Tunic: All Golden Chests Locations In The Swamp

July 29, 2022

Tunic Swamp Golden Chests are more numerous and harder to loot than the ones in the Ziggurat, covered in this guide.

For some Swamp Golden Chests, it’s necessary to have the Teleport Dash, which we talked about here.

The good news is that if you decide to go for the chests, you’ll get lots of goodies, such as:

  • Game Currency
  • Blue Fruit
  • Golden Coin x6
  • Ability Card x2
  • Effigy
  • Potion Shard
  • Explosive Bomb
  • Pink Fruit

Most Tunic Swamp Gold Chests are well hidden, so I suggest you check the guide below to get the loot above without wasting time.

Where To Find All Swamp Gold Chests In Tunic

You’ll get access to the Swamp after attempting to defeat The Heir, but I recommend going for the chests after you have the Teleport Dash.

You can enter the Swamp with the help of a bridge in the southeastern corner of the Overworld area, but first, you should go to the Old House, also in the Overworld, to take a nap and make it nighttime.

Tunic Swamp Gold Chests Locations Map

If it’s already nighttime, you can go directly to the Swamp.

Also, you should check the following map to get a general idea of where each Tunic Swamp Golden Chest is located.

Tunic Swamp Golden Chests Locations Map

Now let’s get to it, one chest at a time.

Golden Chest #1: On A Bridge

There are two ways to enter the Swamp, and for both, you must go to the bridge in the southeastern corner of the Overworld area.

To get the first Swamp Gold Chest, you have to Teleport Dash across the broken part of the bridge and proceed forward.

You’ll see the chest on the bridge as soon as you enter the Swamp, and you have to use the Teleport Dash again to get your first reward, some Game Currency.

Tunic Swamp Golden Chests Locations

Golden Chest #2: Near A Fence

For the second chest, you have to go back to the Overworld and enter the Swamp by going down the ladder leading you to the bottom part of the bridge, then proceed forward.

Once in the Swamp, make your way to the second Tunic Swamp Gold Chest, which I’ve marked on the map above.

The chest is not hidden at all, so you should have no problems finding it.

As you can see in the next image, the chest is right near a fence.

Tunic Swamp Golden Chests Locations Guide

Opening the chest will get you an Ability Card that, if equipped, reduces the casting time on the Magic Dagger (covered in this guide).

Golden Chest #3: In A Mausoleum

The next item is not technically in a chest as usual, but you can buy it from the shop at the third marked location on the map above.

Once at the said location, enter the mausoleum, and inside, you can buy two Golden Coins.

Tunic Swamp Golden Chests

Golden Chest #4: In The Water

You can now go to the fourth Tunic Swamp Golden Chest with the help of the map above.

To get to the chest, you must go in the water through the space in the fence, as you can see in the next screenshot.

Tunic Swamp Golden Chests Where To Find

You’ll get Blue Fruit from the chest, so take your launch break now if you need to restore your energy (blue bar).

Golden Chest #5: Through The Space In The Stone Wall

Go to the fifth marked location on the map above, where you can find a space in the stone wall leading to the water.

Go through and get your feet wet, then head left to get an Effigy from the next Swamp Golden Chest.

Tunic Swamp Golden Chests How To Get

Golden Chest #6: Under A Fence

Head southwest from Chest #5 to reach the fence that splits the Swamp area in two.

Hug the fence and continue south until you see a ladder.

Go through the small space between the fence and the ladder, then head left when you hit the wall.

Tunic Swamp Gold Chests

I know it seems to be a dead end, but trust me, you can pass through a space in the hill and go east to reach Tunic Swamp Gold Chest #6, located under a fence.

The chest contains an Explosive Bomb.

Golden Chest #7: On The Edge Of A Hill

Upon looting the previous chest, return to the ladder you passed and climb it.

Once up, Teleport Dash to one of the pillars between the fence to the west. Then go from pillar to pillar to the southern edge of the hill, as shown in the following image.

Tunic Swamp Gold Chests Locations

On edge, you’ll find another Swamp Gold Chest containing a Golden Coin just waiting for you.

Golden Chest #8: Between Two Fox Statues

After dealing with Chest #7, return once more to the ladder next to the fence that divides the area in two.

Get on top of the hill with the help of the ladder and open the eighth Tunic Swamp Golden Chest that sits between two fox statues.

Tunic Swamp Gold Chests Locations Guide

You are now the proud owner of a new Ability Card that increases your stamina recovery (if equipped, of course).

Golden Chest #9: Next To A Bush

Go east from the previous chest until you reach two slopes to the right.

You’ll start to encounter enemies, so deal with them cautiously, especially the invisible ones; man, they can be annoying.

Go down the first slope and head west, where you can see the next Swamp Golden Chest next to a bush.

Tunic Swamp Gold Chests Where To Find

Become even richer by looting the chest.

Golden Chest #10: On A Cliff

After you’ve finished with Chest #9, get back to the two slopes from before and go down another level.

Now go east to the edge and then head left on the small passage. I hope you are not afraid of heights.

Tunic Swamp Gold Chests How To Get

Follow the passage until you reach another Tunic Swamp Gold Chest on a cliff. More Game Currency waits in the chest, and you are probably already thinking about the upgrades you’ll buy.

Golden Chest #11: Behind A Cross

You can easily find the eleventh Swamp Gold Chest with the help of the map above. Just go to the marked location.

The chest is behind a cross, as seen in the next screenshot.

All Tunic Swamp Golden Chests

However, there is a miniboss guarding the chest, so be careful not to die. Use the Gun (we covered in-depth in this guide) on him to take him down faster if you have some energy you can spare.

After you’re done with all the enemies, open the chest to get a Golden Coin.

Golden Chest #12: Between A Couple Of Gravestones

The next Tunic Swamp Golden Chest is a short trip away to the southwest from chest #11. More precisely, between a couple of gravestones.

All 19 Tunic Swamp Golden Chests

And inside it, you have even more Game Currency. Do you want your name to appear in Forbes magazine (fox edition) or something?

Golden Chest #13: On A Patch Of Land

Go east from Chest #12 toward the thirteenth location marked on the map above, and at some point, you’ll have water on the right side and a ramp on the left side.

Venture into the water without fear, and you’ll find another Swamp Golden Chest on a patch of land in the southeastern corner of the map.

All Tunic Swamp Gold Chests

You’ll never guess what’s in the chest. Yes! Game Currency, how did you know?

Golden Chest #14: Under A Bridge

Now head to the fourteenth Tunic Swamp Gold Chest, which is marked on the map above.

Stay on the land as you go forward, and you can find the chest near a fox statue under a bridge.

All 19 Tunic Swamp Gold Chests

You’ll get Game Currency from the chest like you didn’t have enough.

Golden Chest #15: Up A Hidden Ramp

Next stop, Swamp Gold Chest #15, with the help of the map above, of course.

When you arrive at the right location, you’ll find the chest slightly above you, and to reach it, you have to go up on a hidden ramp to the left, as shown in the following screenshot.

Swamp Golden Chests Tunic

Open the chest to get a Potion Shard; you get another potion slot when you have three shards.

Golden Chest #16: Through A Secret Passage

Head southeast from the previous chest toward Tunic Swamp Golden Chest #16, and you’ll find a big hill that will stop your progress.

If you hug the wall to the left and proceed forward, you’ll find a secret passage leading to the chest containing a Golden Coin.

Where To Find Swamp Golden Chests Tunic

Golden Chest #17: On A Hill

You can see the next Swamp Golden Chest on the hill above Chest #16.

To get on the hill, you have to make your way to the east side of the Swamp and go up the ramps.

Once you get to the top, immediately head right, and you’ll reach the chest after a short distance.

How To Get Swamp Golden Chests Tunic

Get the Golden Coin from the chest and move on; you’re almost done; only two are left.

Golden Chest #18: Through A Small Passage

Go to the next Tunic Swamp Gold Chest marked with “18” on the map above.

If you reach the location and can’t find the chest, that is because you have to go through the small passage between the two trees, like in the next image.

Where To Find Swamp Gold Chests Tunic

You have Game Currency in the chest, and I’m not even going to comment on your wealth anymore.

Golden Chest #19: Down A Slope

And the last Swamp Gold Chest is a short distance from Chest #18; use the map above to aid you.

Once at the said location, go down the slope and open the chest to get Pink Fruit.

where to find swamp gold chests tunic - GameClubz

Nicely done, my furry little friend! You’ve looted the 19 Tunic Swamp Golden Chests.

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