Tunic: All Golden Chests Locations In The Ziggurat

July 27, 2022

Tunic Ziggurat Golden Chests are not essential, but since the video game published by Finji is quite difficult, I suggest obtaining all of them so you can become as powerful as possible.

To enter the Ziggurat, you first have to traverse the Quarry. Considering you have to pass through the area anyway, you might as well loot the chests listed in our guide here.

Back to the Ziggurat Golden Chests, here is what you can get from them:

  • Game Currency
  • Blue Fruit x2
  • Lure
  • Explosive Bomb x2
  • Pink Fruit
  • Potion
  • Ice Bomb

So if you are interested in the loot above and want to add it to your inventory faster, you should check the following Tunic Ziggurat Gold Chests guide.

Where To Find All Ziggurat Gold Chests In Tunic

As mentioned before, you must first make your way to the Quarry, more precisely to the south of the area, or the section marked LOWER MIASMA on the map below.

Tunic Ziggurat Golden Chests

Once at the location marked on the map above, follow the railroad south and go down the first ladder you can see on the right side.

Then clear the area of enemies, look for another railroad, and follow it to the east until you hit a wall.

Now head left, following the line on the ground, and you’ll enter a building.

Go forward down the corridor in the building, and you’ll reach an elevator you can use to finally enter the Ziggurat.

Now you can focus on the first Tunic Ziggurat Golden Chest.

Golden Chest #1: Up The Stairs

After getting out of the elevator, go down the stairs in the front and proceed on the only possible path.

You’ll soon reach another set of stairs you need to use, and once down, head left immediately.

Follow the path until you reach some stairs again to the left.

Tunic Ziggurat Golden Chests Locations

As you can see in the image above, you must go up the stairs hidden behind the wall to get to the first Ziggurat Gold Chest, which contains Game Currency.

Golden Chest #2: On The Other Side Of A Bridge

Proceed forward from Chest #1, and you’ll reach a ladder you have to climb to fight a mini-boss enemy.

Once you defeat the enemy, another ladder is revealed.

Use the ladder, go around the tower and down another ladder, then immediately head to your left.

And when you see a bridge to your right, cross it because the second Tunic Ziggurat Gold Chest is on the other side.

Tunic Ziggurat Golden Chests Locations Guide

Open the chest to get a Blue Fruit which you can use to restore your energy (blue bar).

Golden Chest #3: Inside The Tower

Upon looting the previous chest, continue going down the tower using the ladders and ramps at your disposal until you reach an entrance.

Go through to find the next Ziggurat Golden Chest inside.

Tunic Ziggurat Golden Chests Where To Find

The chest will get you a Lure which you can use to distract your enemies.

Golden Chest #4: Near Two Bodies

Get all the way down in the tower using the ladders, and the elevator, then go outside through the exit at the end of the corridor.

There is an altar right outside you can use to save your progress, then cross the bridge to find another Tunic Ziggurat Golden Chest near two bodies.

Tunic Ziggurat Golden Chests How To Get

And inside the chest, you’ll find an Explosive Bomb, which is nice because admit it, you enjoy blowing things up.

Golden Chest #5: On A Platform

Continue your journey in the Ziggurat and cross the small bridge near Chest #4.

Then head to your left to reach a crossroad where you need to take the southwestern bridge.

And voila! Ziggurat Gold Chest #5, containing Game Currency, is waiting for you on a platform.

Tunic Ziggurat Gold Chests

Take care of the spider enemies before you do anything else.

Golden Chest #6: Near A Couple Of Turrets

After opening the previous chest, head back to the crossroad, but this time move southeast, and you’ll see the next Tunic Ziggurat Gold Chest to the left near a couple of turrets.

Tunic Ziggurat Gold Chests Locations

Deal with the turrets and open the chest to get a Potion.

Golden Chest #7: Between Two Bridges

Return to the crossroad one last time and take the northeastern path.

Proceed forward on the linear path, cautiously fighting the enemies you encounter, and you’ll reach the seventh Ziggurat Golden Chest near two turrets between two bridges.

Tunic Ziggurat Gold Chests Locations Guide

You have an Ice Bomb in the chest, which you can use to freeze your enemies.

Golden Chest #8: Past The Wall

After looting Chest #7, cross the southeastern bridge and immediately head left.

It may seem you can’t pass because of a wall, but you can actually go to the next Tunic Ziggurat Golden Chest without any problems.

Tunic Ziggurat Gold Chests Where To Find

Loot the chest for another Blue Fruit. Yummy!

Golden Chest #9: Near Some Stairs

Turn around after opening the previous chest and head forward until you reach the ninth Ziggurat Gold Chest.

Tunic Ziggurat Gold Chests How To Get

As you can see, the chest is near some stairs, and you get Pink Fruit if you open it.

Golden Chest #10: With The Back At A Wall

Go down the stairs near Chest #9 and save the game at the altar.

Proceed to the two mini-bosses but ignore them for now and take the bridge to the left.

Follow the bridge until you come across the last Ziggurat Golden Chest, with the back at a wall.

All Tunic Ziggurat Gold Chests

Get the Explosive Bomb from the chest and deal with the two mini-bosses or do whatever you want because you’ve already gotten all 10 Tunic Ziggurat Gold Chests.

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  1. When you climb down after the two mini bosses, there is a ladder on the left side that is not accessible. Before going to the boss, where the energy fall is. How to get there, do you know that?

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