Immortals Fenyx Rising: Where To Find The Three Tears Of Aphrodite

Written by Vlad Susanu
January 8, 2021

The Immortals Fenyx Rising Tears Of Aphrodite are quest items you’ll need to find early in the video game developed by Ubisoft, and although you may think they are easy to locate, the game will show you otherwise.

As such, in the following guide, we’ll talk a bit about the Tears Of Aphrodite in Immortals Fenyx Rising. Where to find them, and what to do with them.

The first thing you need to know is that there are three Aphrodite’s Tears in the game.

All of them are found in the Valley of Eternal Spring area, and all of them require your presence in three different Vaults of Tartaros.

And finally, you need to know that without the Tears Of Aphrodite, you can’t progress through the game’s story. Simple as that. Now let’s see where to find them.

Aphrodite’s Bewilderment Tear Of Aphrodite

The first Tear Of Aphrodite is found in Aphrodite’s Bewilderment Vault of Tartaros.

It is close to the final section, as you can see in my image below.

Immortals Fenyx Rising Aphrodite's Bewilderment Tear of Aphrodite Location
Get the Tear of Aphrodite from this altar

Before going after this one, you’ll need to know that in order to enter this Vault, you have to solve the Cabbages Puzzle.

Furthermore, this dungeon can’t be fully completed unless you have Ares’s Wrath Godly Power because the Vault Chest is quite tricky.

If you have it, then follow my full Aphrodite’s Bewilderment Vault of Tartaros walkthrough to get everything in one run.

Adonis’s Fall Tear Of Aphrodite

The second Immortals Fenyx Rising Tear Of Aphrodite awaits you in Adonis’s Fall.

This is the easiest to get simply because there are no requirements here, and the vault is extremely easy to complete.

You’ll find the tear on an altar just before the vault’s exit, as you can see.

Immortals Fenyx Rising Adonis's Fall Tear of Aphrodite Location
The tear is located in the last area

Again, if you wish to complete all objectives, check the Adonis’s Fall Vault of Tartaros walkthrough.

Kalliope’s Distress Tear Of Aphrodite

The third and final Tear Of Aphrodite is found in Kalliope’s Distress, and this Vault is by far the hardest even though it’s marked as a level 1 vault.

The problem with it is that besides the fact that you need the unlock it, there are 4 puzzles that require you to step on some plates.

While the plates in question are not hard to find (because the games provide hints), the order is also important.

Again, the Kalliope’s Distress Tear Of Aphrodite is found in the final section, just before the exit.

Immortals Fenyx Rising Kalliope's Distress Vault Tear of Aphrodite
Collect both Zeus’s Lightning and Tear of Aphrodite on your way out

If you encounter difficulties completing Kalliope’s Distress puzzles, check this complete walkthrough as it guides you from 0 to 100 completion, and you’ll save a lot of time too.

Once you collect all three Tears Of Aphrodite, you’ll be able to continue the A Crying Shame quest and open the Vault of Aphrodite.

That’s how you find the Immortals Fenyx Rising Tears Of Aphrodite for A Crying Shame quest.

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