Tunic Magic Dagger Location: Where To Find & How To Get

Written by Alexandru Popescu
Edited by Vlad Susanu
July 5, 2022

The Magic Dagger is a weapon you can obtain in Tunic that freezes enemies for a short period, allowing you to do some serious damage or run away and use a healing potion if needed.

For whatever reason you decide to use it, note that it costs energy on each use because it’s a Magic Item, as you probably guessed from the name.

In fact, you can only use the Dagger three times, at least until you upgrade your energy bar, so use it wisely.

You can obtain the Magic Dagger right before a big boss fight in Tunic, the video game published by Finji.

However, you might find yourself fighting the boss without the Magic Item if you don’t know where to look.

So considering you need all the help you can get for this boss or whatever other enemies you encounter, check the guide below to find the Magic Dagger as fast as possible.

Where To Find The Magic Dagger In Tunic

You can obtain the Tunic Magic Dagger after finishing with the Dark Tomb and unlocking the West Garden, which is west of the Overworld.

To conduct your business in the Dark Tomb, you’ll first need the Lantern, which we discussed in this guide.

After exiting the Dark Tomb, you’ll find a sign leading you to the West Garden, as shown in the next image.

Tunic Magic Dagger Equipment Location

So go down the stairs and enter the West Garden.

The game shows the Magic Dagger’s location on the West Garden map, which you probably don’t have yet. Therefore, I’ll share the map with you below.

Tunic Magic Dagger How To Get

I’ll also explain how to get there, so once in the West Garden, cross the bridge here and go west until you find a Fox Shrine where you can save the game if you want.

Now go southwest on the only path you can take until you find a sort of crocodile which you can fight or try to ignore and outrun by going into the water with the help of the fallen pillar near the well here.

Follow the path through the water, leading you to some stairs you must use.

Then head east with the help of the wooden boards above the water until you reach a bridge right above you.

Take the right side road under the bridge until you reach what seems to be a dead-end, but you can actually go west again on a patch of land you can barely see, just like in the following screenshot.

Tunic Magic Dagger Item Location

You’ll reach a couple of enemies you must take out carefully, and then continue heading west until you can climb on the wall here with the help of some wooden boards.

Proceed forward on the only path you can take until you find more of those crocodiles. Annoying, aren’t they?

After dealing with them, go northeast and up on the bridge here.

At the two crossroads, choose the eastern path each time to find a cave under a wooden board bridge.

Tunic Magic Dagger Where To Find

And in the cave, you can finally find the Magic Dagger.

Tunic Magic Dagger Weapon Location

Excellent work! The Tunic Magic Dagger is yours for the taking.

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