Tunic Gun Location: Where To Find & How To Get

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July 6, 2022

The Tunic Gun is a powerful weapon that deals lots of damage, beneficial when fighting large groups of enemies.

However, the Gun consumes a lot of energy, so use it only in critical situations, or the blue bar will go down extremely fast.

To get the weapon, you must first acquire the Magic Orb we covered in-depth in this guide.

The weapon can be very potent in certain situations, and you might miss it if you don’t like exploring the world carefully.

So give the Tunic Gun guide below a read to learn how to obtain this Magic Item in the video game published by Finji.

Where To Find The Gun In Tunic

To find the Gun in Tunic, you must first enter The Quarry, and to do so, you must go to the location I’ve marked on the following Overworld map.

Tunic Gun Equipment Location

Once at the location in question, deal with the enemies and position yourself on the edge of the southwest corner near the fire, as shown in the next image.

Tunic Gun How To Get

Use the Magic Orb to reach the object below, which I’ve marked in the screenshot above.

Then head north and climb the ladder at the end of the path.

Now proceed north on the path, and at some point, you’ll reach an obelisk you have to activate by praying next to it (hold A on Xbox).

Of course, you must first use the Magic Orb to get near the obelisk.

You can now go forward to enter The Quarry. Inside you’ll find a Fox Shrine and a fast travel point. Save your progress and activate the fast travel, then continue.

You’ll reach some enemies soon and a broken obelisk that damages you if standing near it.

There will be a lot of spots like the broken obelisk that drain your life in The Quarry, but thankfully there is a solution.

You can obtain the Scavenger’s Mask and equip it so that you won’t take any damage if you stand near these spots.

Now, on the map below, you have the following locations:

  • Monastery
  • Gun
Tunic Gun Location Map

As you can see, the game map shows you the locations, but just to be sure you don’t miss them, I’ve also marked them.

Ignore the Tunic Gun for now and focus on the Scavenger’s Mask because otherwise, you’ll have a hard time in The Quarry.

The Mask can be found inside a chest in the Monastery.

How To Get The Scavenger’s Mask

So make your way to the Monastery by carefully avoiding the spots that turn your screen purple and drain your life.

Also, the enemies are pretty powerful, so be careful with that as well.

The path to the Monastery is linear, and you should reach it without too many problems, not considering everything that wants to kill you, of course.

The only place that can cause trouble is in the east part of The Quarry.

Tunic Gun Item Location

Here you have to go down some stairs that seem to lead to a dead-end, but you can actually proceed through.

Tunic Gun Where To Find

Once in the Monastery, you must go forward and, as always, be careful with the enemies.

You’ll reach a room with a couple of golden boxes and a fox statue with a candle.

You can find the Scavenger’s Mask in one of the boxes, so take it and equip it to make your life much easier in The Quarry.

Now let’s get back to the Tunic Gun.

How To Get The Gun

Get out of the Monastery by going up the ladder to the right of the fox statue from where you got the Scavenger’s Mask, and then make a left to find the exit.

Now consult the map above and head to the location of the Tunic Gun.

Go all the way down using the bridges and stairs at your disposal, and when you reach two objects glowing purple, take the path to the west, like in the following screenshot.

Tunic Gun Weapon Location

As you can see, it’s not a dead-end, and you can pass right through.

You’ll find the chest containing the Gun in this small area, on the platform to the west near the edge.

How To Get Tunic Gun

Congratulations are in order because you’ve obtained another weapon for your arsenal, the Tunic Gun!

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