Psychonauts 2 Hollis’ Classroom: Where To Find The Memory Vault Collectible

Vlad Susanu Written by Vlad Susanu
August 26, 2021

Hollis’ Classroom Memory Vault is one of the 52 Psychonauts 2 collectibles you’ll have to find in the video game developed by Double Fine Productions the moment Raz starts his first mission as an agent.

The Psychonauts 2 Hollis’ Classroom Memory Vault collectible is far easier to find than those from Loboto’s Labyrinth covered here, and you can also find it during your first playthrough.

Along with other collectibles, it is required to obtain 100% completion in Hollis’ Classroom area, but before I tell you where to look for it, here are several details and FAQs.

What Is Hollis’ Classroom Memory Vault?

The Memory Vault is a small safe that runs around and looks like a pig. 

It allows you to unlock a specific memory named Dr. Potts is the Pits.

How Many Hollis’ Classroom Memory Vaults Are In Psychonauts 2?

There is a single Memory Vault you’ll have to find while exploring the mind of Hollis.

How Many Hollis’ Classroom Collectibles Are In Total?

There are 52 Psychonauts 2 collectibles to be found in Hollis’ Classroom:

Can You Get All Psychonauts 2 Collectibles In Hollis’ Classroom In A Single Run?

Yes. When you start this mission, you’ll have all the necessary powers and upgrades to get everything in a single run, provided you know where to look for them.

Hollis’ Classroom Memory Vault Location

Although this collectible is rather easy to spot, it requires you to advance through the level a bit.

So don’t worry about it when you begin this area since it’s found in the final section.

Where To Find The Morgue Memory Vault

The Memory Vault in Hollis’ Classroom is found in the corridor between the Morgue and the Chapel.

So basically, you’ll have to reach the final section of this level.

Look for it just before entering the Chapel, where you’ll need to re-wire Hollis’ mind.

Without spoiling the events that occur, when you get to the Morgue, use Raz’s Mental Connection ability to go up, then you’ll be able to spot a corridor as well as the Memory Vault (pictured).

Shoot it down, then enter the Chapel to find Hollis.

Psychonauts 2 Hollis' Classroom Memory Vault Location

This is the Memory Vault location in Hollis’ Classroom level of Psychonauts 2; however, you’ll return here while playing Hollis’ Hot Streak, and you’ll need to find one additional Memory Vault.

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