Tunic Magic Wand Location: Where To Find & How To Get

Written by Alexandru Popescu
Edited by Vlad Susanu
July 5, 2022

Tunic Magic Wand is a very useful weapon not because of its damage which is relatively low, but because it’s a ranged Magic Weapon that uses very little energy.

As you know, you can run out of energy really fast in the video game published by Finji, so if you want to keep that blue bar up and shoot your enemies from a distance, this is the weapon for you.

You can even use the Magic Wand to freeze your enemies if you combo it with the Magic Dagger we covered in this guide. All you have to do is equip both items and press their corresponding buttons simultaneously.

Now that I’ve probably convinced you that the Tunic Magic Wand is a weapon worth using, let me explain how you can add it to your inventory through the following guide.

Where To Find The Tunic Magic Wand

I’ve marked the location of the Tunic Wand on the map below, which, as you can see, is on the northwest part of the Overworld area, above the Dark Tomb.

Tunic Magic Wand Equipment Location

However, to get to the weapon, you first have to get into the Sealed Temple (you can see it on the Overworld map), so you must open the giant golden gate.

And you can do that after beating the Garden Knight boss in the West Garden.

How To Get The Magic Wand

After the boss is defeated, go on the eastern road back to the Overworld and ring the West Bell, a large golden structure you can’t miss.

Tunic Magic Wand How To Get

You have to strike it with your Sword to ring it. You already know the drill from when you rang the East Bell in the East Forest at the start of the game.

Now that you ringed both Bells, you can go to the giant golden gate and open it to enter the Temple.

After reaching the giant moving structure inside the Temple, you have to go through the doorway to the right and climb the ladder.

Tunic Magic Wand Item Location

Then go to the right a couple of meters until you hit a wall where you have to turn right again and walk until you can see your character again.

Use the bridge to cross to the other side and exit the Temple. You can’t get lost because the path is linear.

Now go west until you hit a wall again. If you face the wall and stop moving, you can press A on Xbox (which should appear on your screen) to climb a ladder you can’t really see.

Tunic Magic Wand Weapon Location

Cross the western bridge above the waterfall and go up the stairs to find the Magic Wand at the base of a golden obelisk.

Tunic Magic Wand Where To Find

And that’s about it! You can now be a tiny fox wizard because you possess the Tunic Magic Wand.

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