Tunic Lantern Location Guide

Updated January 16, 2024

The Lantern in Tunic will make it easier for you to navigate the darker areas of the video game published by Finji. The Lantern doesn’t cost energy or anything to activate, and you don’t even need to press a button. Once it’s in your inventory, it will make a small radius of light around you that is noticeable in the dark, of course.

Although you can’t damage your enemies with the Lantern, it’s still very useful, just like the Hourglass. It’s necessary that you obtain the Lantern before entering the Dark Tomb, or you won’t be able to see anything in there. You can easily miss the Tunic Item if you aren’t paying extra attention to detail.

Where To Find the Lantern in Tunic

The Tunic Lantern can be found in a room under the Belltower on the west side of the Overworld area. But to get there, you first have to traverse the Under The Well area. You can find the entrance of the Under The Well area in the Overworld.

More precisely, it is north of the Old House or a little to the northeast of the Windmill. To be of extra assistance, I’ve pinpointed the entrance on the map below.

Tunic Lantern How To Get

So make your way to the entrance and go underground using the ladder here. The entrance, as you can see, can be accessed by crossing a bridge made of wooden boards.

Tunic Lantern Item Location

Now proceed through the underground area and clear the enemies with caution. Under The Well area in Tunic is quite linear, so you probably won’t get lost. At the end of it, you’ll find yourself in a corridor, and you’ll need to walk toward the light.

Tunic Lantern Equipment Location

Now, go outside through the exit I’ve marked in the image above. Then proceed forward and enter the room under the Belltower. You can find the Lantern right here, near the obelisk, as shown in the next screenshot.

Tunic Lantern Where To Find

As you can see, the equipment is very small, and you could have easily missed it.

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