Tunic Hourglass Location: Where To Find & How To Get

July 4, 2022

Tunic Hourglass is a very useful Magic Item that you can use to slow down time at the cost of energy.

The energy is represented by the blue bar in the bottom left corner of your screen near the life (red) and stamina (green) bars.

The downside of the Hourglass is that it also slows down time for you, but even so, this piece of equipment can get you out of some bad situations. You can even activate it and equip other Items in your inventory right in the middle of a fight if you consider it would be beneficial.

So yes, the Item is definitely worth getting, especially considering that you can obtain it early enough in the video game published by Finji.

I suggest you look for the Tunic Hourglass right after getting the Shield we covered in-depth in this guide. Also, considering you can easily miss the Item because it is well hidden, you should check the guide below to add it to your inventory in no time.

Where To Find The Hourglass In Tunic

You can find the Tunic Hourglass in a hidden room under a bridge on one of the beaches in the south of the Overworld area.

On the following map, you have the location of the hidden room.

Tunic Hourglass How To Get

So go to the Old House from where you got the Shield and make your way to the southwest until you can see the beach.

To get down on the beach, look for the ladder a little to the east of the location I’ve marked on the map above.

The ladder is right near the green enemy you’ve dealt with to get the key for the Old House, if you remember.

Tunic Hourglass Item Location

With the help of the two screenshots above, you’ll surely find the ladder.

Once on the beach, go west and enter the hidden room under the bridge, as shown in the following image.

Tunic Hourglass Magic Item Location

Inside, you must go to the back of the room to find the Tunic Hourglass chest. However, three turrets will try to stop you from fulfilling this task.

The turrets are lethal, so use your Shield and dodge. Also, try to take the turrets one at a time. And a well-placed Dynamite could destroy a turret in one shot, so if you have any to spare, don’t hesitate to use them.

After you are done with the turrets, your way to the Hourglass is clear. All you have to do is open the chest.

Tunic Hourglass Where To Find

Well done! You’ve added the Tunic Hourglass Magic Item to your inventory. However, there are other powerful items in the game.

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