Alan Wake 2 Watery Crossbow Cult Stash Puzzle Solution

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October 31, 2023

In Alan Wake 2, there is a rather intriguing Cultist Stash that holds the Crossbow, one of the seven unique weapons in the game. To unlock this Cult Stash in Watery, you need a specific combination code. Fortunately, the note resting atop the stash reveals the secret.

So, if you’re aiming to obtain the Crossbow and the Greatest Hits Trophy, keep reading. I’ll guide you step-by-step to obtain the code combination and unlock this Cult Stash in Watery.

Where To Find the Crossbow Cult Stash in Watery

The Crossbow Cult Stash can be found in Watery, near the Hunting Shack Break Room that you encounter when you venture into Coffee World during the Return 3: Local Girl main story mission. You can quickly locate the exact spot on the map provided below.

Watery Crossbow Cult Stash Location Map

How To Solve the Crossbow Cult Stash Puzzle in Alan Wake 2

Upon discovering this Cultist Stash, you will notice a note attached to the top of it. The letter requests that if you decide to take the Crossbow, return it to the stash once you have finished using it. Additionally, the note mentions that the code has been changed as per the request.

Crossbow Cult Stash Note

There’s no need to go on a wild goose chase to crack this code. Just take a quick glance to the right of the stash, and you’ll spot some numbered targets with arrows. They indicate the numbers of the combination, and the number of arrows in each target tells you the order of those numbers.

Crossbow Cult Stash Puzzle Code Lock Combination

For example, there’s one arrow in the number 5, two arrows in the number 2, and three arrows in the number 7. So, when you put it all together, the combination code is 527. To unlock the Stash and reveal the Hunting Crossbow, you need to enter the code into the combination lock.

One of the coolest things about the Crossbow is that you don’t have to worry about running out of arrows since you can collect them from the targets you shoot. Additionally, you can find extra arrow ammo inside containers, cult stashes, or stuck in objects in the environment.

While the Hunting Crossbow is undoubtedly a powerful weapon, it can only fire a single shot at a time and takes some time to reload. So, if you encounter multiple enemies simultaneously, consider upgrading the Crossbow to hold an additional arrow.

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