Psychonauts 2 Loboto’s Labyrinth: Where To Find The Nuggets of Wisdom Collectibles

August 25, 2021

Loboto’s Labyrinth Nuggets of Wisdom also count as Psychonauts 2 collectibles you’ll have to find when you start the video game developed by Double Fine Productions in order to increase Raz’s rank.

The Psychonauts 2 Loboto’s Labyrinth Nuggets of Wisdom are by far the most difficult collectibles because you won’t be able to get them on your first run.

Along with other collectibles, these are required to obtain 100% completion in Loboto’s Labyrinth area, but before I tell you where they are, here are several details about these Nuggets of Wisdom.

What Are Loboto’s Labyrinth Nuggets Of Wisdom?

The Nuggets of Wisdom are small golden bears that are well hidden. 

They allow you to increase Raz’s rank faster.

How Many Loboto’s Labyrinth Nuggets Of Wisdom Are In Psychonauts 2?

There are 2 Nuggets of Wisdom you’ll have to find while exploring this area.

How Many Loboto’s Labyrinth Collectibles Are In Total?

There are 94 Psychonauts 2 collectibles to be found in Loboto’s Labyrinth:

Can You Get All Psychonauts 2 Collectibles In Loboto’s Labyrinth In A Single Run?

No, because some of them require specific upgrades.

However, since you can replay all areas, you can return to Loboto’s Labyrinth and collect the remaining items. Nothing is missable.

All Loboto’s Labyrinth Nuggets Of Wisdom Locations

The two Nuggets of Wisdom in Loboto’s Labyrinth are best approached after you progress through the story and gain the ability to replay levels.

That’s because these collectibles don’t spawn during the first playthrough.

As such, make sure you reach the point where you learn how to replay levels or how to use Sasha’s Collective Unconscious. Without spoiling the game, just follow the story.

Once you unlock the said ability, head back to Loboto’s Labyrinth.

Where To Find The Conference Room Nugget Of Wisdom

When you return to Loboto’s Library, you’ll get to the Conference Room and learn that the small green worm can teleport you to various sections.

Now, the moment you find the worm on the right side while facing it, there are some stairs.

On top of them is a large painting showing Loboto.

This is basically behind the green worm.

Burn it and you’ll find the first Nugget of Wisdom or Golden Bear.

Psychonauts 2 Loboto's Labyrinth Nuggets of Wisdom Locations

How To Get The Trashcan Nugget Of Wisdom

After you get the first Psychonauts 2 Loboto’s Labyrinth Nuggets of Wisdom, you’ll have to find the second one in the Trashcan.

So, interact once again with the green worm, and when you get to the destination, look around.

The collectible is hidden behind a zipper, just above the little green worm.

To get it, use telekinesis.

Psychonauts 2 Loboto's Labyrinth All Nuggets of Wisdom Locations

And that’s it! You just got all Nuggets of Wisdom in Loboto’s Laboratory area, which means that you are ready to get the next set of 3 in Hollis’ Classroom.

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