Tunic: All Golden Chests Locations In The Ruined Atoll

July 13, 2022

Tunic Ruined Atoll Golden Chests can prove tricky to get due to the fact that the area is tangled and hard to explore.

Also, some of the Ruined Atoll Gold Chests are well hidden, making your time spent here even more difficult.

However, it will all be worth it because you’ll receive the following rewards:

  • Ability Cards
  • Potion Shard
  • Game Currency
  • Fox Doll
  • Blue Mushroom
  • Effigy

I recommend that you go for the Ruined Atoll Golden Chests after getting the Magic Orb from within the Frog’s Domain, and while you’re there, you can loot the Chests as well, with the help of this guide.

The Magic Orb will help you move around Ruined Atoll a lot easier. And, of course, check the guide below if you need some extra help finding and looting all 15 Ruined Atoll Gold Chests in the video game published by Finji.

Where To Find All The Ruined Atoll Gold Chests In Tunic

First of all, it is worth knowing that Ruined Atoll is south of the Overworld, and the entrance is on the beach southwest of the Old House, as you can see on the following map.

Tunic Ruined Atoll Gold Chests Locations Map

Of course, you can also get to Ruined Atoll via fast travel if you have it unlocked.

To get a general idea of where you have to go, check the Tunic Ruined Atoll Golden Chests locations map below.

Tunic Ruined Atoll Golden Chests Locations Map

Now let’s see how to get to every Chest in this area.

Golden Chest #1: At The Base Of A Hill

To get to the first Golden Chest, you’ll actually have to go back to the Overworld, so head north from the Fox Shrine or the fast travel in Ruined Atoll.

Now go down the ladder from the broken part of the bridge and get back to Ruined Atoll by going south on the beach.

Then hug the wall to the left and go forward until you hit another wall where you have to turn left to get on the other side through a hidden space, as shown in the next image.

Tunic Ruined Atoll Golden Chests

Follow the beach leading east to find the first Ruined Atoll Gold Chest at the base of a hill.

Opening the Chest will add an Ability Card to your inventory that will help you lose less stamina while blocking, provided you equip the Card.

Golden Chests #2 & 3: In A Half-Destroyed House

The next two Tunic Ruined Atoll Gold Chests are located in a half-destroyed house in the eastern part of the area.

However, the door to the house is locked, so you have to find the key first.

So go near the black rock to the right of Chest #1 and Teleport Dash to the other side.

If you don’t have the Teleport Dash, take a longer route by going to the middle of the map and heading northeast from there.

Any way you choose, go up to the first level of the hill near the black rock mentioned before and take the left path.

You’ll find the key behind the hill at the end of the path. Take the key and go downhill back to the beach.

Go south on the beach, and you’ll soon reach the house in question, to the left, at the location marked with 3 on the map above. I know, what a dump, but at least it’s on the beach.

Get inside the house and loot the Gold Chests for some Game Currency and a Potion Shard.

Tunic Ruined Atoll Golden Chests Locations

Golden Chests #4 & 5: Under And On A Stone Bridge

Now exit the house with Chests #2&3 and head north up the small ramp under the stone bridge.

You’ll find the fourth Tunic Ruined Atoll Golden Chest at the end of the passage under the bridge and the fifth Chest above the small ramp on the actual bridge.

Tunic Ruined Atoll Golden Chests Locations Guide

To get to the fifth Golden Chest, you have to use your Magic Orb and grapple to the hook on the bridge like a professional climbing fox.

You’ll get a Fox Doll and Game Currency from the Gold Chests.

Golden Chests #6 & 7: On A Bridge And In The Water

It’s time to go to the middle of the map, to the sixth location marked on the map above, because the next two Gold Chests are waiting for you.

Ruined Atoll Gold Chest #6 is on the bridge to the north, and Chest #7 is near the same bridge, on the right, in the water.

Tunic Ruined Atoll Golden Chests Where To Find

To get to Chest #7, you must go down the stairs on the left, north of Chest #6.

Don’t be afraid and enter the water; you won’t drown. Go to Chest #7, hugging the bridge wall.

You’ll find a Blue Mushroom and an Ice Bomb inside the two Gold Chests.

Golden Chest #8: Near The Remains Of A Building

Make your way to the middle of the map again and go down the stairs west of the giant fox statue.

Use the Magic Orb to grapple to the hooks in the water and get on the western beach of the area.

Now go toward the eighth location marked on the map above.

As you can see, one of those green enemies equipped with a spear and shield is blocking your way, so take him out. He will drop his shield if you use the Magic Orb on him twice.

After dealing with the enemy, you are free to go through the space between the hill and the remains of the building to reach the eighth Tunic Ruined Atoll Gold Chest.

Tunic Ruined Atoll Golden Chests How To Get

Opening the Chest will get you an Ability Card that buffs your attack at the expense of your defense. So equip it if you want to be a glass cannon.

Golden Chest #9: Behind The Destructible Wall

On to the ninth location marked on the map above, which is near Chest #8.

Once at the said location, you won’t find anything of note, but if you throw a dynamite stick at the wall to the right of the hook above, you’ll reveal a small room.

Tunic Ruined Atoll Gold Chests

Interact with the ninth Ruined Atoll Golden Chest, which is behind the destructible wall, to get another Ability Card that, if equipped, increases the invincibility time while dodging.

Golden Chest #10: In Plain Sight

You can now go to the southern side of Ruined Atoll for the next Gold Chest, which I’ve marked with 10 on the map above.

You’ll quickly find the Chest because it’s in plain sight.

Tunic Ruined Atoll Gold Chests Locations

Golden Chest #10 will get you more Game Currency.

Golden Chest #11: On The Line In The Water

Upon looting Chest #10, go to the northwest on the beach and take the path behind the hill near the water.

Tunic Ruined Atoll Gold Chests Locations Guide

Hold LT on Xbox to see better behind the hill and go toward the middle of the map using the line in the water to reach the next Tunic Ruined Atoll Golden Chest.

An Effigy awaits you in the Chest.

Golden Chest #12: On The Wall Of A Building

The next Chest will take you south from the spot marked with GATE on your map.

Once there, open the gate, go through and head to the right to spot Gold Chest #12 above you on the wall of a building.

Tunic Ruined Atoll Gold Chests Where To Find

Climb the ladder, show the world you are not afraid of heights and open the Chest to receive an Ability Card.

Equip the Card to get some energy (blue bar) after getting to your ghost. So the Card is only useful if you plan on dying a lot, and I’m sure it’s not the case for you, the die-hard fox.

Golden Chest #13: On The Top Of Some Stairs

Now get back to the gate you opened earlier and climb the ladder to the left of it.

Once up, you can go east to reach the next Tunic Ruined Atoll Gold Chest, on the top of some stairs.

Tunic Ruined Atoll Gold Chests How To Get

This Chest and the next two contain Game Currency.

Golden Chest #14: By The Water

To get to the next Golden Chest, you first have to go down the ladder to the left of Chest #13.

Then use the map above to find your way to the fourteenth Ruined Atoll Golden Chest.

A big crab will try to get in your way, but I’m sure that isn’t a problem unless you have some sort of phobia. To give you a small tip, try to hit the crab in the head, or else you won’t be able to damage it.

After that, you can loot the Chest waiting for you by the water.

All 15 Tunic Ruined Atoll Golden Chests

Golden Chest #15: At The Base Of A Tree

Finally, make your way to the southeast corner of the Ruined Atoll area and climb the small ladder you can see here (also shown on the map if you look carefully).

Then go north, hugging the wall under the obelisk to find the last Gold Chest at the base of a tree. I have no idea how the tree got here, in case you’re curious.

All 15 Tunic Ruined Atoll Gold Chests

Great job! You’ve made it to the end and looted all 15 Tunic Ruined Atoll Gold Chests.

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