Tunic Under The Well Golden Chest Locations

Updated July 15, 2024

Tunic Under The Well Golden Chests can be looted for all sorts of goodies necessary for you to take on your enemies that are getting tougher and tougher as you progress in the video game published by Finji. In Under The Well Golden Chests, you can find the following loot:

  • Game Currency
  • Pink Fruit
  • Pressed Petal
  • Golden Coins
  • Potion Shard
  • Ability Card
  • Effigy

Some of the Chests are well hidden, and you might miss them if you don’t know where to look. Therefore, you should check the following guide and learn how to loot every single Tunic Under The Well Golden Chest.

Where To Find All Under the Well Golden Chests in Tunic

The first thing you should do is to enter the Under The Well area, which is located north of the Old House on the Overworld map; it’s marked with WELL, so you can’t miss it. Once you’re in, you can use the map below for the locations of the Golden Chests, which are 13 in number, as you can see.

Tunic Under The Well Golden Chests Locations Map

Golden Chest #1: On a Patch of Land

Go down the ladders at the starting point, face your first enemy, and go even deeper using the stairs. You’ll have to get yourself wet to continue to the first marked location on the map above. The first Chest is found on a patch of land in front of the stairs.

Tunic Under The Well Golden Chests

Open it to get a Pressed Petal, which you can use at a Fox Shrine to upgrade your Potions.

Golden Chest #2: Through the Waterfall

You can find the second Under The Well Chest near the previous one. Just go through the waterfall on the right, as shown in the following image.

Tunic Under The Well Golden Chests Locations

The Chest contains Pink Fruit that you can use to regain health.

Golden Chest #3: Behind the Waterfall

You can now go to the second room available in the area, where you can find a Fox Shrine that you should use to save your progress. Ignore the Chest above the Fox Shrine because you can’t reach it yet. Instead, proceed to the next room and go behind the waterfall for the third Chest.

Tunic Under The Well Golden Chests Locations Guide

Opening the Chest will give you Game Currency.

Golden Chest #4: Into the Darkness

Upon looting Chest #3, advance to the next room, immediately turn left, make a few steps, turn left again, and proceed forward into the darkness.

Tunic Under The Well Golden Chests Where To Find

Doing so puts you back in the previous room near the fourth Golden Chest. Loot it to receive Game Currency again.

Golden Chest #5: Through the Hole in the Wall

The next two Under The Well Golden Chests are in the northern room, as you can see on the map above. After entering the room, continue going forward and enter a secret passage through the hole in the wall, like in the next screenshot.

Tunic Under The Well Golden Chests How To Get

Go to the right in the passage until you hit the wall, then go to the right again to find the next Chest. Inside the Chest, you’ll find an Efiggy, a consumable that grants money when used.

Golden Chest #6: In a Small Room

For the sixth Golden Chest, follow the purple line on the floor of the northern room. Follow it to the west, hugging the wall to the right, and you can enter a small room at some point.

Where To Find Tunic Under The Well Golden Chests

Pay attention because it’s so dark in here. Just try to walk through the wall to the right until you find the entrance. Use the map above for assistance, and don’t forget your goal is to reach the sixth marked location.

After you find the Chest, open it to get an Ability Card. If you equip the Card, it will buff your echo. When you die, you can get your ghost back. And if you do, the enemies in that area get damaged and stunned. Well, that is the echo.

Golden Chest #7: Through the Tunnel in the Water

Now, go to the room containing Chest #7, marked on the map above. Once in the room, go west as much as you can and then go in the water with the help of the stairs. In front of the stairs, you can go right to enter a tunnel leading to the next Tunic Chest. You’ll get more Game Currency.

How To Get Tunic Under The Well Golden Chests

Golden Chest #8: In the Water

After looting the previous Chest, remain in the water and go east to the eighth marked location on the map above. In front of the entrance to the next room, but in the water on a patch of land, you’ll find the eighth Chest.

Tunic Under The Well Golden Chests Loot

Open it to get Game Currency yet again. All good; those upgrades cost a lot.

Golden Chest #9: Up the Ladder

Now make your way to Gold Chest #9, in the final room of the Under The Well area. Use the map above if you need help getting here. Once in the room, go up the ladder and open the Chest to get a Fox Doll you can use at a Fox Shrine to upgrade your Defense.

Tunic Under The Well Golden Chests Loot Location

Golden Chest #10: Through the Secret Passage

Push the wall to the right of Chest #9 to unlock a secret passage.

Tunic Under The Well Golden Chests Loot Where To Find

Enter, and you’ll find the tenth Tunic Chest on the right.

Tunic Under The Well Golden Chests Loot How To Get

From the Chest, you get a Potion Shard. Each time you find three Potion Shards, you get an extra Health Potion Slot.

Golden Chest #11: Above the Fox Shrine

Upon opening the previous Chest, follow the passage east to find another Golden Chest above the Fox Shrine.

Where To Find Tunic Under The Well Golden Chests Loot

The Chest will get you a Golden Coin, which you can throw in any of the wells scattered across the world of Tunic to receive an extra Ability Card slot.

Golden Chest #12: West of Chest #9

Now go back to the room with Chest #9, and on the west side of the room, you can find the next Chest.

How To Get Tunic Under The Well Golden Chests Loot

Don’t go down the ladder, though. Instead, remain at the same level as the secret passage from before. The Chest contains an Ice Bomb, and you can probably figure out what that does by yourself based on the name.

Golden Chest #13: Through the Entrance Near Chest #12

You can now exit the area by following the line on the floor next to Chest #12. Follow the line leading outside, and don’t stop there. Instead, continue until you reach an obelisk, like in the following image.

All Tunic Under The Well Golden Chests

Pray to the obelisk by standing next to it and holding A on Xbox. Now follow the line, which should now be glowing purple, all the way back to Chest #12. You can now see a new entrance through the wall near Chest #12. Enter the newly opened room to find the Chest with a Golden Coin inside.

All 13 Tunic Under The Well Golden Chests
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