Saints Row West Providencia: All 3 Hidden Collectibles Locations Guide

by Vlad
September 6, 2022

Similar to the Smelterville East region we covered here, there are 3 Saints Row West Providencia Collectibles you’ll need to find and photograph if you aim for 100% completion in the latest video game developed by Deep Silver Volition.

Assuming you followed our Saints Row 5 Collectibles guides, you already know that the objects you need to photograph become available after the Office Décor mission, which is the 10th mission in the game.

This means that unlike the West Providencia Discoveries, for the Collectibles in this region, you’ll need to progress through the game and unlock the Collectibles App.

Once the App appears on your in-game smartphone, you can start looking for the Saints Row 2022 West Providencia Collectibles.

In this region, you have to find:

  • 1 Small Collectible
  • 1 Medium Collectible
  • 1 Large Collectible

Saints Row 5 West Providencia Collectibles Locations Map

To help you pinpoint the locations of the three Collectibles in West Providencia, we’ve edited a custom map that shows every area you’ll need to visit to photograph these unique items.

Saints Row West Providencia Collectibles Locations Guide

Assuming you need additional help with them, following the same order as the one on the map, here are the objects you need to find.

1. Classy Flamingo Small Collectible

The Saints Row Classy Flamingo Collectible is the trickiest in this region due to its size. If you check your in-game App, you’ll find out that it’s between the front doors of a small stucco duplex. Number 217.

The small stucco duplex is, in fact, a house you’ll find on the western side of the region and south of JimRob’s Garage.

So, first head to the location you see on the map above, then while on the street, look for house number 217.

The Classy Flamingo is sitting between the two doors of this specific orange house.

Saints Row 5 West Providencia Classy Flamingo Collectible Location

2. Bug Statue Medium Collectible

The second West Providencia Collectible is a medium one, and it’s found on top of the auto parts store by the overpass. Across from RS Gas.

The Bug Statue is relatively easy to locate because it’s at an intersection between the Rat Rods Clothing Store and Friendly Fire Weapon Store.

You can see it on the map above, and when you get to the said intersection, you’ll have to look at the roof of the auto service.

The statue depicts a funny racing spider.

Saints Row West Providencia Bug Statue Collectible Location

3. Liquor Bottle Large Collectible

Finally, only several steps south of the previous Collectible, you can find the Liquor Bottle.

The in-game App states that it’s on top of El Pequeno Gran Bar. Under the overpass.

On the map above, you can see that El Pequeno Gran Bar is on the southern side of West Providencia, very close to some train tracks.

When you get to the location on our map above, you’ll see the bar by the road and, on the roof, a large bottle. Use your camera to take a picture of it.

Saints Row 2022 West Providencia Liquor Bottle Collectible Location

These are the three Saints Row West Providencia Collectibles you need to find.

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