Tunic: All Golden Chests Locations In The Quarry

Tunic Quarry Golden Chests are well hidden, and you’ll need to invest serious time to explore the area thoroughly, provided you want to loot all 27 of them.

Of course, you’ll be rewarded accordingly with the following:

  • Effigy
  • Ability Cards
  • Game Currency
  • Fang
  • Fox Doll
  • Blue Mushroom
  • Potion Shards
  • Blue Fruit
  • Pink Fruit
  • Explosive Bomb

To access the Quarry, you need the Magic Orb we covered in-depth in this guide. And I suggest entering the Quarry after dealing with The Librarian, on top of the Great Library, a small area that has Golden Chests as well.

So if you want to get the Tunic Quarry Gold Chests without wasting any time in the video game published by Finji, check the following guide.

Where To Find All Quarry Gold Chests In Tunic

The entrance to the Quarry is in the northwest corner of the Overworld.

Tunic Quarry Gold Chests Locations Map

Once at the said location, use the Magic Orb to grapple to the target on the lower level, in the southwest.

Then proceed north and climb the ladder. Continue north until you reach an obelisk that you should activate before you advance.

Go forward, and you’ll soon find another obelisk; activate this one as well and continue until you reach a Fox Shrine.

Activate the fast travel in front of the Fox Shrine. If this is not your first time visiting the Quarry, you have probably already done all of these, and you can fast travel directly here.

Anyway, before you continue, here is the Tunic Quarry Golden Chests locations map.

Tunic Quarry Golden Chests Locations Map

Since most likely you’ll need additional help, following the same order as the one on the map, here is where to find all Golden Chests in the Quarry area of Tunic.

Golden Chest #1: Behind A Couple Of Boxes

Go north at the first marked location on the map above.

As you can see, your health bar goes down slowly if you get near the areas that turn your screen purple.

So stay away from these areas for now. Later you’ll get an Ability Card that helps you with this problem.

Now let’s get back to the first Quarry Gold Chest, which you can find behind a couple of boxes at the said location.

Tunic Quarry Golden Chests

Golden Chest #2: In Front Of The Stairs

Go down the small stairs south of Chest #1, and then head east to find the second Quarry Golden Chest in front of some stairs going up.

Tunic Quarry Golden Chests Locations

Loot the Chest for some much-needed Game Currency.

Golden Chest #3: On The Edge

Now head back to Chest #1, but right before the last set of stairs leading up, go through the small space on the left and go down under the stone bridge to find the next Gold Chest at the edge, as shown in the next screenshot.

Tunic Quarry Golden Chests Locations Guide

Go around the obstacle to open the Chest and get an Explosive Bomb. Be careful not to blow yourself up with that thing; you’re my only fox friend.

Golden Chest #4: Near The Small Bridge

Consult the map above again and go toward the fourth Tunic Quarry Gold Chest.

You can see the Chest on the other side of a gap.

Tunic Quarry Golden Chests Where To Find

Lower the small bridge to reach the Chest and get a Fang which you can use to upgrade your attack at a Fox Shrine.

Golden Chest #5: Behind The Destructible Wall

A couple of meters east of Chest #4, you can destroy the wall on the left, so it’s time to make use of the Explosive Bomb from before.

Tunic Quarry Golden Chests How To Get

Behind the destructible wall is the next Quarry Golden Chest, containing Blue Fruit.

Golden Chest #6: In The Dark Area

After looting the previous Chest, head east and up the first two ramps.

Then go to the dark area in the most eastern part of the Quarry to find Gold Chest #6 hidden from the world.

Open the Chest to get it out of its comfort zone and get some Game Currency.

Tunic Quarry Gold Chests

Golden Chest #7: At The End Of The Narrow Path

Go back from Chest #6 and take the narrow western path between the two ramps.

You’ll reach the seventh Tunic Quarry Gold Chest when you hit the wall at the end of the narrow path.

Tunic Quarry Gold Chests Locations

The Chest rewards you with Pink Fruit which you can use to recover some health.

Golden Chest #8: Up A Ladder

While opening Chest #7, you probably observed a ladder in a purple area to the north.

Take the ladder up and turn right. Another ladder is hidden in the darkness, which you should use to get to the next Golden Chest.

Tunic Quarry Gold Chests Locations Guide

You’ll get a helpful Ability Card from the Chest. Equip the Card to increase your pairing time window.

Golden Chest #9: In A Small Room

Get back to the ladder in the purple area and go down the stairs in front of it.

Once down, you can enter a small room to the right of the stairs to get Ivy from the ninth Tunic Quarry Gold Chest.

Tunic Quarry Gold Chests Where To Find

Good thing you are not claustrophobic because there are a lot of rooms like this in the game.

Golden Chest #10: Under The Stairs

Get out of the room with Chest #9 and head west to the tenth location I’ve pinpointed on the map above.

Another Quarry Golden Chest is waiting for you under the stairs at the said location, behind the wall, as shown in the following image.

Tunic Quarry Gold Chests How To Get

You have a Lure inside the Chest, good for distracting enemies or if you are in the mood for some fishing.

Golden Chest #11: Under A Platform

After opening the previous Chest, go up the stairs above it to the first floor.

Now make your way east on the edge of the building to Gold Chest #11, located under a platform.

All Tunic Quarry Gold Chests

Golden Chest #12: On A Broken Stone Platform

Return to the stairs from before after obtaining Chest #11 and go up to the last floor.

Head to the right, where you can see the next Tunic Quarry Gold Chest on a broken stone platform.

All 27 Tunic Quarry Gold Chests

Golden Chests #13 & 14: On The Edge Of The Mountain

Make your way north from the location of Chest #12 until you reach a Fox Shrine.

Look for the ladder to the right of the stairs in front of the Fox Shrine, near some jars, and go up to spot the next two Golden Chests at the edge of the mountain.

All Tunic Quarry Golden Chests

You need the Teleport Dash to get to Chest #14. You can return later if you don’t have the Dash.

Golden Chest #15: In Front Of A Fox Statue

For the fifteenth Quarry Golden Chest, you have to enter the Monastery on the northern part of the Quarry. The Monastery is marked on your map.

Once inside the Monastery, proceed forward and deal with the enemies.

You’ll soon reach a couple of chests in front of a fox statue.

However, only one Chest is closed, so open it to get an Ability Card.

All 27 Tunic Quarry Golden Chests

This Card, called Scavenger’s Mask, is very useful in the Quarry because you won’t lose health anymore in the areas that turn your screen purple. We talked about this when I was giving instructions about Chest #1, remember?

Golden Chest #16: Near The Waterfalls

Exit the Monastery by climbing the ladder to the right of the fox statue from before and going through the light on the left.

Now make your way down to the location marked with 16 on the map above.

The next Tunic Quarry Gold Chest is near the waterfalls, down the green ramps.

Quarry Golden Chests Tunic

Golden Chest #17: Behind The Wall Near The Waterfall

The seventeenth Golden Chest is below the previous Chest, behind the wall near the waterfall.

Where To Find Quarry Golden Chests Tunic

So go down the stairs and loot the Chest to receive a Potion Shard.

Golden Chest #18: Behind The Wall Near The Bushes

For Quarry Golden Chest #18, you must first go down the ramps next to the previous Chest and stop in front of the entrance with the yellow light.

Now throw an Explosive Bomb in the bushes in front of the wall to the left. Then go through the opening to loot the Chest.

How To Get Quarry Golden Chests Tunic

I know you like blowing things up, so if you have already used all your Explosive Bombs, you can come back later.

Golden Chest #19: North Of The Crystal

Go down the ramp near Chest #18 and deal with the enemies working on a crystal.

The following Gold Chest awaits a couple of feet north of the crystal.

Where To Find All Quarry Golden Chests Tunic

Golden Chest #20: On A Hidden Path

After looting Chest #19, continue going down the ramps until you reach another two crystals.

Clear the enemies and take the path between the crystals that seems to lead to a dead end.

How To Get All Quarry Golden Chests Tunic

Pass through the space and go to the boxes on the right.

All Quarry Golden Chests Tunic

Destroy the boxes and take the hidden path behind them to reach Tunic Quarry Gold Chest #20.

Golden Chest #21: At The End Of The Western Path

Get back to the two crystals from before and take the western path, at the same level as the crystal near the railroad.

At the end of the path is the next Golden Chest.

All 27 Quarry Golden Chests Tunic

You are probably dizzy from all the running around; I know I am. But hold on, only six Chests left.

Golden Chests #22 & 23: On And Under The Railroad

After you are done with Chest #21, go back toward the crystals but take the path to the right at the crossroads, leading under the railroad, where you’ll find Tunic Quarry Golden Chest #22.

And above it, you can see another Gold Chest on the railroad. Two in one, don’t you love when this happens?

Quarry Gold Chests Tunic

Golden Chest #24: Behind The Boxes On The Platform

Now, at the beginning of the railroad, take the eastern path leading to the location marked with 24 on the map above.

The next Golden Chest is behind the boxes on the platform.

Where To Find Quarry Gold Chests Tunic

Golden Chest #25: Near A Ramp

You can now go south on the railroad and use the first ladder you find to get down.

Take out the enemies and go down the ramp west of the crystal near the broken ladder you used to get here.

Quarry Gold Chest #25 is waiting for you near the ramp, like in the next screenshot.

How To Get Quarry Gold Chests Tunic

Golden Chest #26: On The Other Side Of A Bridge

After looting the previous Chest go back up the ramp and cross the southern bridge.

Another Golden Chest is on the other side of the bridge, so go for it.

All Quarry Gold Chests Tunic

Golden Chest #27: Near A Cart Filled With Crystals

For the final Quarry Gold Chest, you first have to return to the broken ladder from before and go down the ramp behind the wall.

You’ll soon reach another railroad that you should follow east, but keep an eye open for an entrance to a small area to the north.

All 27 Quarry Gold Chests Tunic

Head there to find the last Gold Chest near a cart filled with crystals.

And you’re finally done! You have looted all 27 Tunic Quarry Golden Chests, but you should check these guides if you wish to find more.

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