Psychonauts 2 Loboto’s Labyrinth: Where To Find The Emotional Baggage Collectibles

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August 25, 2021

Loboto’s Labyrinth Emotional Baggage count as Psychonauts 2 collectibles you’ll have to find the moment you start the video game developed by Double Fine Productions in order to increase Raz’s rank and unlock new upgrades for his badges.

The Psychonauts 2 Loboto’s Labyrinth Emotional Baggage may look a bit difficult to find, and some of them really are; however, throughout the locations guide below, I’ll tell you where to find them.

Along with other collectibles, these are required to obtain 100% completion in Loboto’s Labyrinth area, but before I tell you where they are, here are several details about them.

How Many Loboto’s Labyrinth Emotional Baggage Are In Psychonauts 2?

There are 5 Emotional Baggage Tags you have to find and 5 Emotional Baggage:

  • Dufflebag
  • Hatbox
  • Suitcase
  • Purse
  • Steamer Trunk

How Many Loboto’s Labyrinth Collectibles Are In Total?

There are 94 Psychonauts 2 collectibles to be found in Loboto’s Labyrinth:

Can You Get All Psychonauts 2 Collectibles In Loboto’s Labyrinth In A Single Run?

No, because some of them require specific upgrades.

However, since you can replay all areas, you can return to Loboto’s Labyrinth and collect the remaining items. Nothing is missable.

All Loboto’s Labyrinth Emotional Baggage Locations

In order to make the guide as accessible as possible, try to follow the order below.

How To Get The Dufflebag Tag & Emotional Baggage

The first Emotional Baggage is also the most accessible, and it is found in the area where Raz encounters the first enemies.

You’ll get here with your Coach, and you’ll learn more about the Censor.

After you clear the area, look for the Dufflebag Tag behind a desk (pictured). Get the tag and the baggage that is several steps away.

You’ll see it on a printer by the stairs or right side in my screenshot.

Psychonauts 2 Loboto's Labyrinth Emotional Baggage Locations

Where To Find The Hatbox Emotional Baggage & Tag

Once you get the previous baggage, proceed through the zipper, and you’ll enter a long corridor.

Keep pushing forward, and you’ll see the Hatbox Tag on the right side of the wooden table you’re standing on. 

Don’t worry about the baggage at this point.

Psychonauts 2 Loboto's Labyrinth All Emotional Baggage Locations

As you progress through this level, eventually you’ll come across another corridor with a lot of paintings on the walls. 

Remember that you can burn those, and Loboto’s pictures always mark the path you need to follow. Keep burning them.

Once you reach the first dead-end (at the end of the first corridor), on the left side (opposed to Loboto’s picture) is a painting that masks a hidden room. Inside is the Hatbox.

Psychonauts 2 Loboto's Labyrinth Emotional Baggage

Where To Find The Suitcase Emotional Baggage & Tag​

The next tag is found after you complete the sliding section.

You’ll eventually reach an area with a lot of platforms you’ll need to navigate.

This area is known as Asylum, and the moment you enter, you’ll see the Suitcase Tag on the left side, standing on a tooth.

Psychonauts 2 Loboto's Labyrinth Baggage Collectibles

After you get the tag above, it is mandatory to complete the mission and focus on unlocking the Mental Connection (via story progression), as well as the ability to use Sasha’s Collective Unconscious.

Once you do that, return to this mission to collect the remaining Baggage.

Use the green worm to select an area, then go to the Conference Room.

The moment you arrive, on the left side of the long table is a painting you can burn to get the Suitcase in the hidden room (pictured).

Psychonauts 2 Lobotos Labyrinth All Baggage Collectibles

How To Get The Purse Tag & Emotional Baggage

After you get the previous Loboto’s Labyrinth Emotional Baggage, go back to the little green worm, and travel to the Dental Void.

When you reach the section, you’ll see the Purse Tag on a platform on the right side.

Use the steam nearby to Glide Up and then land near the collectible.

Psychonauts 2 Loboto Labyrinth All Baggage Collectibles

For the actual Purse, you’ll have to use the worm again and fast-travel to the Poster Gallery.

Cross the corridor, and when you reach the other side, look to the left (while facing Loboto’s desk) to see the Purse up on a wooden shelf.

Psychonauts 2 Loboto Labyrinth Purse Location

How To Get The Steamer Trunk Baggage & Tag

The last Psychonauts 2 Loboto’s Labyrinth Emotional Baggage Collectible is the Steamer Trunk.

The tag is found in the Dental Void Area, so use the worm to get there.

Then, you’ll have to cross the said section, and on the other side, you’ll see some white circles.

Use the Mental Connection ability (unlocked via story) to get to the tag in my image.

Loboto's Labyrinth Emotional Baggage

Finally, with the Steamer Trunk Tag in your inventory, go back to the Asylum area, and on the right side, you’ll see another platform you can reach using the Mental Connection.

Here you’ll find the last Emotional Baggage.

Loboto's Labyrinth Emotional Baggage Locations

That’s everything you need to know about Loboto’s Labyrinth Emotional Baggage collectibles, but you may want to learn how to get those from Hollis’ Classroom next.

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