Alan Wake 2 Watery Gentle Beast Nursery Rhyme Puzzle Solution

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November 1, 2023

In Alan Wake 2, the Nursery Rhymes are thrilling side puzzles that are cleverly hidden in secret locations throughout the game, and to solve them, you’ll need to place certain dolls on specific symbols of the rhyme.

One of them can be found early in the Return 3: Local Girl chapter, on your way to the Coffee World through the eastern woods of Watery. It is situated in an isolated area, as shown on the map below.

Watery Gentle Beast Nursery Rhyme Location Map

How To Solve the Gentle Beast Nursery Rhyme Puzzle

When you arrive at Gentle Beast Nursery Rhyme, you’ll come across a sheet of paper that contains the following poem:

The Gentle Beast with a
beautiful crown
Runs through the woods
with a worried frown
From the Hunter he flees
between the mighty trees
To make it out alive.

Solving this puzzle may not be easy as there are two dolls – one of a Moose and one of a Deer – located on the stuff near the rhyme. Both of these dolls have a crown, which can cause confusion. Let me show you step-by-step how to solve this riddle. Let me show you how to solve this riddle, one step at a time.

Moose Doll and Deer Doll near the Nursery Rhyme
Gentle Beast Nursery Rhyme Riddle Solution
The large moose statue with the Coffee Mug Charm reward.
  1. First, pick up the Deer and the Moose dolls that you can find on the objects near the Nursery Rhyme.
  2. The doll described as the “Gentle Beast with a beautiful crown” is actually the Moose. Place the Moose doll on the tree symbol, which represents ‘the woods’ it runs through.
  3. Leave the Nursery Rhyme area, and you’ll notice a giant moose statue on the path that wasn’t there before. At its base, you’ll find a Coffee Mug Charm. When equipped, it saves you from dying when your health is depleted, but it breaks immediately after.

Just a short distance away, as you make your way to the Coffee World, you’ll come across the Hunting Shack, your first break room in Watery. And guess what? Right nearby, there’s is a Cult Stash containing the Crossbow, one of the seven unique weapons in the game. Trust me, you won’t want to miss it!

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