Tunic Shield Location: Where To Find & How To Get

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July 4, 2022

In Tunic, the Shield is an essential item that complements the Sword very well, and it is important to obtain them both as soon as possible.

The Shield can be used to block enemies’ attacks by holding RT on Xbox, but as you get hit, you lose stamina. However, if you press the same button without holding it, you can parry enemies’ attacks and stun them in the process, but you have to time it perfectly.

If you don’t have the Shield yet, you are still probably early in the game and could use our help locating this unique piece of equipment in Tunic.

Therefore, throughout the following guide, I’ll explain everything you have to do to get the Shield in Tunic, the video game published by Finji.

Where To Find The Tunic Shield

The Tunic Shield can be found inside the Old House in the middle of the Overworld area.

But guess what! The House is locked, and you need to find the key to it.

So check the following map where I’ve marked the following locations:

  • Old House
  • Key
Tunic Shield How To Get

Of course, first, you have to go for the key, which, as you can see on the map above, is located southwest of the Old House.

How To Get The Shield

You can start from the Fox Shrine in front of the Sealed Temple, whose location you should know by now. The one with the giant golden gate, remember?

Go west from the Shrine, down the stairs, and pass the bridge. Then go down the ladder you can find here, before the windmill.

Once you are down, you can see the Old House near the ladder. And the door is locked, of course. So no Tunic Shield for you yet!

Tunic Shield Item Location

From here, go west until you can go downhill, then go south toward the key location marked on the map above.

You’ll find the key in front of a bigger green enemy.

Tunic Shield Where To Find

He will be a little harder to take down than the enemies you faced before because of his big shield, which you should destroy with dynamite if you have any.

You can also try to take the key fast without even fighting him because he will not follow you.

Now go back to the Old House, unlock the door, and enter.

Once inside, go up the stairs on the left, then turn right and go forward until you enter the next room where the item you are looking for awaits on the floor.

Tunic Shield Weapon Location

Great job! You have obtained the Shield in Tunic and can now face more powerful opponents.

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