Psychonauts 2 Compton’s Cookoff Half-A-Minds Locations Guide

by Vlad
August 31, 2021

Psychonauts 2 Compton’s Cookoff Half-A-Minds count as collectibles you’ll have to find in the fourth brain Raz gets to explore.

Compton’s Cookoff is the area accessed immediately after Hollis’ Hot Streak.

There are two Psychonauts 2 Compton’s Cookoff Half-A-Minds collectibles you’ll have to find here if you aim for 100% completion at the end of the video game developed by Double Fine Productions.

Here is how to get them. 

All Compton’s Cookoff Half-A-Minds Locations

When you start this level, you’ll notice that your goal is to win a cooking contest.

Since you’ll be racing against time, focus on finishing all three cooking rounds, totally ignoring the collectibles in this area.

The time is also not important, meaning you can also finish the level if the time runs out. 

Then, replay the level using the device in Sasha’s Laboratory and mop up all collectibles.

Also, consider using the following guides if needed:

Compton’s Cookoff Half-A-Mind 1 & 2

Brain Location: Main Stage

How To Get: Normally, both Compton’s Cookoff Half-A-Minds must be won by completing two out of three cooking rounds within the allotted time.

If I am not mistaken, the first two, however, may not be possible for some players.

Therefore, you’ll find both Half-A-Minds simply by replaying the level. 

As you can see below, they are outside the Mystery Boxes that vanish after defeating the judges at the end of this level.

Psychonauts 2 Compton's Cookoff Half-a-Minds Locations

So simply put, to get these two, just finish Compton’s Cookoff Brain, then replay it.

The collectibles will wait for you near the stage. 

These are both Half-A-Minds locations in Psychonauts 2 Compton’s Cookoff Brain, but the next four in PSI King’s Sensorium are not so easy to find.

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