Saints Row Mercado: All 5 Hidden Collectibles Locations Guide

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September 5, 2022

Saints Row 2022 Reboot Mercado Collectibles can be found once you unlock the Collectibles App on your in-game phone by completing the Office Décor mission in the video game developed by Deep Silver Volition.

The Saints Row 2022 Mercado Collectibles count towards the 100% completion of the game, and even though they are not mandatory for The Collector trophy/achievement (which requires only 85 out of 113 Collectibles), it’s worth knowing where to find them.

To help you with this task, throughout the following Saints Row guide, we’ll go over the 5 Collectibles you can get in the Mercado Territory controlled by Los Panteros.

In this region, you’ll need to find:

  • 2 Small Collectibles
  • 2 Medium Collectibles
  • 1 Large Collectible

Before we start, it’s worth knowing that the Mercado Collectibles in the new Saints Row video game are different than the Discoveries we covered here.

Furthermore, unlike the Discoveries in the Mercado area, for the five hidden Collectibles, you need to progress the story and complete the 10th mission named Office Décor.

Saints Row 5 Mercado Collectibles Locations Map

As with all previous Saints Row guides, we’ll use a custom map to pinpoint every Mercado Collectible.

Saints Row Mercado Collectibles Locations Guide

As you can notice, all of them are found in the center of this region.

Where To Find All Mercado Collectibles

Now, following the same order as the one on the map above, let’s go over every Mercado Collectible.

1. Cactus Flower Small Collectible

The Saints Row Cactus Flower Collectible is found (according to its description) across from the main entrance of Plaza de Verano, planted among the flowers.

So, the first thing you’ll need to find is Plaza de Verano. This Plaza is close to Mercado’s central area at the location marked above.

Once you reach the spot marked on our map, you’ll find a rather large building, and on it, you can read Plaza de Verano.

Across the street from the said building is a small park with a large tree in the middle.

Right in front of the tree is an unusual flower (pictured below). Pull out your camera and take a picture of it because it is the Cactus Flower you are looking for.

Saints Row 2022 Mercado Cactus Flower Collectible Location

2. Helm Small Collectible

The next Mercado Small Collectible is the Helm, which according to the app, is found at the terrace on the lakefront. Under one of the pergolas.

The terrace in question, as you can see on our map above, is west of the previous collectible, so drive to the spot, and you’ll find a small park with a pergola.

Under the pergola is the ship’s Helm, and as you can guess, you need to use your phone and take a picture of it.

Saints Row 2022 Mercado Helm Collectible Location

3. Guitar Guy Statue Medium Collectible

Northeast of the previous Collectible, you can find the Guitar Guy Statue, one of the two Saints Row Reboot Mercado Medium Collectibles.

If you check your app, you can learn that it is found on top of the Note Pad’s guitar sign. Down the block from the Public Library.

The exact location is marked on the map above, and when you get close, you’ll see a large music store across the street from Botas Picuda Clothing Store.

On the roof of the music store sits the Guitar Guy Statue you need to photograph.

Saints Row 2022 Guitar Guy Statue Collectible Location

4. Golden Stag Medium Collectible

Several meters southwest of the Guitar Guy, you can find the Golden Stag Medium Collectible.

Again the app tells you that it’s in the Plaza behind the Summer Square Hotel. Near the offramp.

The Summer Square Hotel Plaza is actually the area where you can find the Dia De Muertos and Gafas De Sol Clothing Stores.

So, travel to the location I have marked on the map above, and look for a rather large statue depicting a Stag. Make sure you photograph the statue.

Saints Row 2022 Golden Stag Collectible Location

5. Tirepede Large Collectible

Last but not least, in the Mercado area, you can also find the Tirepede Large Collectible on the corner behind the Public Library. With a view of the lake.

The exact location, as you can see above, is west of the third collectible, several steps south of @TCHA Side Hustle.

When you get to the marker on our map, look for the Public Libary building, and in front of it is a statue showing the Tirepede pictured below.

Saints Row 2022 Tirepede Collectible Location

After you photograph the Tirepede, you can leave the area because you just found all Mercado Collectibles, but don’t forget to also complete all Discoveries here.

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