Saints Row Reboot Lake Sabastian: All Discoveries Locations

by Vlad
September 3, 2022

Saints Row 2022 Lake Sabastian is the central region in Santo Ileso, and although it is one of the largest, it includes only 2 Discoveries you must complete.

Furthermore, in the Saints Row Lake Sabastian area, there are no Stores, no Threats, and no Side Hustles, mainly because this region is covered by water.

This means that the only activities you have to complete in Lake Sabastian are the two Discoveries we’ll cover in our guide below.

From the start, you should know that the Saints Row 5 Lake Sabastian Discoveries are two Golden Dumpsters, so you’ll have to find both Dumpster Diving locations.

As you can guess, these Dumpsters can’t be found in the water, so to get them, you’ll have to get to the small island in the middle of Lake Sabastian.

But first, let’s see where to find the Dumpster Divings.

Saints Row 5 Lake Sabastian Discoveries Map

On the map below, you can notice that the Lake Sabastian Discoveries are on the northern and southern sides of the island in the middle of the map.

Saints Row Lake Sabastian Discoveries Locations

Getting to the island is relatively easy because you can find a boat by going around the lake, or you can use a helicopter.

Alternatively, you can try swimming, but you’ll waste time; or you can launch yourself into the air from the bridge south of the island.

Regardless of how you choose to get to the small island in the middle of the map, once you reach it, you’ll notice that it’s deserted.

So, without other activities to complete here, let’s see where to find the two Dumpster Divings.

Discovery 1 (Dumpster Diving): Outside The Train Depot

The first Lake Sabastian Discovery marked on the map above is outside a train depot, or what’s left of it.

So, head to the island’s southern side, then towards the location on our map.

Eventually, you’ll spot a rather large and deserted building.

Go around it and look for the Golden Dumpster behind a green container close to the building’s outside wall.

Inspect the Dumpster, and inside you’ll find some Aztec Gold.

Saints Row 5 Lake Sabastian Discoveries Locations

Discovery 2 (Dumpster Diving): Inside A Warehouse

For the second Lake Sabastian Discovery, you’ll want to head north toward the location marked on the map above.

As you get close, you’ll see a large factory.

Without going inside, go around the building, looking for a small warehouse outside the factory.

The Dumpster, as you can see below, is inside the said warehouse, and when you open it, you’ll receive the Hydraulic Lift Car-Part.

Saints Row 2022 Lake Sabastian Discoveries Locations

Upon finding the second Dumpster Diving, feel free to fast-travel to any location because the Lake Sabastian area is complete.

And that’s it! You have found the two Saints Row Lake Sabastian Discoveries, but remember to check our other guides for all Discoveries in the video game developed by Deep Silver Volition.

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