Alan Wake 2 Watery Cult Stash Locations Guide

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November 7, 2023

Cult Stashes in Alan Wake 2 are hidden caches that contain helpful supplies, such as ammo, flares, and inventory upgrades. They are scattered throughout the three regions, and each one is locked by a puzzle or requires a key to open.

The puzzles for Cult Stashes can be challenging, but they are also a lot of fun to solve. Some puzzles involve finding and arranging objects in a specific way, while others require you to decipher codes or solve riddles. Here’s where to find and how to unlock all Cult Stashes in Watery.

Where To Find the Watery Cult Stashes in Alan Wake 2

You can unlock most of the Cult Stashes in Watery during or immediately after the Return 3: Local Girl chapter, except one. For the final stash, you’ll need to unlock a gate using Boltcutters (unlocked at the end of Return 5: Old Gods). I have taken the time to create a custom map that reveals all the locations of Watery Cult Stathes in chronological order.

Watery Cult Stash Locations Map

Cult Stash #1: North of Downtown

After speaking with the Koskela Brothers near the flooded bridge during Return 3: Local Girl chapter, follow the path north of Downtown Watery until you reach the eastern edge. There, you need to duck under a tree and climb a small ledge to reach the stash. The Cult Stash requires you to solve a flashing light sequence puzzle to open it. Repeat the pattern shown to unlock it.

You can find this Cult Stash in the woods, north of Downtown.

Before going further, you can find and solve the Gentle Beast Nursery Rhyme at the end of the nearby path.

Cult Stash #2: Near Hunting Shack Break Room

As you continue following the path north, you’ll come across the Hunting Shack break room. Outside the shack near a shooting range, you can find the Cult Stash containing the Crossbow. It is one of the eight unique weapons in the game. To open the stash, use code 527.

Crossbow Cult Stash Riddle Location

If you want to know how to solve this puzzle, visit our Crossbow Cult Stash Puzzle Solution Guide.

Cult Stash #3: Near Slow Coaster in Coffee World

Take the small southeastern path from the Gift Shop in Coffee World to reach the Slow Roaster Ferris Wheel. You’ll spot the Cult Stash on the left side of the ride with the clue “ONLY STRIPED CUPS.” The code to open it is 147.

Only Striped Cups Cult Stash Location

If you want to know how to solve this puzzle, you can read our Slow Roaster Cult Stash Puzzle Solution Guide.

Cult Stash #4: North of Huotari Well in Coffee World

Make your way through the Coffee World until you reach the Huotari Well near the locked gate to Kalevala Knights Workshop. North of the Huotari Well, you’ll find the stash between the bushes.

To unlock the Huotari Well Cult Stash, you will need a key. To get the Coffee World Stash Key, make your way behind the giant statue of Mr. Drippy near the lighted gazebo. Once there, look to the left-hand side of Mr. Drippy to find the key on the ground.

Coffee World Huotari Well Cult Stash Location
Coffee World Stash Key Location Map

Cult Stash #5: In the Trailer Park

You can access this Cult Stash once the flooding goes away at the end of the Return 3: Local Girl chapter. It’s located outside the trailer, immediately south of Saga’s trailer, and you’ll need a key to open it. You can find the Trailer Park Stash Key to the right of the stash itself, near a white electrical pole. Head up the small ramp beside the pole to reach the key on the electric meter.

Trailer Park Cult Stash Location Map

On the pier nearby, you will also come across the Trailer Park Nursery Rhyme and a couple of dolls. These dolls will be handy for the upcoming Bright Falls Nursery Rhymes.

Cult Stash #6: On the Cliff Opposite Lighthouse Break Room

Near the Lighthouse Break Room, there’s a small ledge you can climb up. From there, look towards the east, and you’ll spot this Cult Stash. All you need to do is shine your flashlight on different surfaces in the area. You will see Roman numerals that show the correct pattern to follow. To make things even easier, I’ve included a picture of the solution to the Lighthouse Cult Stash. Don’t forget to solve the Lighthouse Nursery Rhyme while you’re here!

Lighthouse Cult Stash Code Lock Solution

Cult Stash #7: Downtown Pier in Watery

Once the flooding in Watery subsides at the end of the chapter, head back to Downtown. Walk to the end of the southeastern pier to find the Cult Stash. The code to open it is 496. If you’re curious about the solution, check out our Watery Downtown Cult Stash guide.

Downtown Watery Cult Stash Location

Have you managed to solve the Watery Downtown Nursery Rhyme? If not, we’ve got you covered with our solution guide.

Cult Stash #8: Near Kalevala Knights Workshop

After you get the Boltcutters at the end of the Return 5: Old Gods chapter, return to Kalevala Knights Workshop in Watery. Use them on the locked gate on the left side of the entrance. Check behind the workshop to find this Cult Stash. The code to open this stash is 542.

Kalevala Knights Workshop Cult Stash Location

Make sure to check out our locations guide for Bright Falls Bunker Woods Cult Stashes and Bright Falls Downtown Cult Stashes for a complete tour of Bright Falls. And if you missed any of the Cauldron Lake Cult Stashes, we’ve got you covered with our location guide.

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