Tunic Teleport Dash Location: Where To Find & How To Get

July 7, 2022

Tunic Teleport Dash is actually an Item that, once equipped, changes your simple dodge to a better version, and you can teleport all over the place.

It’s an essential Item not just for the mobility it brings to your fights but also because it can get you to new areas of the world in the video game published by Finji.

On top of that, the Teleport Dash won’t drain your energy bar. However, it will still cost stamina.

I suggest you get this Tunic Item as soon as possible, maybe right after you finish your business in The Quarry and obtain the Gun we discussed in this guide.

Considering the Item’s huge utility in the endgame, you should check the following guide and add the Tunic Teleport Dash to your inventory as soon as possible.

Where To Find The Tunic Teleport Dash

After you are done with the Boss Scavenger and get the final piece required for the Sealed Temple, you’ll meet The Heir, who will actually kill you and turn you into a ghost. But don’t worry; this is part of the story and a step toward getting the Tunic Teleport Dash.

You now have access to the Old Burying Ground, which you can reach by crossing the bridge in the southeast corner of the Overworld area.

Tunic Teleport Dash How To Get

Once in the new area, you must make your way to the Cathedral with the help of the map.

How To Get Tunic Teleport Dash

Reaching the Cathedral would have been an easy task if it wasn’t for all the enemies you’ll encounter.

Some of the enemies will actually be invisible, but if you hit them, you’ll be able to see them.

Pray to the obelisk in front of the Cathedral by holding A (on Xbox) and enter the building because you can obtain the Tunic Teleport Dash inside.

How To Get The Teleport Dash

On the following map, I marked the location you must reach for the Item.

Tunic Teleport Dash Item Location

But first, you have to make your way through the Cathedral and find an obelisk you must activate to reveal an elevator that will take you to the room where you can get your much-deserved reward.

Finding the obelisk is easy, but as always, the enemies will give you a hard time.

After dealing with the enemies and the obelisk, take the elevator down and save your progress at the Fox Shrine because the fun is just getting started.

Now go down the broken ladder that will make you fall into what seems to be an arena surrounded by statues.

Each statue, except one, starts a round in which you must kill everything that moves in the arena. The exception is the statue on the far right that will refill your health bar and healing potions.

I suggest getting your refill between rounds after using all your healing potions.

Also, it would be best if you equipped the Magic Wand for the statue on the far left because you can one-shot the enemies that spawn.

Another tip would be to start with the enemies you find the most difficult and use everything you got on them.

Just save some energy points to use the Magic Wand on the round I’ve mentioned before.

So repeat until you succeed, and you’ll receive a chest containing the Tunic Teleport Dash.

Tunic Teleport Dash Where To Find

That’s all! You can now go back and use the Teleport Dash to get to places you couldn’t before.

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