Alan Wake 2 Cauldron Lake Cult Stash Locations Guide

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October 27, 2023

In Alan Wake 2, you’ll come across a type of collectible known as Cult Stashes, only available in Saga’s storyline. Some stashes need a code to be solved, others need a key to be found, and some require a puzzle to be completed.

Opening these Cult Stashes is worth it because they have all sorts of supplies for Saga and sometimes even an Inventory Upgrade or a new Weapon. So, here’s how to find and unlock all Cauldron Lake Cult Stashes in Alan Wake 2.

Where To Find the Cauldron Lake Cult Stashes in Alan Wake 2

In Cauldron Lake of Alan Wake 2, you’ll discover a total of five Cult Stashes. The best part is you can easily grab almost all of them right from the beginning! However, there is one last Cult Stash that requires the Boltcutters, which can be unlocked at the end of Return 5: Old Gods.

Here’s our custom map for all the Cult Stashes in Cauldron Lake. It’s organized chronologically for easy following.

In Alan Wake 2, there are five Cult Stashes in Cauldron Lake.

Cult Stash #1: Near the Murder Site

The first Cult Stash in Cauldron Lake can be opened during the Return 1: Invitation chapter. Just south of the Murder Site, you’ll find a trailer. A lockbox is waiting for you right in front of the trailer door. Interact with Cult Stash and hover your cursor over the lock on the box. To open the Cult Stash, you must input the right combination of 3 symbols. Take a look at the image below to find the correct combination.

You can find this Cult Stash just south of the Murder Site near a trailer.
The correct combination to unlock the cult stash is depicted in this image.

The written note on top of the lockbox matches the order of the icons you need to enter on the lock. You can find these symbols inside the trailer on the walls, but if you’re in a rush, feel free to skip that step and enter the code.

Cult Stash #2: On the Southeast Corner of the Cauldron Lake Shore

After defeating the boss in Cauldron Lake during Return 2: The Heart, the flooding will disappear. Once you’re back at the shore with Alex Casey and Alan Wake, crouch under the fallen tree at the beach and follow the linear path. When the path splits, crouch under another log on the right instead of going up the path on the left. This will lead you to the lockbox.

You can find this Cult Stash on the southeast corner of the Cauldron Lake Shore.

Interact with the lock, and it will show you a randomized order of 3 buttons to press. The buttons will light up green to show you the order. Simply press the buttons in that same order to open the box. Inside, you’ll find an Inventory Upgrade and some supplies.

Cult Stash #3: Between Crow’s Foot Hills and Witch’s Hut

Just southwest of the Witch’s Hut and northeast of Crow’s Foot Hills, you’ll come across a picnic area marked with an icon on your map. As you explore this area, you will find the locked box near a tree painted with a yellow arrow, not far from a camping table that holds a Manuscript Page.

You will find the locked box near a tree painted with a yellow arrow.
Follow to arrows leading to the Streamside Stash Key.

When you come across this Cult Stash, you’ll notice a clue on top of it with a picture of a light bulb. That’s your cue to grab your trusty flashlight. With the flashlight on, you’ll be able to find hidden yellow arrows and uncover the path you need to take. Follow those directions, and you’ll find the key necessary to open the stash in that same area, just to the south.

For more information on the Crow’s Foot Hills Cult Stash, check out our comprehensive guide.

Cult Stash #4: East of Private Cabin

You can find this Cult Stash on a slightly steep path near the river, south of the Private Cabin. To unlock it, you must input a three-digit code. To find the right combination, you’ll need to light up a tree and two rocks in the area.

The Cult Stash can be found on a path south of the Private Cabin, near the river.
The code to access the treasure is 685.

Once you’ve done that, you’ll have to solve the few simple additions and subtractions painted on them. Add 3 and 3, then add 6 and 2, and finally subtract 2 from 7. The code that will unlock the treasure within is 685.

If you’re curious about the source of these equations, feel free to visit our comprehensive guide on the Private Cabin Cult Stash.

Cult Stash #5: In The Rental Cabins Area

After you unlock the Boltcutters at the end of Return 5: Old Gods, return to the Cauldron Lake and enter the Rental Cabins area on the eastern part of the map. Once you’re there, head north and keep an eye out for trees with numbers painted on them.

You can find the Lake Cabins Stash Key behind the tree marked with number 2.
Return to Cabin 1 with the Lake Cabins Stash Key. Use it to open the Cult Stash in the bathroom.

Behind the tree marked with a 2, you’ll discover the Lake Cabins Stash Key on the ground. Now, take this key back to Cabin 1, the southernmost cabin, and use it to unlock the Cult Stash inside the bathroom.

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