Saints Row Rojas Desert North: All Hidden Collectibles Locations Guide

Written by Vlad Susanu
September 7, 2022

Although it’s a large region, Saints Row Rojas Desert North features only 2 Collectibles or objects you need to photograph if you wish to customize the HQ of your Saints in the video game developed by Deep Silver Volition.

The reduced number of Saints Row Rojas Desert North Collectibles, however, is caused by two errors that exist in the game.

Specifically, two of the Saints Row 2022 Rojas Desert North Collectibles that should exist in the northeasternmost area are found in Rojas Desert South, as we explained here.

As such, in Rojas Desert North, you are left with only two objects you have to photograph:

  • 1 Medium Collectible
  • 1 Large Collectible

Let’s see where you can find them.

Saints Row 5 Rojas Desert North Collectibles Locations Map

The following Saints Row 2022 Collectibles locations map shows where to find both objects in this game area.

Saints Row Rojas Desert North Collectibles Locations Guide

Although the map is all you need to quickly find the Collectibles, for additional help on their locations, we’ll go over both of them following the order above.

1. Metal Sun Man Statue Medium Collectible

The Metal Sun Man Statue is the first Collectible we have marked on the map above. According to its description in your Collectibles App is at the Sidewinder Creek scenic overlook. By a large cactus.

Once you reach the location marked on the map, you’ll probably remember the overlook because one of the Rojas Desert North Discoveries takes place here. Specifically the Hidden History we fully covered in this guide.

The Metal Sun Man Statue you have to photograph is in the center of the overlook, and as you can notice in the following screenshot, it is made of iron. Once you find it take a picture of it.

Saints Row Rojas Desert North Metal Sun Man Statue Location

2. Metal Coyote Large Collectible

The Metal Coyote Collectible in Saints Row Reboot is also very accessible and related to one of the Discoveries.

Again, according to the App on your in-game phone, the Large Collectible is in front of Twin Coyote Arcade on Route 66.

The Twin Coyote Arcade is in the same location where you can find the Fast Travel Photo Discovery.

So, head to the location marked on the map above and take a picture of the glowing coyote statue in front of the Clothing Store.

Saints Row Rojas Desert North Metal Coyote Location

And that’s it! You just found both Saints Row 2022 Rojas Desert North Collectibles.

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