Alan Wake 2 Bright Falls Bunker Woods Cult Stash Locations Guide

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November 4, 2023

In Alan Wake 2, Bunker Woods is a heavily forested area in Bright Falls countryside. It surrounds Valhalla Nursing Home, where all the action takes place during the Return 5: Old Gods chapter. One of the best things about Bunker Woods is the high amount of Cult Stashes scattered across the area.

These hidden caches contain a variety of useful items, such as weapons, ammunition, and health supplies, which will help you fight against the more powerful Taken enemies you’ll encounter during your adventure. Here’s where to find and how to unlock them.

Where To Find the Bunker Woods Cult Stashes in Bright Falls

In the Bunker Woods area of Bright Falls, there are 5 Cult Stashes that you can find and unlock. At the start of the Return 5: Old Gods chapter, you can open two of these hidden stashes while the remaining three can only be accessed once you complete the chapter. This is because certain areas of the forest are flooded, making it impossible to reach them earlier.

To make your life a whole lot easier, I’ve marked the location of each Bunker Woods Cult Stash in chronological order on the map below.

Bunker Woods Cult Stashes Locations Map

Every container needs a key or code to open it. That’s why we’ve got all the Cult Stash puzzle solutions for you listed below.

Cult Stash #1: Northern Edge of Bunker Woods

After you finish up the cutscene with the Federal Bureau of Control taking in custody Alan Wake and Ilmo Koskela, go up the northern path past the break room. You’ll come across a Cult Stash near one of the Bright Falls Nursery Rhyme puzzles. To unlock this stash, just repeat the flashing light sequence. You’ll find inside Rifle Ammo, a First Aid Kit, and a Hand Flare.

Flashing Light Sequence Cult Stash Location

Cult Stash #2: In the Back of an Abandoned Old Truck

You can find this Cult Stash in the back of a rusty old truck south of the break room. The lock code to open the box is 177. This cache contains a Hand Flare, a Propane Tank, and Shotgun Shells. If you want to learn how we cracked this code, check out our Cars and Bicycles Wheels Cult Stash puzzle guide.

Vehicles Factory Cult Stash Puzzle Location

Cult Stash #3: Western Bunker Woods

Once you have obtained the Boltcutters during the Overlap, use them to unlock the western gate of the Valhalla Nursing Home. From there, follow the main road until you reach a fork. Take the short track at the fork until you arrive at a boulder with a yellow-painted arrow on it. You should find the Cult Stash near this boulder.

To open this stash, you will need the Bunker Woods Stash Key. Follow the white arrows on blue background signs and they will guide you to a tree located on the left (west) side of the stash. There, you will find the key under a white arrow sign pointing downwards.

Bunker Woods Cult Stash Location
Bunker Woods Stash Key Location

Cult Stash #4: Between the Break Room and Ranger Station

Just north of the main path, and past the break room, you’ll find the Cult Stash. It’s right before the path splits into two. Look for the code on the rocks and follow the arrows for the order, starting from one above the stash. If you have trouble finding the correct lock combination, check the image provided below.

Bunker Woods Cult Stash Symbol Lock Location
Cult Stash Symbol Lock Combination

Cult Stash #5: Near the Ranger Station

You can find this stash on the hill to the west of Ranger Station in the southern area of Bunker Woods. To unlock it, you must find the Ranger Station Stash Key. The key is located outside the Ranger Station, near the chimney in the northern part of the building. I’ve pinpointed the exact location in the image below.

Ranger Station Cult Stash Location
Ranger Station Stash Key Location

If you are looking for the Bright Falls Downtown Cult Stash Locations, check out our in-depth guide.

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