Alan Wake 2 Cauldron Lake Private Cabin Nursery Rhyme Puzzle Solution

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October 28, 2023

The Nursery Rhymes in Alan Wake 2 are exciting side puzzles that you won’t want to miss! These rhymes are cleverly hidden in secret locations throughout the game, and you’ll need to use dolls to solve them. One of them is situated near the Private Cabin area in Cauldron Lake.

When you successfully solve a Nursery Rhyme, you’ll notice a flash of darkness, and the world around will transform in some way. And guess what? There’s always a brand new charm waiting for you to discover and use in your future adventures as Saga Anderson.

Where To Find the Private Cabin Nursery Rhyme in Cauldron Lake

You can find this Nursery Rhyme puzzle right at the front entrance of the Private Cabin break room, located southeast of the Witchfinder’s Station in Cauldron Lake. In order to reach this particular location, you will need to defeat Nightingale during the Return 2: The Heart chapter. Up until that point, the entire area is flooded and inaccessible.

The Nursery Rhyme puzzle is located at the front entrance of the Private Cabin, southeast of the Witchfinder's Station at Cauldron Lake.

How To Solve the Private Cabin Nursery Rhyme Puzzle in Alan Wake 2

To successfully solve the Private Cabin Nursery Rhyme, it is essential first to complete the Picnic Area Nursery Rhyme and Witchfinder’s Station Nursery Rhyme. By doing so, you can obtain the Crow Doll, Hero Doll, and Wolf Doll, which are all crucial for this particular puzzle.

Now, when you come across the Nursery Rhyme on the ground, you’ll immediately spot five distinct symbols that have been drawn with chalk: a tree, a baby chick, a heart, a house, and an eye. Additionally, there’s a sheet of paper that holds a clue for you to decipher. It says the following:

“A mother-Crow sits in her
Guarding her babies, doing
her best
To protect her home from
the Beast coming to feast
But only a Hero brave of
heart can keep the two

If you have already finished the Nursery Rhymes puzzles mentioned earlier, you have all the dolls that you need to solve this rhyme. Just place the Crow Doll on the baby chick symbol, the Hero Doll on the heart symbol, and the Wolf Doll on the house symbol.

To solve the puzzle, place the Crow Doll on the baby chick symbol, the Hero Doll on the heart symbol, and the Wolf Doll on the house symbol.
You will find the Kalevala Knights Charm at the base of a tree in the northern part of the area.

After placing all three dolls on the correct symbols, the screen will flash for a second, and you’ll start hearing a beast snarling in the northern part of this area. Follow the sound of the snarling coming from the small pond in the north. At the base of a large tree, you will find the Kalevala Knights. When equipped, it increases Hand Flare’s duration and area of effect.

However, beware as you approach the charm. A wolf is ready to ambush you, so make sure to deal with it before retrieving the charm. Also, don’t forget to retrieve the dolls from the rhyme’s location. You’ll still need them for more puzzles, such as the Rental Cabins Nursery Rhyme in Cauldron Lake.

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