Tunic Magic Orb Location: Where To Find & How To Get

July 6, 2022

The Magic Orb in Tunic is a Magic Item that uses energy, just like the Magic Wand we previously talked about in this guide.

You can reach new areas with the Magic Orb because it works like a grappling hook, which you can use on certain objects scattered all over the world in the video game published by Finji. Moreover, this action will not drain your energy bar.

The Magic Orb in Tunic can also drag enemies to you at the cost of some energy, so don’t spam it. Instead, use the Orb just for enemies you can’t reach.

Now that you know the Tunic Magic Orb is an essential piece of equipment, go ahead and check the following guide to find out how to add the item to your inventory.

Where To Find The Magic Orb In Tunic

The Tunic Magic Orb is in Frog’s Domain which you can find in the Ruined Atoll area.

As you can see on the Ruined Atoll map below, the entrance to Frog’s Domain is in the northeast.

Tunic Magic Orb Equipment Location

So go to Ruined Atoll with the help of fast travel preferably.

Now go a couple of meters south from the fast-travel golden platform, then at the Fox Shrine, turn left, and go down the stairs to reach the beach.

Make your way south, remaining on the beach, and you’ll find a sort of bridge you can use to get to the east side of the Ruined Atoll area.

When the bridge ends in a wall, go right, and you’ll find a bigger bridge above you.

Go under the bridge with the help of the ramp to the right, then go forward until you hit another wall where you have to go back on the sand by going to the right.

Tunic Magic Orb How To Get

Now go through the small passage between the two hills and climb the ladder you find here.

Once up, get inside Frog’s Domain through the small entrance because inside, the Tunic Magic Orb awaits.

How To Get The Magic Orb

You are not done yet because the Frog’s Domain is not that small. Therefore here is a map where I’ve marked the location of the Magic Orb.

Tunic Magic Orb Location Map

So go all the way down using the ladders, and you’ll find a Fox Shrine, which you should use to save your progress.

Go through the northern doorway, turn left and proceed forward until you exit the corridor.

Now make your way down and look for the lever that opens the gate to the next room.

The lever is on the right side of the gate; to reach it, you’ll have to cross a couple of wooden boards that serve as mini bridges.

You won’t get lost until this point because the route is pretty linear. However, fight your enemies with caution so you don’t have to restart and postpone the moment you finally get the Tunic Magic Orb.

After you’ve opened the gate and entered the next room, look for a hole in the wall to the right of the big golden gate.

Tunic Magic Orb Item Location

Proceed through the hole, go down the ladder, dodge the enemies or fight them if you want, and exit the room through another hole in the wall to the east.

Now climb the ladders to reach the room with the Tunic Magic Orb.

Once up, go forward, then left, cross the wooden boards and go down the ladder.

Proceed carefully because there are a lot of enemies here, and snag the Orb from what appears to be an altar up the stairs.

Tunic Magic Orb Where To Find

You can now test the Tunic Magic Orb to get out of Frog’s Domain by grappling to the objects highlighted with LT on Xbox. Also, great job!

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