Tunic The Great Library Golden Chest Locations

Updated January 17, 2024

Tunic Great Library Golden Chests are less complicated to loot than the ones in the Ruined Atoll area. However, you can’t enter the Great Library without the Magic Orb, so focus on getting the item first. There is a total of four Great Library Gold Chests containing the following:

  • Effigy
  • Game Currency

So, if you want to buy something from a shop or do some upgrades at a Fox Shrine but don’t have the money, check the guide below to get some Game Currency fast in the video game published by Finji.

Where To Find All The Great Library Gold Chests in Tunic

You can find all four Gold Chests inside a room in the Great Library. To access the Great Library, you first have to interact with the four obelisks scattered all over the Ruined Atoll area. Of course, that is if you haven’t done it already.

There is an obelisk in each corner of the map, so go to every single one, get close, and hold A on Xbox. After finishing with the obelisks, go to the giant Fox Statue in the middle of the Ruined Atoll area.

All 4 Tunic Great Library Golden Chests

Follow the same process as you did with the obelisks, get near the statue, and hold A. After the statue rises, position yourself under it and wait to get teleported to a mountain in the sky. Use the Magic Orb on the hooks to advance, then go up the ladder to enter the Great Library.

Golden Chest #1:Behind the Board

Once in the Library, get down from the bookshelf with the help of the ladder in front of you. Then go to the right all the way to the back of the room and keep quiet! You’re in a library, after all.

Go up the stairs and then up the ladder. Look for another ladder that goes up in this newly discovered circle-like room. Once you find and use the ladder, you reach the room containing the four Great Library Golden Chests.

But first, you have to get on top of the book pile near the ladder and grapple to the hook on the left side. Then proceed forward, go up the stairs, and you’ll find the first Tunic Golden Chest in the left corner, behind the board drawn with chalk, as shown in the next image.

Tunic Great Library Gold Chests Locations

This Chest gets you an Effigy, and when you use the consumable, you receive Game Currency.

Golden Chests #2, 3 & 4: Near a Fox Shrine and in Front of a Window

Upon looting Chest #1, head to the right side corner of the room, near the Fox Shrine. You have two Gold Chests near the Fox Shrine and the third Chest a little more to the right, in front of a window.

You might miss the Chests because of the light, so pay attention. Get the Game Currency from the Chests, and you’re done!

Tunic Great Library Golden Chests Locations
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