XP and cash and are pretty easy to retrieve.

Discoveries 1-3 (Drug Pallets): In The Water Park

The first batch of Drug Pallets in El Dorado is found on the roofs of the Splash Town Water Park building on the southwestern side of the region.

Travel to the location marked on the map above and climb on the green roof of the large building.

The first Pallet sits by the air vent, while the second is several steps away at the roof’s edge (first screenshot below).

After you pick the first two Pallets, remain on the roof and move south. The third one is on a lower roof on the other side of the building (second screenshot above).

Discoveries 4-6 (Drug Pallets): Around The Pyramid Building

For the next batch of El Dorado Drug Pallets, you’ll have to do a bit of exploration.

First, head to the location marked on the map above, and you’ll see an impressive building that looks like a pyramid.

While standing on the southern side, look for the first Drug Pallet by the fence in the parking lot, while the second one can be spotted on a balcony (first screenshot below).

The third Drug Pallet is easy to miss because it is hidden behind some green containers (second picture above).

Make sure you pick it up while working on climbing towards the balcony where the second Pallet is found.

Discoveries 7-10 (Drug Pallets): By The Water

The last El Dorado Drug Pallets are on the northern side, as you can see on my map above, but you have to be careful because, at this location, there are 4 Pallets instead of three.

They are very easy to find if you take your time and carefully investigate the area.

One is behind some rocks by the water, the second is in front of a small swan, the third is behind the same swan close to the bridge in the distance, and the last is on the hill nearby.

You can see all their locations in the following screenshot.

New Saints Row El Dorado Drug Pallet Pickups Locations

How To Complete All El Dorado Photo Hunts

Now that you’ve found all Drug Pallet Pickups in El Dorado, let’s focus on the two Photo Hunts.

Discovery 11 (Photo Hunt): In Front Of Poseidon’s Palace

The first El Dorado Photo Hunt requires you to photograph the 10 Gallon Saloon, so start by driving to the location marked above.

When you arrive, you’ll find yourself in front of Poseidon’s Palace, which is an impressive building.

While in the parking lot, pull out your phone and use its camera to photograph the cowboy hat on the roof.

Saints Row El Dorado Photo Hunt Locations

Discovery 12 (Photo Hunt): North Of Leather And Lace Store

The second Photo Hunt in Saints Row 2022 El Dorado region is north of the Leather and Lace Clothing Store.

For this activity, you need to photograph an El Dorado wedding chapel found by the road at the location marked above.

As you can see below, it is a small church named Jackpot, and you only have to take a photo of the sign depicting a heart.

Saints Row 2022 El Dorado Photo Hunt Locations

How To Complete El Dorado Dumpster Diving

Only several steps away from the second Photo Hunt, you can complete the 13th Discovery. Specifically, the Dumpster Diving that is marked on the map above.

The hidden Golden Dumpster in this area is in a parking lot behind an abandoned building.

You can see it below, and if you investigate it, you’ll find a shoebox full of money.

Saints Row El Dorado Dumpster Diving Location

Where To Find The El Dorado Weather Station

The 14th Discovery you need to reveal in El Dorado is the Weather Station, which can be observed on the map above.

The problem with this Discovery is that it’s on top of the Horse Feathers Hotel, and you can’t use it to launch yourself into the air unless you use a helicopter to get close to it.

Fortunately, you don’t have to do this for the Weather Station to be marked as found, so just visit the location above and make sure it appears on your map.

Saints Row El Dorado Weather Stations Locations

El Dorado Fast Travel Photo Location

Very close to the Weather Station is the 15th Discovery in El Dorado. It is pretty accessible because it’s a Fast Travel Photo.

To complete it and unlock the fast-travel option in this area, head towards the main street, pull out your in-game smartphone and take a picture of the golden El Dorado Sign.

You can see it below.

Saints Row El Dorado Fast Travel Photo-Location

How To Complete El Dorado Hidden History

El Dorado also includes a Saints Row Hidden History which involves finding five signs and learning more about the Go Kart Go Racing Tracks.

To start the Hidden History, head to the location marked on the map above, then look for the large welcome sign (pictured below) in front of the orange building.

After interacting with it, check the sign that’s several steps away near a palm tree (left arrow in the screenshot below).

Saints Row El Dorado Hidden History Locations

To find the next two signs from your current location, head northwest on your minimap towards the warehouse in the distance.

It has a green roof, but before entering, on the left side, behind the protection fence, you’ll see the third sign. Interact with it, then find the next one inside the warehouse where the karts are being kept.

Saints Row 2022 El Dorado Hidden History Locations

To find the last sign for this Hidden History, get inside a kart, and from your current location, head east towards the large building similar to a pyramid.

The fifth sign is in a parking lot, close to the street, as opposed to the location of the last two signs.

Saints Row 5 El Dorado Hidden History Locations

Upon finding the last sign, head back to the welcome sign and complete the Go Kart Go Hidden History.

Now, all Saints Row El Dorado Discoveries are complete, but if you have questions, feel free to let us know in the comments section below.

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