Saints Row Smelterville West: All 5 Hidden Collectibles Locations Guide

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September 6, 2022

Saints Row 2022 Smelterville West region, just like Mercado we covered in this guide, features 5 Collectibles you may want to find and photograph if you’re aiming for 100% completion in the video game developed by Deep Silver Volition.

As you may remember from all our Saints Row Collectibles guides here, the objects and landmarks you can photograph, then use to customize your HQ don’t become available before completing the Office Décor mission in the game.

After the said mission, you’ll unlock the Collectibles App on your phone, thus being able to track all objects you have to find scattered in Santo Ileso.

Since these objects don’t appear on your map, they can be problematic; therefore, throughout the following locations guide, we’ll cover all hidden Collectibles in the Smelterville West region of the new Saints Row game.

The list of Collectibles in Smelterville West includes the following types:

  • 1 Small Collectible
  • 1 Wall Collectible
  • 3 Medium Collectibles

So, let’s see where to find them.

Saints Row 5 Smelterville West Collectibles Locations Map

Again we’ll start with a custom map showing the locations of the 5 Saints Row Reboot Collectibles in the Smelterville West region.

Saints Row Smelterville West Collectibles Locations Guide

Basically, these are the areas you’ll have to visit to find the objects and landmarks you have to photograph; however, you should not confuse them with the Smelterville West Discoveries we have covered in this guide.

Now, here is what you are looking for at each location I have marked on the map above.

1. Scorpion Statue Small Collectible

The first Smelterville West Collectible marked on the map above is the Scorpion Statue which, according to the in-game Collectibles App, is over the front door of the Scorpion factory. Under Panteros graffiti.

The Scorpion factory is found, as you can see, on the southern side of Smelterville West, so drive to the spot marked on the map above.

When you get close, you’ll see a rather large factory. Head inside the courtyard via the front gate, then go around the tables by the entrance.

Now, look above the front door to spot a small glowing statue depicting a Scorpion. Pull out your camera and take a picture of it.

Saints Row 2022 Smelterville West Small Scorpion Statue Collectible Location

2. Joe Cola Sign Wall Collectible

The second Collectible is far easier to find because of its size. Again, according to the App, it is found at the Joe Cola Corporation office building. A billboard on the roof.

First, drive to the second spot marked on the map above, and you’ll find the Joe Cola Corporation office building, which is impossible to miss because it’s one of the largest in this region.

While standing on the road nearby, look at the roof, and you’ll see the Joe Cola Sign. It is a large billboard depicting a bottle cap. Take a picture of it.

Saints Row Smelterville West Joe Cola Sign Collectible Location

3. Metal Jackalope Sculpture Medium Collectible

For the third Saints Row Reboot Smelterville West Collectible, drive northeast from the previous location.

The Metal Jackalope Sculpture is found in the park behind the Civic Center. Near the footbridge.

The Civic Center is in the northeastern corner of Smelterville West, and it’s a round building with blue windows.

When you get to the location on the map above, head to the park in front of it, and you’ll see an arched bridge. Next to it is a statue depicting a rabbit with deer horns. That is the Metal Jackalope you have to photograph.

Saints Row 5 Smelterville West Metal Jackalope Sculpture Collectible Location

4. Topiary Pigs Medium Collectible

The next Collectible you have to photograph is in the courtyard of Frank’s 80/20 Brewery. Next to an arched door.

The Topiary Pigs are extremely easy to find, especially if you completed the Hidden History in Smelterville West (as explained here) because the said Discovery takes place at the same location.

So, head to the location I have marked on the map, and you’ll find Frank’s 80/20 Brewery.

Before or after completing the Hidden History, look at the front door at the back of the Brewery’s courtyard to see two green bushes trimmed to look like pigs. Make sure you photograph the one on the left side while facing the door.

Saints Row Reboot Smelterville West Topiary Pigs Collectible Location

5. Brewery Tank Medium Collectible

Finally, the last Collectible in the Smelterville West area is the Brewery Tank found by the Olde Steel bottling plant. Where the road curves along the lake.

Specifically, this Collectible is found on the southwestern side of the region, as you can see on the map above.

If you drive on the road along the lake, you’ll see an impressive brewery tank that’s glowing. Take a picture of it.

New Saints Row Smelterville West Brewery Tank Collectible Location

And that’s it, Saints! You have found all Saints Row Smelterville West Collectibles.

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