Tunic Secret Treasure Puzzles Guide

Updated January 17, 2024

The 12 Secret Treasures in Tunic are very difficult to obtain, meaning you’ll feel very accomplished once you have all of them. When you have enough Secret Treasures, you will get access to the Glyph Tower through a portal that appears in a secret room, but more on this later.

Each Tunic Secret Treasure will earn you an achievement/trophy, which is nice if you are interested in this kind of stuff.

Where To Find All Secret Treasures in Tunic

The Secret Treasures are scattered all over the world of Tunic. Six of them are in the Overworld area, one in the East Forest, one in the Eastern Vault, one in the Swamp, one in the Cathedral, one in the Ruined Atoll, and one in the Far Shore (teleport room). Check the Overworld map below, where I’ve pinpointed the six Tunic Secret Treasure locations available in this area.

Tunic Secret Treasures Overworld Map

I’ll tell you the locations for the other six Secret Treasures as we get to each one, but first, you should know that there is a secret room inside the Old House in the middle of the Overworld area where you can check how many treasure chests you’ve opened.

To find the secret room, enter the Old House, then head left on the stairs to reach a corridor. Go to the right on the corridor until you reach a room with a bridge made out of two wooden boards; this is the room where you get the Shield. Instead of crossing the small bridge, head south through the darkness, and you’ll find yourself in the Secret Treasures room.

Tunic Secret Treasures How To Get

You can notice that there are 12 pedestals in the room, one for each Treasure. So whenever you get a treasure, it will be placed here. Also, the portal to the Glyph Tower will appear in this room after you collect at least six Secret Treasures.

The final puzzle you can solve in Tunic will be the Glyph Tower puzzle, but you don’t have to worry about that now.

It’s worth mentioning that you should go for the Secret Treasures toward the end of the game after you unlock the Teleport Dash and can go anywhere. You also need some of the manual pages because they provide hints. Now, let’s start hunting those Secret Treasures, one at a time.

Secret Treasure #1 – Mr Mayor Achievement/Trophy

The first Secret Treasure chest is hidden behind a secret passage you can open by completing a puzzle with the help of your D-pad or Holy Cross, as the game calls it. Go to the first marked location on the Overworld map above and enter the room to the east, with the Hero’s Grave sign in front of it.

Position yourself in front of the wall with lines drawn on it, as shown in the next image.

Tunic Secret Treasures Where To Find

Follow the direction the lines on the wall are going, starting from the bottom left, and press the correspondent button on your D-pad for each line. For example, if the line goes to the right, then press the Right button.

Here are the buttons you need to press on your D-pad to solve the puzzle: Right, Up, Left, Up, Right, Down, Right, Up, Left, Down, Left, Up, Right, Up, Left, Down.

You can also start from the bottom right if you want. You don’t need to complete both puzzles; choose between the left or right side of the drawing and start from the bottom. Then, proceed through the passage and collect the first Secret Treasure, unlocking the Mr. Mayor achievement/trophy.

Secret Treasure #2 – Back To Work Achievement/Trophy

For the second Secret Treasure, you have to go to the teleporter (fast travel or golden plate, however, you want to call it) on the south side of the Overworld area, near the game’s starting point. You can also check the Overworld map above for the location.

Tunic Secret Treasures How To Get All 12

For this achievement/trophy, you have a hint on page 11 of the instruction manual in the rectangle that says PRIZE/TREASURE. The trick is to use the dots in the rectangle to get the D-pad code. If you are struggling, here is the solution: Right, Down, Left, Up, Left, Left, Down, Right, Right, Down, Down.

Stand on the golden plate (like in the image above) when you enter the D-pad code, and the second Treasure is yours for the taking, along with the Back To Work achievement/trophy.

Secret Treasure #3 – Sacred Geometry Achievement/Trophy

The next stop is at the big windmill west of the only Fox Shrine in the Overworld area. Again, check the map for assistance. You have a hint for Secret Treasure #3 on page 53 of the manual. To solve this puzzle, you must stand in front of the windmill’s entrance and use your D-pad again to match a pattern on the windmill’s sails.

Tunic Secret Treasures Where To Find All 12

Each sail has a small tearing, and the location of it on the sail will tell you what button you need to press on your D-pad. For example, if the tear is up on the sail, you have to press Up; if the tear is on the left side, you have to press Left, and so on.

Also, if you observe closely, you can see that one of the sails has a white mark; that is your starting point, and the sail with the two white marks is where the puzzle ends. If you just can’t figure it out, here is the D-pad code: Down, Left, Left, Up, Up, Right, Right, Left, Down, Right, Up, Down.

Do it correctly to reveal Secret Treasure #3 and complete the Sacred Geometry achievement/trophy.

Secret Treasure # 4 – Power Up Achievement/Trophy

The fourth Secret Treasure takes you to the Old House in the middle of the Overworld area. There are hints to help you solve the puzzle for this Treasure on pages 28 and 34. You have to position yourself near the windchime attached to the Old House and listen to the song.

Tunic Secret Treasures

With the help of page 34, you can use the song’s notes to find out what buttons you have to press on your D-pad.

Here is the code: Up, Down, Right, Up, Down, Left, Up, Down, Left, Right, Down, Left, Right, Up. You can open the Secret Treasure chest and earn the Power Up achievement/trophy.

Secret Treasure #5 – Vintage Achievement/Trophy

Use the Overworld map above to get to the fifth Secret Treasure, located on a small island on the south side, a little to the east of the entrance to Ruined Atoll. The puzzle for this Secret Treasure is a little different from the others, and the hints for it are on pages 1 and 51.

First, stand in the water portion surrounded by the sand pathway and enter the game’s menu to turn the Master Volume all the way down (0%).

All Tunic Secret Treasures

Then, you have to sit there for a minimum of 60 seconds, and after that, open page 1, which now has a new message to help you solve the puzzle. It can be confusing, so here is the D-pad code: Down, Right x11, Left x12. The Treasure chest appears, and opening it completes the Vintage achievement/trophy on Xbox and PlayStation.

Secret Treasure #6 – Spring Falls Achievement/Trophy

For the next Secret Treasure, you first have to rescue the 20 fairies scattered all over the game’s world. After you are done with the Secret Fairies, you have to go to their secret gathering place on the north side of the Overworld, a little to the west of the Dark Tomb.

Use the map above to get to the said location and look for the gathering place behind the waterfall.

All 12 Tunic Secret Treasures

You should find the Treasure chest waiting for you inside; if not, ensure you have all the fairies by interacting with the object in the middle of the room.

How To Get All Tunic Secret Treasures

Open the chest, get your prize, and unlock the Spring Falls achievement/trophy.

Secret Treasure #7 – Regal Weasel Achievement/Trophy

You first have to fast-travel to the East Forest for the seventh Secret Treasure and then head south through the passage in the forest, as shown in the following screenshot.

Where To Find All Tunic Secret Treasures

You’ll soon reach a ladder, so climb down on it and the other two to enter the Lower Forest. You have a hook to the left and above it, an enemy on a ledge. But wait, don’t kill the enemy because you have to use him to get up there with a neat trick.

How To Get All 12 Tunic Secret Treasures

If you have already killed the enemy, you can return to the fast travel and interact with the Fox Shrine nearby. To continue, you have to equip the following items (hinted on page 53):

  • Magic Dagger
  • Magic Wand
  • Magic Orb

Now it’s time to work your magic, you little fox wizard, and target the enemy on the ledge. Then, press the buttons that correspond with the Magic Dagger and Magic Wand simultaneously.

Doing so will freeze the enemy, and if you now use the Magic Orb on him, you’ll find yourself on the same ledge. The seventh Secret Treasure chest is on the ledge, and opening it completes the Regal Weasel achievement/trophy requirement.

Secret Treasure #8 – Dusty Achievement/Trophy

Another of the Secret Treasures will take you to the Fortress of the Eastern Vault area (use the fast travel). More precisely, near the Hero’s Grave on the east side of the area, as you can see on the next map.

Where To Find All 12 Tunic Secret Treasures

Go in front of the stairs leading to the Hero’s Grave and Teleport Dash on the patch of land in the water, then to the other side.

Tunic Secret Treasure Chests

Go through the entrance, and you’ll soon reach an area with a bunch of piles of leaves. The broom in this area suggests that you should get rid of the piles of leaves. You can do that by destroying the piles with your Sword.

There are four piles of leaves, and you can only see three because the fourth one is hidden by the trees to the left. Change your camera angle by holding LT (on Xbox and PC if you play with an Xbox controller) to see all the piles, then destroy them to reveal Treasure #8 and earn the Dusty achievement/trophy.

Secret Treasure Chest #9 – Forever Friend Achievement/Trophy

The ninth Secret Treasure is in the teleport room or the Far Shore. So head to the nearest gold plate, teleport to the Far Shore, and then go to the southern ledge. You have the exact location on the Far Shore map below.

Tunic Secret Treasure Chests How To Get

You have to Teleport Dash from the said location to the west in a straight line, where the ninth Secret Treasure chest waits. I know it seems you have no surface to dash onto, but there are some invisible rocks or something.

Tunic Secret Treasure Chests Where To Find

Open the chest, get your reward, and complete the Forever Friend achievement/trophy.

Secret Treasure Chest #10 – Phonomath Achievement/Trophy

Secret Treasure #10 is a lot like the previous one, meaning you don’t need to solve a puzzle to get it; you just have to find it. However, you have to explore the Ruined Atoll area carefully. Check the map below for the location you need to visit.

Tunic Secret Treasure Chests How To Get All 12

Once at the said location, you have to Teleport Dash across the water and the two broken walls to the small island in the west, so you basically have to go off the map.

Tunic Secret Treasure Chests Where To Find All 12

You’ll find the Secret Treasure near a statue on the west side of the island. Grab your prize, and the Phonomath achievement/trophy is yours.

Secret Treasure Chest #11 – Just Some Pals Achievement/Trophy

For the next Secret Treasure, you have to go to the Swamp. On page 39 of the manual, which is the map of the Swamp, you can see a skull drawing and x4 near it. So you have a little hint for this puzzle.

All Tunic Secret Treasure Chests

What you have to do exactly is to find four golden skulls and push them into a small puddle. Explore the small area pointed out on the map above, and you should find the four golden skulls in no time.

One skull is on a gravestone near the small puddle where you have to put the four skulls. Another skull is in the water behind a stone cross. The third skull is a little to the west, under a golden chest.

All 12 Tunic Secret Treasure Chests

The last skull is on a hill above the small puddle mentioned before, with the gravestone near it.

How To Get All Tunic Secret Treasure Chests

Pushing the skulls into the puddle can be tricky because you can’t use your sword or dash. Instead, you just have to use your little paws, so soccer time is on. The skulls may get stuck, so you’ll have to restart at a Fox Shrine, but I’m sure you’ll eventually do it.

Also, there are a lot of enemies in the area and a mini-boss; thus, you should deal with them first. I suggest gathering all of them and defeating them using your Gun. After you put the last golden skull in the small puddle, the next Secret Treasure is revealed, and once you open it, you’ll unlock the Just Some Pals achievement/trophy.

Secret Treasure Chest #12 – Secret Legend Achievement/Trophy

The final Secret Treasure will have you run around between the Swamp and the Cathedral. Also, you have to switch between nighttime and daytime. You can do that by taking a nap in the Old House in the Overworld area.

Start by going to the Cathedral at nighttime (the entrance is in the northern part of the Swamp). Once inside the church, immediately go through the left doorway. Next, you have to hug the wall between the two bookshelves to open a secret entrance.

Where To Find All Tunic Secret Treasure Chests

Go through because you have more hugging to do; the target that needs comforting is another wall behind the golden chest.

Another entrance opens that you should go through, and follow the pathway until you reach a light bridge with the treasure chest under it. However, you can’t get to the chest because of the bridge, so instead, go in front of the wall with the drawing.

How To Get All 12 Tunic Secret Treasure Chests

The drawing on the wall is another puzzle you have to solve with the help of your D-pad; you have to follow the same process you used back on Secret Treasure #1. So, pick a side and press the corresponding buttons based on the direction the lines on the wall are going.

As you can see, the line in the middle is split by a dot, so for that line, you have to push the same button twice, Left or Right, depending on the side of the wall you started the puzzle. Here is the D-pad code starting from the left side: Left, Up, Left, Up, Right, Up, Left, Up, Right, Down, Right, Right, Up, Right, Down, Left, Right, Down, Left, Down, Left.

Proceed through the entrance and go forward until you reach a ladder you have to climb. And you are back at the entrance to the Cathedral; remember the place of the previously used ladder because you have to return here during the daytime.

Now go back to the Overworld area, more precisely in the Old House, where you need to take a nap until morning. Now, you have to go back to the Swamp, but you have to take another route because, as you probably noticed, the world of Tunic during the day is different than the one after sunset.

To enter the Swamp, you must go to the beach in the southeastern corner of the Overworld, as you can see on the map below.

Where To Find All 12 Tunic Secret Treasure Chests

You need to climb down a ladder to reach the beach and then hold LT on Xbox to change the camera angle. Doing so, you’ll be able to see a hidden bridge made of two wooden boards.

Secret Treasure Chests Tunic

Cross the bridge to enter the Swamp, then find a way to get on the pillars near the Fox Shrine because the gate is closed, and you have to find another way to proceed. If you follow the pillars, you’ll reach one that can be climbed. I’ve pinpointed the exact location on the following map.

All Secret Treasure Chests Tunic

Now, Teleport Dash from pillar to pillar until you reach the hill with the ladder.

All 12 Secret Treasure Chests Tunic

Go down the ladder and make your way to the Cathedral’s entrance. Be careful of the enemies with the gun that appear here only in the daytime because they are quite powerful. Now, climb down the hidden ladder to the right of the Cathedral’s entrance. I told you to remember it earlier, but just in case you forgot, here is a screenshot to help you out.

How To Get All 12 Secret Treasure Chests Tunic

Proceed forward, and you’ll notice that the light bridge is gone after you reach Secret Treasure #12. So, the obstacle standing in your way is removed, allowing you to open the treasure chest and unlock the Secret Legend achievement/trophy.

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